Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball 2021 (Buying Guide)

You’d be pretty much aware of the fact as a volleyball player that a specific shoe made for volleyball ain’t that effective. I mean, what’s the point of getting a shoe that doesn’t even support your ankle or arch well enough? This is where the best basketball shoes for volleyball might come in handy.

Now before you start questioning me, let me make myself clear here. Many professional volleyball athletes prefer basketball shoes because these shoes are better in almost every aspect. Be it the arch support, comfort, or a firm grip, a basketball shoe would never disappoint you.

Hence, I’m here to help you choose the best basketball shoe to play volleyball perfectly. A compilation of top 10 shoes has been crafted for you based on thorough research, feedback from the professionals, and value for the money.

So, let’s start without any further ado:

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball – An Updated list of 2021

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball Reviews

1. Nike Men’s Air Precision – Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Nike Men's Air Precision - best basketball shoes for volleyballWhen it comes to athletic shoes, the brand that is the most dominating among all the sports is Nike.

Professional athletes from basketball, football, volleyball, and tennis trust Nike like a fine wine and there’s no doubt about it.

That being said, our first basketball shoes for volleyball up for the grab are from Nike.

The brand new Air Precision is what you need to achieve new heights of flexibility and traction while playing volleyball.

Nike doesn’t compromise on the design of the footwear it makes.

That’s the main reason Air Precision is crafted in such a way that they’ll offer comfort and support to a volleyball athlete perfectly.

From a price perspective, the shoes aren’t much expensive. It’s a little bit weird from Nike, but it is what it is and you should be taking advantage of this offer as much as possible.

Important Features about Nike Air Precision:

 Mesh Upper 

First things first, Air Precision is made up of a mesh upper that has visible pores. Mesh material allows improved air circulation and thus keeps the feet away from getting excessive sweat.

There’d be no moisture issues even if you are playing volleyball for a long time.

 High-Arch Design 

What fascinated me the most regarding the best basketball shoes for volleyball is its high-arch design.

The improved arch design of the shoes not only supports the heel area, but it’s also balancing the arch of the feet. Hence, you can enjoy your stay on a volleyball court for a long time.

 Comfortable Midsole 

Here comes the most interesting part of Air Precision shoes. The midsole induced in the shoes offers complete heel-to-toe support.

Not only that, but it can keep the feet as comfortable as possible. The shock-absorption properties are also up to the mark and that’s what volleyball players like the most about these shoes.

Air Precision from Nike are indeed the best option for volleyball athletes. Be it the comfort, support, or rigid grip, Nike Air Precision won’t be letting you down anytime soon. So, better check them out before it’s too late.


  • Rubber outsole for firm traction.
  • Mesh upper offers breathability.
  • Synthetic fabric construction.
  • Comfortable midsole.
  • Offers due flexibility and comfort.
  • High-arch design for better arch support.
  • Bulky shape.
  • Size issues are common.

2. Nike Kobe Mamba – Best Volleyball Shoes for Professionals

Nike Kobe MambaAnother piece of art introduced by Nike in collaboration with Kobe Bryant (A Famous Basketball Player) is Kobe Mamba.

Now from the very start, if you take a close look at the shoes, you’d feel motivational vibes and I’m not joking at all.

These shoes are designed in such a way that they have an instant impact no matter what sports you are playing.

Talking about the use, Kobe Mamba is meant to be worn by professional volleyball players.

The reason I won’t suggest them to the newbies is that these shoes are extremely expensive.

Yeah, you heard it right. Kobe Mamba costs around $250 which is not something very affordable especially if we take volleyball shoes in perspective.

However, one thing that I’d admit regarding these shoes is that they are worth every penny you spend on them.

Features to Know About Kobe Mamba:

 Complete Mesh Upper 

For starters, the shoes have got a complete mesh upper. It’s incredibly perfect for professionals who often complain about having sweaty feet.

The breathable mesh layer, thus allows the players to play their natural game without any hassle.

 Foamy Midsole 

One of the most important aspects of the best basketball shoes for volleyball is related to its midsole. It’s especially been made with the latest technology.

