Hands-on Elite Vertical Academy Review [Get 50% Off]

You’ve just landed on my in-depth, hands-on Elite Vertical Academy review. I’m Adam Gotelli, a pro basketball player, currently playing in Potenza, Italy.

Elite Vertical Academy
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Elite Vertical Academy

  • Increased my vertical by 10” in 3 months
  • Unprecedented training approach with proven results
  • Easy-to-understand workout schedules that leave no question unanswered
  • 90-day full refund policy

Are you tired of being the shortest player on the court? Do you dream of soaring above your opponents to make that game-winning dunk?

The Elite Vertical Academy by OTA is the answer to your prayers. 

This easy-to-follow 12-week digital program is designed to help you add up to 12” to your vertical jump and unlock your full potential as a basketball player, in as little as 3 months, even if you're not 6 feet tall.

What sets the Elite Vertical Academy apart from other vertical jump programs is its focus on proven scientific training methods used by NBA, NFL, and Olympic athletes.

With this expertly developed program, you'll have access to the exact jump training methods that have helped elite athletes add inches to their vertical jump (including me).

This is for serious players who are tired of trying all the programs that promise quick results.

This won’t happen overnight, but it’s an exact blueprint of how to jump higher; all you have to do is follow along diligently.

So, don't let your height hold you back any longer. You have 90 days to test the program during which you can request a full refund, no questions asked. Get 50% off now and take your game to the next level with the Elite Vertical Academy by OTA.

  • Detailed videos explaining each movement precisely
  • Able to access on any device as well as PDF printouts
  • Tons of scientific information to increase your fitness IQ
  • Mobility testing throughout the program to monitor your progress
  • Bonus program for complete beginners or youths
  • Includes in-depth nutritional theory
  • Bodyweight alternative for the days or weeks you can’t make it to the gym
  • 90-day full-refund policy to ensure EVA is right for you
  • This much information requires very strong focus and dedication
  • Workouts are a bit hard to follow on a phone screen


Why Trust This Review 

As a pro basketball player, I’ve seen my fair share of fads come and go. This industry is full of them, and unfortunately, they don’t all live up to the hype. The only way to get a clear understanding is to try it out myself, and that’s what I do. 

I’m so lucky to be able to test products for you so you don’t get taken advantage of and can solely focus on your game and improving as much as you can. I left no stone unturned in my Elite Vertical Academy review.

These types of programs weren’t around when I started my career, so right off the bat, I was a bit skeptical. Like all the products I test, I keep a cautionary eye on every last detail to ensure I get the full experience. I don’t want you to get any surprises should you choose to take my advice. 

It may sound cliché, but I can safely say I did, in fact, increase my vertical from 29” to 39” over the course of three months, much to my surprise! However, I could see some aspects that may hinder certain people from achieving these same results. 

Elite Vertical Academy Review 

When it comes to the best vertical jump program, there’s a clear frontrunner on the market, and that’s Elite Vertical Academy (EVA)

elite vertical academy program dashboard
A look at the main dashboard.

There’s more than meets the eye with the EVA program. The 50-page PDF of jump mechanics, detailed daily and weekly workout routines, and accompanying bonus programs are tried and tested by professional athletes. This equips you with the knowledge and fuel necessary for optimal performance. 

Logical Planning Meets Revolutionary Movements

I was very impressed by the delineated training session breakdown, which consists of two upper and two lower body days, and comes with video walkthroughs of every single exercise, providing an invaluable additional layer of support and understanding. This also helped with my motivation on the days when I wasn’t fully engaged.

I had never heard of triphasic training before this, but I’m glad I know about it now. Although hard to pronounce, the theory is groundbreaking for athletes, and I’m a better basketball player now because of the understanding I have. 

You’re Not Doing This Alone

The real-time online coaching (OTA) ensures proper form and conditioning are maintained throughout the program, even if you’re new to the whole process. This is probably the most standout feature when compared to other programs promising the same results.

Finally, the EVA program includes four additional training plans for different levels of experience, body weights, and in-season/off-season schedules. Also, much more in-depth than other programs such as “Boing Vert” or “The Jump Manual”, for example.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

The only issue I saw was that this is a lot of information to digest. This program is meant for serious ballers who want to give it their all to improve their vertical. It takes discipline and dedication, which may scare some more-casual players away.

