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8 Best Online Basketball Training Programs Reviewed [2023]

Kevin Durant, the two-way threat now playing for the Suns, once said: “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Basketball is all about putting your shots up and getting your reps in; maintaining a strict, daily routine that develops your skills is crucial to not only your on-court successes, but also your growth as an overall athlete and player. 

Quick answer: The best online basketball training program as of 2023 is “Built 2 Ball.”

But what if you don’t have the access KD has? The millions of dollars or the immense coaching, training, physician, dietician, and sports medicine staff on-call 24/7? Is there an alternative for aspiring pro players and hoopers looking to improve their game? 

The answer is yes, and it might surprise you: we’re counting down the 8 best online basketball training programs. Many programs showed up to the tryout, but only 8 made the cut, with the “Built 2 Ball” program by Overtime Athletics (OTA) leading the pack. 

Let’s dive in.


Best Online Basketball Training Programs – A Comparison Table

Built 2 Ball

Built 2 Ball

  • Best For: all levels of basketball play
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Gym membership required: Highly recommended
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 90 days
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Elite Vertical Academy

Elite Vertical Academy

  • Best For: increasing your vertical leap
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Gym Required: yes, for the main program
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 90 days 
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Basketball for Beginners

Basketball for Beginners

  • Best For: beginners
  • Video Duration: 45 min
  • Gym Membership: not required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days 
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The Fearless Shooter Training

The Fearless Shooter Training

  • Best For: improving your shooting skills
  • Video Duration: 2 hours
  • Gym Membership: required 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
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Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 1

Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 1

  • Best For: lethal handles and learning the fundamentals 
  • Video Duration: 1h15 min
  • Gym Membership: required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
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Basketball Skill Development & Secret To Dribbling

Basketball Skill Development & Secret To Dribbling

  • Best For: Kids & Youth
  • Video Duration:2h
  • Gym Membership: not required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
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  • Best For: ballers on a budget
  • Duration: 12 weeks 
  • Gym Membership: required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: free program 
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Stephen Curry’s Masterclass

Stephen Curry’s Masterclass

  • Best For: ball handling, scoring, and shooting
  • Duration: 3 hours 41 minutes
  • Gym Membership: required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
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How We Reviewed

To bring you the top basketball courses online, we did an intensive research and testing. We evaluated 40+different programs, spent 14 hours, and compared crucial features such as:

  • Duration
  • Creator credibility
  • Price
  • Money-back-guarantee
  • Accessibility
  • Experience level
  • Exercises type and quality 
  • Quality of explanation (ease of use)
  • Resources included
  • Buyer feedback

I also tested some of the programs myself from the standpoint of a professional basketball player

Plus, I consulted our team coach for his expertise and who provided invaluable feedback on what to look for in a quality online basketball training program.

In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Online Basketball Courses

#1 Built 2 Ball -Best Online Basketball Training Program In 2023
  • Best For: all experience levels
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Gym membership required: Highly recommended
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 90 days
  • Highlight: B2B is the best online basketball training program for any and all experience levels. With an emphasis on training power, agility, acceleration, and deceleration, as well as strength through an expansive, 14-week course, B2B will have you putting more numbers on the boards and logging more minutes in no time. 

The Built 2 Ball program tops our list as the best online basketball course, boasting all the science, technique, skill development, and coaching you’ll need to kick your game to overdrive. 

  • 4-step training system provides well-rounded growth to all aspects of your game
  • Expansive system video library shows you how to extract the best results possible 
  • In-depth theory manual gives you the why and the driving forces behind developing power, agility, acceleration, etc.
  • Includes access to updated OTA exercise database, allowing you to harness the proper form and drive with full confidence 
  • Accelerator call pairs you with a professional, OTA coach 
  • Coaching is available only via e-mail and there could big big delay in the answers.
  • Some of the videos are too dark.

This is a rather new program on the market, and I was eager to test it. So I bought it. After 12 weeks of use, I can say that it really made a difference and contributed to my basketball fitness level and progress. Don’t hesitate to read my thorough Built 2 Ball review.

built 2 ball program dashboard
A glimpse at the welcoming dashboard of “Built 2 Ball.”

Even with 10 years of professional basketball experience behind my back, I still learned new things and improved my training skills. The first thing that made an impression was the intuitive dashboard. 

Everything is well-structured. The videos and the various resources and additional bonuses included are easy to navigate. Most importantly, the information is easy to assimilate. You begin to understand the logic behind every exercise since day one.

The Creator

The man developed “Built 2 Ball” is Chris Barnard. He’s been a certified strength and conditioning coach for 10+years and has a proven record of helping hundreds of pro athletes (including basketball players) improve their game.

He hosts a highly popular YouTube channel – “OvertimeAthletes” which has 320 000+subscribers. Check it out here.   