That said, the inclusion of Drop-in Lunarlon foamy midsole provides immense flexibility and comfort at the same time.

 Shock Absorbing Capability 

Professional volleyball players often jump way too high in order to smash and that’s where Nike Kobe Mamba is going to save their feet.

No matter how high you jump, the shock absorptive properties of the shoes would be there to keep your feet away from damage.


Last but not the least, the extraordinary micro-tuned outsole offers strong traction on the ground.

No matter how quick and pacy you are, the shoes won’t let you slip at any cost.

Kobe Mamba is the last pair of footwear from Nike available on our list. I’d be advising all professional players to please consider these shoes especially if they have no budget issues.


  • Made for Pro Volleyball players.
  • Flyweave upper construction.
  • Breathable mesh offers air circulation.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Low-top design offers better movement.
  • Midsole is extremely comfortable.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Not meant for newbie players.

3. Adidas Performance Men’s Shoes – Best Adidas Shoes for Volleyball

Adidas Performance Men's ShoesHere comes the only rival of Nike in terms of quality, comfort, durability, and design.

Yeah, you got me.

I’m actually talking about Adidas which second to none when it comes to sports like basketball and volleyball. Talking of the Performance Men’s Shoes, they’ve got an elegant design.

In my perspective, these shoes are perfect for playing volleyball.

Not only that, but I’ve actually tried them on to different parties and college and they haven’t disappointed me yet.

The price? It’s no more than 70 bucks.

That’s one of the reasons for loving Adidas and rightly so because it offers almost the same quality and value in half the budget of what Nike offers.

Important Features About Performance Men’s Shoes:

 Mid-Top Design 

The best Adidas shoes for volleyball have got a mid-top design.

Now, keep in mind that a mid-top design not only supports the ankle and arch area, but it also provides the freedom to the heel.

Hence, an improved and balanced support could be expected from the shoes.

 Grippy Rubber Outsole 

Adidas Performance feature a special grippy outsole with a special wavy pattern.

This outsole helps a player to improve his grip on an indoor court as well as the outdoor one.

You can play with a relaxing mind as the shoes won’t be allowing you to slip at any cost.

 Lightweight Cushioning 

What I loved the most about these shoes is that they offer lightweight cushioning.

That said, the combination of Cloudfoam sockliner along with a comfortable midsole improves the support of feet in the best possible way.

 Breathable Upper 

Breathability is somehow an underrated feature of these shoes.

You should be knowing that Performance Men offers a complete mesh and synthetic upper that not only improve the balance but is also perfect for keeping the air insulation at an optimum level.

Adidas Performance Men are the shoes that almost every volleyball athlete dreams of getting to improve his game on a whole new level. Get them or regret not performing well in the volleyball court.


  • Breathable mesh upper.
  • Low-top design is suitable for quick movement.
  • Grippy adidas outsole for better traction.
  • Offers improved footwork.
  • Can be used for casual use.
  • Midsole is comfy enough.
  • Outsole ain’t that durable.
  • No other major issues.

4. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low – With B-Ball Shape

Adidas Men's Marquee Boost LowWe’d be wrapping up our review section with the latest addition from Adidas, i.e. the brand new Marquee Boost Low. As the name suggests that the shoes have got a low-top design.

Besides, they aren’t too bulky as well. No matter if you are a defensive or an aggressive player, Marquee Boost Low would be saving your feet from every type of danger.

From the price perspective, these volleyball shoes cost around 50 bucks on some specific sizes.

Hence, the pair is quite affordable as spending 50 dollars on an Adidas shoe is nothing more than a miracle.

Important Features About Marquee Boost Low:

 Air Mesh and Textile Upper 

An air mesh and textile combo upper enhance the balance as well as the breathability options. Hence, your feet will remain as comfortable and moisture-free as possible.

 B-Ball Design 

Special B-ball style being included in the shoes makes them extra comfortable and flexible at the same time. Athletes while wearing these shoes can surely enjoy their time as much as possible.

 Suitable for Casual Use 

Lastly, these affrodable basketball shoes are an ideal fit for casual use as well. You can easily wear them to parties, college, or for running purposes and they won’t be disappointing you for a long time.