With this comprehensive approach to vertical jump training, hoopers can expect their jump abilities to sharpen, finding themselves invigorated in the paint and ready to take their game to the next level.

Who Is It For and What to Expect

The Elite Vertical Academy training program is designed to provide you with the tools needed to achieve higher levels of jump performance. The program utilizes specific exercises intended to improve an individual’s jumping ability, coordination, strength, balance, mobility, and explosiveness. 

It has been created to help players gain a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics of jumping and running, allowing them to apply best practices and principles in their development as athletes. 

I like this aspect a lot because it not only tells you what to do but why you’re doing it, so you gain applied fitness knowledge as well.

Despite Its Intensity, This Program Benefits Many Different Players

Players of all ages and abilities can benefit from this program. It is especially beneficial for players who are serious about taking their game to the next level and are willing to put in the required amount of time and effort. Those whose focus is primarily on improving their jumping abilities will find the program especially useful. 

Younger players, who are still in the formative stages of honing their skills, will find the program to be incredibly helpful in developing the tools necessary to meet their potential.

Who Created EVA?

Chris Barnard, founder, and head coach of Overtime Athletes, created Elite Vertical Academy not too long ago. He’s the man behind the well-known “Flight System” program, which is now obsolete.

Chris is well known for being a world-class vertical jump trainer, with hundreds of clients achieving college scholarships and professional contracts under his guidance. 

With over half a million subscribers on their popular YouTube channel, Chris and his team demonstrate their unique approach to helping you jump higher. 

Barnard himself achieved a remarkable 44-inch standing vertical jump, cementing his place among the crème de la crème of jumpers. There tends to be jump programs launched by either excellent jumpers deficient in coaching skills or great coaches unable to jump—but luckily, with Chris Barnard, you don’t have to choose. 

With over a decade of experience as an elite jump coach and an elite jumper himself, you have access to the top source of information to maximize your jump gains. Barnard’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the EVA workouts is infectious; it’s clear he truly understands what it takes to jump higher.

Chris is also the creator of the acclaimed basketball performaance program “Built 2 Ball.” Feel free to check out my extensive Built 2 Ball review.

Elite Vertical Academy Program Structure 

Here is the meat and potatoes of the program. This is the format you’ll be dealing with on a weekly basis. Take a look and see if this is something you can see yourself committing to if you want to improve your vertical. 

I recorded a quick video of the Elite Vertical Academy program dashboard, giving you a walkthrough of what to expect. Check it out below.

Before You Start

I know you’re eager to get started, but there are a few things you must do before hitting your first workout. Thankfully, Mr. Barnard has made this process easy through the use of videos and PDF documents. 

Welcome Video

A great introduction that explains the layout of the entire course. This will also put your mind at ease if you’ve perused the program and become a little overwhelmed by all the information. It prepares you for the work that’s about to ensue in a confident and friendly manner. 

EVA Manual

We all love videos for getting information, but sometimes good old ink on paper really drives the point home.

the elite vertical jump academy manual

This manual is an easy read (albeit 50 pages long) to give you an understanding of the theory and science behind the program. It outlines why these specific exercises have been chosen and what you can expect from your body. 

EVA Testing & Mobility

DON’T START WITHOUT DOING THESE FIRST. In order to track your progress, you must establish a benchmark. If you’ve skipped the intro video and the manual, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

4 Phase Program (The Meat and Potatoes)

Once you’ve recorded your baseline and familiarized yourself with the EVA manual, you’re ready to get started. 


The goal of Phase 1-Activation is to ready your body for the following three phases. Remember, you’ve never done anything like this before because nothing like this exists. Pay close attention during these early weeks, so you can take full advantage of what’s to come. 

Here’s what you can expect in your first two days; 

the activation phase from Elite vertical academy
When you click on each exercise, a video loads.


Now that your body knows what it’s in for, you’re ready to absorb the significant changes that are about to happen. 

During the Absorption Phase, the focus is on teaching you how to control your eccentric deceleration intricately. By training the eccentric portion of the dynamic movement, we can improve the stretch reflex and stretch-shortening cycle, ultimately increasing the amount of force. As a result, we can enjoy increased vertical jump performance.

the absorption phase from elite vertical academy.
The absorption phase is from week 6-9.

Knowing how to decelerate or relax the muscle is the primary goal of the Absorption Phase. And yes, your legs will feel like they are on fire, wait til you get to the Russian Speed Lunges. 