Built 2 Ball features an accelerator call program that pairs you with an OTA coach. You can dive into the workouts with the added support of a professional, ensuring you’re maintaining proper form and digging deep when it counts. 

the 4 training phases of the built 2 ball program
The four training phases of the “Built 2 Ball” program.

You’ll be able to train with detailed diagrams and notes specifying things like muscular engagement and the mechanics you should be focusing on to extract the best results. 

Add in the encyclopedia-like video library, and you have enough content to not only keep you inspired and motivated, but to also answer your questions. 

The Training System

Through the work of OTA founder and coach Chris Barnard, each pillar of the 4-step training system is designed to mold you into a well-rounded threat on the court, perfect for stretch 4 defense and the two-way playing you see in today’s game. 

You’ll be training the four key components of movement:

  • eccentric (muscle lengthening)
  • isometric (muscle holding
  • concentric (muscle shortening)
  • plyometric (explosive movement)

Check out the table below for more info on the different phases and their benefits.

StrengthRelative strength component bleeds into other facets of your game (i.e., stability, kinesthetic awareness, coordination, etc.)
PowerMulti-planar explosiveness is key to developing: 
Horizontal power—explosiveness and ability to blow past defenders 
Vertical power—ability to take contact when jumping and maintaining control 
Lateral power—allows you to switch routes with authority and get open on offense
Acceleration & DecelerationShort spurt footwork gives you the edge over slow defenders lacking the traction control and dexterity to stop and switch on a dime.
AgilityDevelops your ability to make real-time adjustments; you’re teaching your body to make fast cuts to the lane with speed, flexibility, and swift responsiveness

And with the training schedule comes a near-50 page theory manual, explaining the biometrics, science, and the why in detail. 

That’s one of the key components I love about OTA training; anyone can tell you to train and show you what to do, but understanding the benefits and the science behind your training will open up your understanding of how to improve and the areas you need to focus on. 

Another thing I liked a lot about the program is the expertly developed nutritional guide.

the nutritional guide part of the built 2 ball online basketball training program.

The guide comes in two parts – the first one is an extensive 84-page PDF doc called “Performance Nutrition” created by Jake Gottesman, MS, CSCS who’s a Director of Nutrition at Overtime Athletes. It dives deep into the details of dieting and into what’s needed to improve your general athletic performance.

The second one is a 10-page PDF doc that talks specifically about basketball dieting and nutrition. It’s called “Basketball Performance Nutrition”.

The only quibble I have about the program is that the coaching is done only by e-mail in a question-answer form, and there could be big delays in the answers of the creator.

Also, the quality of some of the videos is a bit poor – they are too dark.

#2 Elite Vertical Academy - Top Program For Increasing Vertical Leap
  • Best For: increasing your vertical leap
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Gym Required: commercial gym required for the main program
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 90 days
  • Highlight: Another entry from the OTA practice, this time with the Elite Vertical Academy (EVA), a comprehensive, incredibly thorough blend of scientific pedagogy and theory with real, tangible results, for the hooper looking to jump to soar to heights.

Jumping is what many hoopers and avid fans see as the penultimate mechanic of the game of basketball, and they’re not wrong. If you’re looking to be a consistent finisher and an offensive threat—as well as a fearless, intimidating defender at the other end—a high vertical is key to developing your all-around game; this could make the difference between coming off the bench and being at a starting 5 position. 

  • Live, OTA coaching support 24/7
  • Includes 3 additional programs to continue challenging you no matter where you’re at
  • In-depth nutritional guide designed by professional athletes
  • 50-page PDF material covers the essential scientific principles of jump theory
  • Proven, triphasic approach to training
  • Some of the workout videos could use re-touching and better editing

I’ve already started testing the “Elite Vertical Jump Academy” program to include it on my list of the top vertical jump programs

I’m almost done with it (currently at week 11) and based on personal experience, the program doesn’t only teach you to jump higher but to improve your basketball conditioning as a whole. 

elite vertical academy online basketball training program

In fact, with EVA, most players noticed a considerable improvement in their jump height in just 4 weeks, with some claiming their jump height saw a vertical growth of nearly 12 inches over the course of the program’s 12 weeks. 

That’s impressive, and I can’t wait to see if that’s the case indeed once I finish the program. So far, I’ve increased my vertical leap with 9 inches.

The Creator

The guy who developed the program is once again Chris Barnard from “Overtime Athletes” who created “Built 2 Ball.” 

Training Approach 

The pedagogy surrounding EVA is based on a triphasic approach to training involving eccentric, isometric, and concentric development. Triphasic training provides the verifiable results that PJF programs depend on to take their athletes to the next level. 

eva online basketball training program
The four training phases of “Elite Vertical Academy”

Triphasic programming allows for the development of all three phases of muscular contractions, critical for maximizing athletic performance.