Marquee Boost Low is the best shoes in the market budget-wise and one cannot ignore this fact. I’d be recommending you to get these shoes, especially if spending more is a problem for you.


  • Offers immense durability.
  • Could be utilized for different jobs.
  • Perfect for playing volleyball.
  • Air mesh upper.
  • Comfortable midsole for extra support
  • Poor customer fit.
  • Some sizes are extremely tight.

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket – Best Volleyball Shoes with Gel-Cushioning

ASICS Men's Gel-RocketAnother manufacturer that is right behind Nike and Adidas in terms of offering the best basketball shoes for volleyball is Asics.

You could’ve seen many professional athletes using the shoes from this brand.

That’s because Asics has introduced something that is extremely soothing for the feet, aka, gel-cushioning.

Gel Cushioning keeps the feet cooler, has a soothing effect, and offers due comfort to the player no matter how intense the gameplay is.

Besides, Asics Gel-Rocket costs less than the likes of Nike shoes and offers much more than one could expect from it.

In short, you won’t be regretting the money you spend on these shoes for a long time and no I’m not exaggerating anything at all.

Important Features About Men’s Gel-Rocket:

 Lightweight Design 

Asics Gel-Rocket is extremely lightweight. The use of synthetic material in the core construction ensures no extra weight or burden on the feet.

That’s the main reason you won’t be feeling like wearing any shoes while playing volleyball.

 Special Gel-Cushioning System 

Things get pretty much interesting with the addition of Forefoot gel-cushioning in the best volleyball shoes 2021.

Apart from keeping the feet cool and offering heel to toe support, this cushioning also negates every type of shock.

Hence, your feet are safe from every kind of damage.

 Trusstic System Technology 

The introduction of Trusstic System technology is one of the best features of Asics volleyball shoes.

It completely reduces the impact of weight on the outsole, hence allowing your feet to be as lightweight as possible.

You can thus easily move in the court without facing any injuries or problems.

 Rubber Outsole 

The rubber outsole with honey-combed groovings is what fascinated me the most in Men’s Gel-Rocket shoes.

This outsole performs way better than other patterns and is a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor courts.

Gel-Rocket from Asics is an epitome of offering support and due traction to the players so that they can remain focused on the game. The shoes also provide comfort and shock absorption to keep the players away from potential injuries. So, better get them as they cost no more than $70.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Not bulky.
  • For playing volleyball only.
  • Improves traction on the ground.
  • Ideal choice for beginners.
  • Low-top arch support for better flexibility.
  • Size issues might be common.
  • Durability is compromised outdoors.

Here are some other top-picked basketball shoes, you might love to look at;

6. Adidas Men’s Dame 5 – Worn by Damian Lillard

Adidas Men's Dame 5Just like Nike, Adidas is also trying to introduce some signature basketball shoes in the market and one of the first footwear from this brand is Dame 5.

These shoes are damn STYLISH. I mean if we keep all other attributes aside and just look at the shape of the shoes, they give of aesthetic vibes.

The qualities, on the other hand, are well up to the mark as the best Adidas shoes for volleyball offer extreme traction on the ground.

That’s only possible with the help of a mid-top design along with an elongated outsole. Besides, the comfort level is well-adjusted at the same time.

By wearing these shoes, volleyball athletes can play their natural game without any hassle and that is the reason to get the Men’s Dame 5 as soon as possible.

Oh! One more thing. The price tag ranges from around 450 to $250 depending upon the size and different color variations.

Nevertheless, it’s still a justified tag from adidas, one has to admit.

Key Features About Men’s Dame 5:

 Textile Upper 

Adidas has tried something new with Men’s Dame 5 and it’s making the upper with textile material only.

The use of such material has enhanced the support and breathability of the shoes at the same time.

Hence, it’s easier for players to avoid sweaty feet while playing the game.

 Comfy Midsole 

Adidas basketball shoes for volleyball won’t disappoint you either when it comes to the midsole.

It’s been designed with proper cushioning and it’s going to keep the toe and heel area as protected as possible.

Shock absorption is also up to the mark.