This was my favorite phase because here is where they emphasize the body by employing a controlled concentric movement, as opposed to what transpired in the previous phases. 

the propulsion phase from eva
A glimpse at the “Propulsion” phase

Generally, the concentric phase of a triphasic program should involve a fast and reactive tempo with a full range of motion. However, they modified the exercise to focus instead on the Rate of Force Development (RFD). This isolates the reactive aspect of plyometric training, allowing us to create positive muscular adaptations. 

That’s science talk for combining the power of phase 2 and the speed of phase 3. 


Here’s the fun part. You should’ve seen results on your tests up to this point, but if the gains have been minimal, the next few weeks will put you over the edge. 

elite vertical academy - the peak phase

The Peak Phase is the one everyone talks about, intended to produce the highest vertical jump conceivable. This segment takes all of the abilities and strengths constructed since the beginning and consolidates them, highlighting the significance of combining all modalities in order and using them to support one another for an elite vertical jump. 

I was shocked at how my body was able to make it through these types of workouts. I’ve never been able to keep up with moves like this before doing EVA all the way through. 

Can You Handle More?

This program doesn’t leave you high and dry. Once you’re done, the additional programs will keep you sharp and improving. 

EVA Beginner

Since this is such an intense program, EVA also includes a beginner module to help those that may not be ready for Phase 1 yet. It seems that some people started the program and quit soon after, so this acts as an introductory course to prepare you for what’s to come. 

eva beginner program
The “Beginner” program has 4 phases as well.

It’s also an excellent tool for any young athletes you may have in your household. It’s great to help them develop muscles safely in a controlled environment. They will be one step closer to making varsity with this added feature. 

EVA Bodyweight

If traveling interrupts your workout schedule, then consult the EVA bodyweight program. This was developed parallel to the original program, except it does not require any weights. You can easily do this within the confines of a hotel room. 

eva bodyweight program for
The bodyweight program consists of 3 phases.

You could also try it out separately once you’re done with the original to see how you stack up against it. This is how I did it, and was surprised at how many of the exercises were easy for me now. It’s an eye-opening test for when you complete the initial program.  

EVA In-Season

This module is proof that EVA was created by and is meant for serious basketball players.

elite vertical academy in season program

Of course, they don’t expect you to kill yourself each week if you play on a serious team throughout the regular season. Complete the initial program in your off-season, then switch to the In-Season program while you chase the championship. 

Speed, Agility, and Quickness Program

Here’s a special program for those all-around athletes who want to increase their vertical but also maintain their versatility for sports outside of basketball.

eva speed agility and quickness program

Players from many other sports, such as volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, and others, love this addition. While it does make it one of the best value vertical jump programs for these athletes, I found it a bit too much for me as I just wanted to focus on my jump height. 

Bonus Programs

The fun is not over yet. I mentioned this was for serious players, and here is what separates the good players from the great ones. 

Performance Nutrition

I know, I know, every workout program includes some generic nutritional plan, and that’s what I thought when I first saw this “bonus.” But this isn’t just a menu with six different ways to cook cricket breast. In true Elite Academy fashion, this manual explains the science behind what they recommend you eat. 

elite vertical academy performance nutrition pdf manual

For me, this made a huge difference as I was able to customize it to my specific needs. By understanding what certain foods do for you, you can choose the foods that will benefit you the most from the list that is provided. 

This is much more than just a menu; it’s 94 pages of pure facts that will educate you on performance-enhancing food that you can use for the rest of your life. It really helped me to align my diet to my athletic goals as a basketball player.

Athletic Performance Optimization

This 88-page manual will help those who are serious to optimize their time off the court as well. It discusses how to get the most out of your nightly sleep, How to recover properly, and what healthy supplements you can take. 

eva program subsection

This is a great read for anyone looking to take their sport and their body seriously. It’s the last piece of the puzzle if you truly want to become a peak athlete. 

The Flight System

This bonus program seems like the watered-down version of the four core modules within EVA. It’s actually the predecessor of Elite Vertical Academy. It’s more basic and as of 2023, it’s a bit outdated, but it still contains some good information and exercises, so it’s OK to be used for reference.

the flight system

It’s nice to switch it up once you’ve completed the regular program, but I’m not sure how much this Flight System actually brings to the table. It does provide some good information on the theory of plyometrics and triphasic training, but the exercise routines are nothing you haven’t already seen. 