What’s more, if you find yourself lost in the why of your training schedule and are not sure of what tell-tale developments you should be focusing on, EVA comes with a monstrous 50-page theory manual covering the essentials of jump theory and muscular engagement. 

As the “Built 2 Ball” online program, “EVA” also includes a lengthy, mouth-watering meal plan and nutritional guide, that are extremely useful. Both the theory package and meal plan are backed and tested by vetted professional athletes.  

What To Expect

EVA follows a strict 2-day upper, 2-day lower body workout regimen. On your upper body days, you’re working your jumping or plyometrics (the strength component); for lower body, it’s a combination of 2 bilateral and 2 unilateral sessions.

eva basketball training program exercises

If that sounds like a mouthful and a little bit intimidating to dive right into, Barnard’s walkthroughs and workout tutorials are simple, straightforward, and easy to follow along with and hold yourself accountable to. 

And speaking of coaching, you’ll be able to access additional, professional support when completing your workouts by making the most out of the OTA, real-time coaching assistance. 

You can also find the training mode that’s right for you and your skill development, with 3 additional programs included in the EVA based on body weight, experience, and in-season/off-season work. 

eva online basketball training course video exercise

The only thing I disliked about this training program is the quality of some of the videos. The majority are very well done, but some of them need a better editing and the quality could be improved. 

In that regard, this program stays behind Steph Curry’s Masterclass. More about it below. But overall, EVA is a fantastic online basketball training program that will make you a better player.

Want to learn more about it? Then, check out my complete Elite Vertical Academy review.

#3 Basketball for Beginners - Best Online Basketball Training Course For Beginners
  • Best For: beginners
  • Total Video Duration: 45 mins (at your own pace)
  • Gym Membership: not required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Highlight: Udemy’s Basketball For Beginners program is an easy, fundamental-driven introductory course to the world of basketball, where new players learn the basics of dribbling, shooting, defense, and conditioning for peak court performance. 

For hoopers new to basketball, looking to learn the fundamentals and get into the game quickly, Udemy’s Basketball For Beginners is for you. We found that Udemy’s quick, 5- hour introductory course is easy to navigate and even easier to put into practice in-game. 

  • Includes 23 lectures and over 45 mins of quality video content
  • Comprehensive, introductory course to the fundamentals 
  • Teaches effective warm-up routines as well as lockdown defense strategy 
  • Competitive price 
  • Lack thoroughness
  • Experienced ballers will be bored and unchallenged 

I was eager to find a course for those who are just starting out with basketball. That one didn’t disappoint. 

The creator 

The creator of this online basketball training program is Joshua Young. Unlike other course creators on this list, Joshua has professional basketball experience.

basketball for beginners udemy course

He has played basketball in Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, and Virginia. During his career, he led one of his teams to play a State Championship game.

Currently, Joshua is a pro basketball coach and a Certified Personal Trainer. 

Bang For Your Buck 

Udemy’s course features 23 lectures and almost an hour of video content; this is a fully comprehensive deep dive into everything basketball, without being too intimidating or an information overload. 

Joshua Young

Combine that with the competitive, friendly price tag, and you’re getting more than the bang for your buck you’d expect: you’re getting a program that rivals the big guys. 

Two-Way Play

You’ll cover everything from warming up to basic defense and stretch offense. The versatile, two-way programming is exactly what I love about Udemy’s Basketball For Beginners.

basketball for beginners course content

You’ll learn the strategy behind lockdown defense, on top of boxing out, footwork, and the importance of communication amongst your teammates. 

For warming up, you’ll be given a wealth of static and dynamic exercises to implement into your routine to make sure you’re loose, warm, and ready for action. 

A proper warm-up and stretching routine not only prevents injury, but improves your on-court flexibility, coordination, and increases your range of motion. 

The training program also touches upon the basics of dribbling and shooting. Joshua explains very well and the videos are high-quality. Overall, the course is a great choice if you’re a beginner and what to understand the fundamentals of the game in an understandable enough way. 

The course is available on mobile and TV and includes two downloadable documents that are summaries of the learned so far for further consultation.

#4 The Fearless Shooter Training - Top Online Basketball Course For Shooting
  • Best For: improving your shooting skills and accuracy
  • Duration: slightly under 2 hours
  • Gym Membership: required 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Highlight: Condensing the successful shot blueprint down to a science, The Fearless Shooter Training is for anyone looking to build an effective shot from anywhere on the court and no matter who’s guarding you. 

The Fearless Shooter Training is exactly what it sounds like, aimed at improving your shooting accuracy and turning you into a threat from the second you touch the ball. 

  • Covers the intangibles (i.e. the necessary mindset) 
  • 85 shooting mechanics studied to transform you into a consistent, successful shooter
  • 49 page, expansive shooting blueprint book 
  • Lays the foundation for quality practice habits 
  • Course video content is relatively limited (under 2 hrs.) 
  • Lacks proper scientific explanation and theory

I’ve tested five shooting training programs and that one is the best one.