 Mid-Top Design 

The special mid-top design being introduced to Dame 5 ensures high arch support.

Not only that, but it also offers the freedom to heel area.

Therefore, immense support and flexibility is ensured in this regard.

Men’s Dame 5 is another footwear option available in the market with so many qualities and attributes. I’d be suggesting you to check them out especially if you struggle a lot with your footwork while playing volleyball.


  • Worn by Damian Lillard (Basketball Legend)
  • Comfy midsole.
  • Wavy patterned outsole for better traction.
  • Mid-top design offers improved arch support.
  • Durable and long-lasting shoes.
  • Justified price tag.
  • Not ideal for players with wide feet.
  • The delivery process is time-taking.

7. Under Armour Men’s Curry – With Charged Cushion Midsole

Under Armour Men's CurryUnder Armour is more of an underrated brand in the market because it’s not as popular as the likes of Nike or Adidas.

However, this doesn’t mean that the manufacturer isn’t making anything innovative. When we talk about Men’s Curry, we only know elegance, comfort, and protection of feet.

Although the shoes cost a little bit more than 100 bucks, they are worth every single penny you spend on them.

With a high-top design and with a comfortable midsole, Under Armour Men’s Curry will make sure that you can roam around the court freely without any pain or problem.

Don’t believe me?

Check out what this tiny beast has to offer and make your verdict accordingly!

Important Features About Men’s Curry:

 Threadborne Upper 

First things first, the best basketball shoes for volleyball comes with a combination of mesh and Threadbone upper.

It not only improves the balance but also keeps the inside environment as breathable as possible.

 Charged Cushion Midsole 

Shock absorption is not a piece of cake for most of the shoes.

However, Men’s Curry with its charged cushion midsole perfectly absorbs all the shock while keeping your feet as protective as possible.

Comfort and support, on the other hand, remains the same.

 Anafoam for Optimum Fit 

I’m well aware of the fact that every athlete’s feet is different from the other and Under Armour has surely realized this issue.

For that purpose, special Anafoam technology is included within the best volleyball shoes that offer an optimum fit regardless of your feet posture.

Under Armour is criminally underrated when it comes to discussing basketball/volleyball shoes. I mean, the brand new Men’s Curry is perfect for playing volleyball from almost every perspective. So, give this footwear brand a chance and it won’t be disappointing you anytime soon.


  • High-top design for an improved arch/ankle support.
  • Charged cushion midsole is comfortable.
  • Offers shock absorption properties.
  • Threadborne upper ensures balance and breathability.
  • Optimum fit with the help of Anafoam.
  • Bulky shape.
  • Outsole might get detached from the front.

8. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown – Best Budget Pick

Under Armour Men's LockdownGetting a footwear pair that is lightweight and comfortable at the same time is like a dream that never becomes reality for a volleyball athlete.

However, Under Armour has tried its best with Lockdown shoes to keep the comfort and less weigh in mind.

These shoes are termed as the best budget volleyball shoes of 2020 and rightly so because they cost no more than $70.

No matter which size you choose or which color you like, you won’t have to pay a single penny more than $70.

What Lockdown shoe offer is a combination of lightweight design and comfort.

This is where the shoes get attention from different volleyball players as they are looking out for such qualities in footwear for a long time.

Important Aspects About Men’s Lockdown:

 Leather Upper 

The upper of the shoes has been made from leather. Although the stuff is supportive and balancing, it has got visible perforations.

So, there won’t be any moisture on the inside no matter how much you play.

 EVA Midsole 

Things get pretty much interesting when we hear about EVA midsole being induced in the shoes. This midsole keeps the things cooler no matter how intense the gameplay is.

Comfort and immense support is what EVA midsole is perfect at.

 Rubber Outsole 

Last but not the least, Men’s Lockdown volleyball shoes have got a rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern.

It literally jams your feet on the surface and keeps you away from getting an extra stretch or slip.

Regardless of some minor tweaks, Under Armour Men’s Lockdown is indeed an option to consider for volleyball players. Get these shoes and you’d never have to worry about any potential injury to your feet for a long time.