Elite OTA

The Elite OTA, on the other hand, is highly underrated. I found this to be extremely educational, and I would argue that it should be one of the first things you complete before tackling the EVA program. 

eva elite training

This segment will help you put together a plan and keep you motivated throughout the entire process. It enables you to identify your goals and track measurable processes. Do this first, and this whole program will be a little bit easier for you.  

What I Liked About EVA

After thoroughly going through the Elite Vertical Program, here’s what I liked about it.

  • Detailed and easy to follow – If I’m laying down money for a program, I don’t want to have to do much thinking. This program takes the guesswork out of the equation, as there is no room for interpretation. 
  • Sufficient rest days – Some programs ask too much right out of the gate, and that causes people to bail early. This program will have you looking forward to your next session as there is plenty of time to recover, and they tell you how to recover as well.
  • 24×7 coaching support – I found it really helpful to be able to contact Chris and his team and ask questions related to the training. It’s an e-mail support, and sometimes they are quite slow to respond. However, they answered all my questions in-depth and provided me with all the help I needed to succeed. 
  • Plenty of exercises you’ve never seen before – Because of its unique nature of combining triphasic and plyometric training, many of the exercises had to be adapted, so they are movements you’ve never done before. This is exciting for any gym rats who think this is just another fitness program.
  • Mobility Testing – Having a way to track your progress is great for your motivation when you get into the thick of things. It will motivate you to keep going and that all the hard work you’re doing is worth it. Many fitness programs don’t offer this, as it’s also proof of how confident the team at EVA is that you’ll succeed. 
  • Packed with bonuses they may have gotten a little carried away with The Flight System, but all the other bonus material could be a marketable athletic program on its own, and you get it for free with the already amazingly unique EVA phases. 
  • Lots of theory for educational purposes – I’m the kind of guy who wants to know why just as much as I want to know how. This is one of the few fitness programs I’ve thoroughly tested that offers up a detailed explanation of why they do the things they do, and I really respect that. 
  • Refund Policy – This is a no-brainer; you have 90 days of guilt-free trial to ensure you can handle it and get the most out of it. That’s three months, so by then, you should start to see results in your mobility tests which will justify the cost.    

What I Didn’t Like

These are some small areas of improvement I noticed.

  • It’s a lot of reading -To get the most out of this program, you must do a lot of reading. The videos only explain so much, but golden information is within the EVA manual and other corresponding documents. 
  • A bit hard to view on a phone screen – Navigating through all the information is pretty tricky on a small screen. That’s partially because some of the videos are a bit dark. Best to use your laptop or screencast whenever possible. 


While I’ve titled this as the best on the market today, it’s not the only one and may not suit everyone’s needs. If EVA seems a bit extreme for you, then check out these other options. 

Vert Shock

Vert Shock is a jump-training program created by professional dunkers Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington and Adam Linkenauger. It is designed to improve vertical jump height within eight weeks. 

The main advantage of Vert Shock is that it focuses on explosive plyometric exercises. Plyometric exercises are proven to be much more effective for improving vertical jump height than traditional weightlifting movements.

Best overall
Elite Vertical Academy
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Creator: Chris Bernard
  • Promised jump height increase: up to 12"
  • Nutritional guide: Yes
  • Option to contact the coach: Yes
  • Refund policy: 90-day full refund policy
Runner up
Vert Shock
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Creator: Adam Folker
  • Promised jump height increase: up to 15"
  • Nutritional guide: No
  • Option to contact the coach: No
  • Refund policy: 60-day full refund policy

This is because plyometric exercises force the body to use maximum muscle power to jump quickly. After each landing, the body is forced to quickly reset itself to make another explosive jump. 

The Vert Shock program differs from the Elite Vertical Academy in that it emphasizes a more holistic approach to improving vertical jump height. The program focuses on proper warm-up and cool-down exercises, dynamic stretching, and nutrition in addition to plyometric exercises. 

This allows for a safe and comprehensive approach to improving vertical jump height and reducing the risk of injury. 

In my opinion, the Vert Shock program offers a comprehensive and safe approach to improving vertical jump height within eight weeks but is also a little more individualized than the Elite Vertical Academy, making it easier for athletes of all levels to make progress and reach their goals.

The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual fitness program was developed by world-renowned vertical jump specialist Jacob Hiller. The Jump Manual offers an 8-week program that includes strength training, proper nutrition, plyometrics, and other drills to maximize vertical performance. 

the jump manual

It also provides step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations to ensure that you not only learn the techniques but use them correctly. 

Unlike the Elite Vertical Academy, which focuses predominantly on vertical jump, the Jump Manual encompasses strength training, nutrition, plyometrics, and other drills in its 8-week program to create a more well-rounded athlete. 

By providing a comprehensive approach to vertical jump training, it helps athletes develop the agility and power that is necessary for success in any sport.

The Jump Manual provides detailed instructions and video demonstrations, which ensure that you won’t just learn the techniques but use them correctly. Moreover, the program has a sixty-day money-back guarantee which offers a risk-free trial period, allowing athletes to try the program and get results. 

In summary, the Jump Manual provides a comprehensive approach to vertical jump training that sets it aside from other programs like the Elite Vertical Academy. It focuses on several key aspects, including strength training, nutrition, plyometrics, and other drills to maximize overall power and speed.  

Here’s my full The Jump Manual review.

What Others Say About EVA 

Besides athletes like Bo Bichette, Rayshawn Jenkins, and TJ Leaf singing its praises, the EVA has hundreds or even thousands of reviews from at-home athletes who are shocked by the progress they’ve made. 

Here are a few examples.

The EVA is a great program. I went from a standing vert of 28” and barely dunking off two feet to 34” and dunking easily off one and two feet and windmilling pretty consistently. Easily the best program I’ve used so far. Being a 6’ guard, it’s not hard to catch someone slipping under the rim now

Travis Busgith

I went from 34” to a 39”. It even decreased my 40 from a 4.53 to 4.41

Darien Ford

Hey Chris, I did one cycle of EVA last summer and followed it to the letter (warm-up/iso-activation, mobility, tempo, recovery, everything). I gained 4” on my vertical, going from 28” to 32”, and I also lost 8 lbs. while gaining some strength and size. EVA, when combined with proper nutrition and rest, worked incredibly well.

Jon Leighton

Final Verdict 

I hope you found this Elite Vertical Academy review helpful. To put it straight, my in-depth research and testing concluded that EVA is totally worth it. I was surprised at the improvement I made, and while the program is not easy, it’s definitely the best value vertical jump training program and very worth the effort. 

cta button

Other programs only scratch the surface compared to this, which is why results vary so much with them. 

This vertical jump training program is only for the dedicated players and will produce results if you stick to the detailed instructions. You have a lot to learn here, so keep an open mind, and you’ll be living above the rim rent-free every time you step on the hardwood.


Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, there is a refund policy, and it expires after 90 days of use. You can have full access to the EVA program for three whole months, completely risk-free. This is one of the longest free trials of any fitness program and shows just how confident they are that you will see results. 

How Long Is The Program?

The Elite Vertical Academy is a 12-week-long program. You train four days per week and rest for three.

Is The Elite Vertical Academy Program Legit?

Yes, the Elite Vertical Academy Program is legit and created by a well-respected member of the fitness community, Chris Bernard. Many professional athletes have increased their vertical through the use of this program, and it’s showing no signs of becoming any less popular. 

Is EVA Better Than Vert Shock?

Yes, EVA is better than Vert Shock for its attention to detail and high level of intensity. Vert Shock is only eight weeks long, and while it does produce results, it’s not as intense or as ground-breaking as EVA, which uses a combination of plyometrics and triphasic training.

Do I Need Gym Access To Use The EVA?

Yes, you need a gym to access the core phases of EVA. There are days when you won’t need it, but to take full advantage, access to a professional gym is required. For days when you’re away from the gym, there is a bodyweight program to prevent you from missing days. 

Can I Really Increase My Vertical Jump?

Yes, you can really increase your vertical jump if you follow the program exactly. I’ve played basketball my entire life and was very familiar with my vertical limitations. Working with this program increased my vertical by 11” within four months; I almost couldn’t believe it, but I sure had to put the work in.

Can I Access EVA From Any Device?

Yes, you can access EVA from any device that has an internet connection. There are documents you can download and print if you know you will be without Wi-Fi. This might be a better option than trying to navigate on your phone anyway, and the small screen makes it difficult to toggle between exercises. 


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