  • Most affordable shoes for volleyball players.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Mid-top design for improved arch support.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Perforated leather upper.
  • Some sizes aren’t available.
  • A single shoe in the delivery package might be disappointing.

9. Nike Men’s Kobe – Best Volleyball Shoes

Nike Men's Kobe - Best volleyball shoesMen’s Kobe from Nike is another perfect pick on our list. The shoes are specially made for the athletes who crave for a firm and strong grip while moving in the volleyball courts.

Be it an indoor or outdoor court, Men’s Kobe would be there to support you and provide you the sheer comfort so that you can focus on the game completely.

Talking of the design, no one can match the class of Nike and it’s perfectly visible in Men’s Kobe.

The sophisticated, minimalist and ergonomic design of the shoes is what makes them a priority choice for most of the volleyball athletes.

The budget range is not more than 100 bucks on specific sizes and colors. So, that’s yet another plus point to get Men’s Kobe for playing volleyball effectively on the court.

Important Features About the Shoes:

 Modified Heel Cage 

First of all, the best basketball shoes for volleyball have got a special molded heel cage to offer improved support and stability.

The heel area is thus completely protected from unnecessary injuries while playing volleyball.

 Molded Upper Material 

The upper material of the shoes is made in such a way that it protects and stabilizes the upper feet part. Hence, it is easier for athletes to roam around in the court with some quick movements.

 Special Outsole 

The rubber outsole of Nike basketball shoes for volleyball has got a special grooved pattern.

This pattern helps a player to get away from unnecessary slips while making a serve or a smash in a volleyball court.

 Air Unit Zoom Cushioning 

Last but not the least, Men’s Kobe is all about offering proper cushioning and comfort to the player.

The special Air Unit Zoom midsole enables the player to move quickly and improve his footwork without feeling any pain or cramp in the feet muscles.

Men’s Kobe from Nike are a perfect option for players who face problems with comfort and traction while playing volleyball. The shoes could be utilized for indoor and outdoor use easily. So, better get them before they run out of stock.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Offers a strong grip on the ground.
  • Air Unit Zoom cushioning.
  • Perfect for long-term use.
  • TPU eyelets give a snake-look.
  • Mesh material offers balance.
  • Breathability is a bit compromised.
  • Not for casual use.

10. Nike Men’s Lebron – Best Basketball Shoes for Speed

Nike Men's Lebron - best basketball shoes for volleyballEveryone who is even slightly connected to sports like basketball and volleyball knows the class and standard of Lebron James.

Well, Nike has produced the special Men’s Lebron to pay tributes to one of the legends of the game.

The shoes are what we call, class, elegancy, and comfort, all aligned together in a single piece of art.

From a design perspective, a low-top arch shape along with sophistication is what volleyball players can expect from these shoes.

In addition to that, the best volleyball shoes are known for super-fast speed.

No matter how quick your reflexes and footwork are, Men’s Lebron won’t allow you to slip or cause any pain to your feet in clutch moments.

Features To be Noted in Men’s Lebron:

 Low-Top Design for Improved Flexibility 

One of the foremost features regarding the best basketball shoes for volleyball is that it comes with low-top arch support.

It enhances the overall flexibility and support of the heel and ankle area. Hence, you’d be able to enjoy yourself on the court with these shoes on.

 Synthetic + Mesh Upper 

The thing that needs the most attention about Men’s Lebron is its upper. It’s been specially made with a combo of synthetic and mesh material.

So, apart from the due support and balance, the upper also enhances the overall air circulation. Therefore, there won’t be any moisture for a long time.

 Extremely Comfortable Midsole 

The midsole is where Lebron basketball shoes take all the spotlight.

The shoes’ midsole has been made up in such a way that it supports the heel, arch, and toe area in the best possible way.

Shock absorptive properties are also included to avoid cramps!

Men’s Lebron is a choice of professionals be it basketball or volleyball. Having said that, the shoes cost less than 70 bucks and this reason should be enough for you to get them as soon as possible.


  • Worn by Lebron James.
  • Ideal fit for volleyball players.
  • Durable, sturdy, and comfortable.
  • Special rubber outsole for firm traction.
  • Low-arch design offers proper flexibility.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Colors choice is a bit flashy.
  • Not recommended for casual wear.

Top 3 Picks

Based on what I’ve worn throughout my volleyball career, and what professionals suggest, the top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. Nike Men’s Air Precision as it’s the best footwear option for volleyball in 2020.
  2. Adidas Men’s Dame 5 if you are a fan of Damian Lillard.
  3. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown as this shoe costs less than $70.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball in 2020

You see choosing a basketball shoe for playing volleyball is something that’s not as easy as one could expect.

I mean you have to look out for footwear from a different sport to play a different sport.

In short, you’d have to keep some important aspects in mind before you make the final decision.

So, let’s check them out in the buying guide section, and then I’d be answering some important FAQS regarding the main topic as well.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Basketball Shoe for Playing Volleyball

Breathability Matters

No matter if you are playing basketball or volleyball or any other sport, you simply can’t ignore the breathability feature in whatever you are wearing.

Breathable shoes make it easier for you to focus on the game as they keep your feet away from excessive sweat.

Being a professional sportsman, I know how difficult it is to cope up with the moisture while playing the game especially when you are wearing the socks.

So, brotherly advice in this regard is to never ignore the breathability feature. Consider getting the shoes that have got a mesh or a textile upper. These two materials offer proper air circulation ways, which fades out the moisture inside the shoes effectively. That must be a PRIORITY for you.

Shock Absorption Properties

Sports such as basketball volleyball and badminton etc. demands extra aggression. You have to make quick movements and jump higher to make an impact on the game.

In all this scenario, your feet are prone to get cramps or a long-lasting injury especially if you are not wearing the right footwear.

What I’m trying to imply is that you must choose the shoes that come with a shock absorptive midsole.

Believe me, you’d be flying higher than other players when you are sure that the shoes I’m wearing are going to save me no matter what happens.

Although such shoes would cost you a little much more, you can spend a few bucks more when it involves your benefit.

Low/Mid/High Top Design and What Should You Choose?

In the review section, you would’ve seen me talking about the low-top, mid-top, and high-top design of different shoes.

These are actually the measurement of the shaft from the arch and based on that, the three different types are discussed.

What Should You choose is a question that needs to be answered by you. If you are comfortable with freedom of the ankle and heel area, I suggest you get low-top shoes.

On the other hand, if you want medium-level arch support while keeping the ankle area independent, then I’d recommend you to get mid-top basketball shoes for volleyball.

High-top shoes are perfect for those who need a high arch and ankle support. However, keep in mind that these shoes would be halting quick movements as the ankle is completely locked.

You can, thus make your decision as per your preferences as I’ve guided you enough.

Outsole Plays a Crucial Role

You Slip You Lose! That’s a simple rule in volleyball and that’s why we are discussing the best basketball shoes for volleyball.

All the shoes that I’ve mentioned above offer strong traction on the ground. They’ve got these unique traction patterns that enable a player to play his game with improved footwork and quick movements.

So, never ever undermine this feature or you’d have to face the consequences for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. Is there any difference between basketball shoes and volleyball?

There aren’t any major differences and that’s the main reason we can use basketball shoes for playing volleyball. However, one of the primary differences includes the design perspective. Basketball shoes are made to advance forward. However, volleyball shoes are made specifically for making lateral movements. The difference also becomes prominent when we take the midsoles of both shoes into perspective.

  1. Is it OK to wear basketball shoes for volleyball?

Of course! Basketball shoes support the feet area in the best possible manner they can. Besides, such shoes are extremely comfortable, offer breathability, and strong traction at the same time. So, you can easily wear them to play volleyball like a professional athlete.

  1. What basketball shoes are best for jumping?

Nike Men’s Air Precision are the shoes you should look out for if you want to jump higher than the rest of the people. These shoes have got a high-top arch design and an extra-cushioned midsole at the same time. Hence you can utilize to jump higher than the normal standard.

Some Last Words

That would be it from me regarding the best basketball shoes for volleyball. Never forget to go through the buying guide mentioned above before you make the last decision.

Do ask me any important query regarding the main topic and I’d be getting back to you as soon as possible.

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