The Creator

The Fearless Shooter Training is available on the popular online basketball training platform “CoachTube” where highly experienced coaches deliver training for all kinds of sports.

the fearless shooter basketball online course

The creator of this online course is Jordan Whittenburg. He’s a Professional Shooting Coach and a former semi-pro shooting guard who has vast expertise in coaching at college and high school level.

Jordan is now a renowned private trainer in San Francisco. 

The Blueprint 

The Fearless Shooter walks you through building a better shot from beginner to advanced techniques, perfect for varied experience levels. 

video from the fearless shooter basketball course

You’ll dive into 85 shooting mechanics like shooting hand placement, grip pressure, pocket and wrist load, body spacing with shot pocket, among others. 

This comprehensive, incredibly detailed breakdown of proper form, weight distribution, hand placement, and more is vital for introducing you to better shooting habits, while not reinforcing the bad ones. 

The course also includes a 49-page, expansive blueprint book for all things shooting fundamentals. 

This e-book also serves as a workbook, allowing you to track your progress in real-time, making the growth you’ll experience that much more tangible. 

The Intangibles 

What I really like about the Fearless Shooter training is in how it prepares you to play at your most competitive, highest performing caliber by instilling the intangible lessons that you almost can’t teach. 

We’re talking about mindset here; themes like responding to adversity, rhythm and flow, negative self-talk, and targeting are all covered in the course. Here, you’re learning the approach that differentiates the good players from the great players. 

For more on the intangibles—and if you have an extra 30 minutes—checkout this fascinating lecture from former Duke University and NBA star Shane Battier. 

#5 Basketball Skills and Drills Vol. 1 - Program By A Legendary Coach
  • Best For: lethal handles and learning the fundamentals 
  • Video Duration: 1h15 min
  • Gym Membership: required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Highlight: For players at any position on the court, the Basketball Skills & Drills Vol. 1 course will help you develop your ball handling and dribbling, opening up new routes and allowing you to drive the lane to the hoop with a new-found confidence

Cliff Ellis’ Basketball Skills & Drills is designed as an introductory course to the world of ball handling and dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, and skill development, setting you up for coast-to-coast control.  

  • Invaluable inclusion of big man drills 
  • Develops better dribbling mechanics; cross-over your opponents with confidence 
  • Simplified defense into press and zone coverage drills
  • Learn from the legend Cliff Ellis 
  • Only 8 videos at 1h15 in combined duration 

What I first liked about this course and what makes it legit is that it’s created by a basketball legend.

Read on.

The Creator

You’ll be learning from the legend himself, Cliff Ellis; no better coach to learn from as an emerging player or aspiring pro, as Ellis’s 800+ NCAA Division I victories rank him 8th on the list of all-time career coaching victories in NCAA D-1 ball. 

basketball skills and drills vol.1

Of all other basketball training programs on this list, that one has the coach with the highest experience on a pro level.

Great For Big Men 

Basketball Skills & Drills is one of the few programs out there that specifically targets big men and the development of their skillset. 

basketball skills and drills vol.1 course content

While most training programs focus on big men as only boards and box-out bosses, in a world where a center can win the 3 point contest, big men should train all aspects of their game to secure ticks in the win column.  

You’ll be training all facets of your game with Coach Ellis, including dribbling mechanics and controlled, turn and spin drills. 

The program shapes you into a player with superior coordination and instantaneous decision-making skills to score buckets and protect your rim.


What I really liked about this program is the introduction into the world of defense through press (or man-to-man) and zone coverage drills.

coach cliff ellis explanation

These are the most popular ways to guard opponents in the game today. 

  • Press—The goal of press coverage is to disrupt the offense’s rhythm and force turnovers or bad shots.
  • Zone—Defense covers passing lanes to force the offense into making tough shots from the outside.

In my opinion, despite being value-packed, the course is too short. Luckily, there’s volume 2 that goes into deeper extent. Check it out here

#6 Basketball Skill Development & Secret To Dribbling - Udemy Basketball Course
  • Best For: improved footwork for Guards looking to open up lay-up opportunities
  • Duration: just under 2 hours
  • Gym Membership: not required; cones are required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Highlight: Through repeated, fundamental cone-drills designed to harness your ball control and advance your footwork and driving power, this court is perfect for Guard’s looking to penetrate the interior, or coaches researching how to develop their players. 

As a 1 or 2 position on the court, you need solid, controlled dribbling to maintain your handle on the ball. With the proper control, your footwork and sharp cuts won’t have the ball spinning out of bounds or make you an easy target for defenders to steal and block shots. This course will make you a dribbling wizard.

  • Hones your ball control amidst changing court conditions and stretch defense 
  • Includes simple, alternate, and advanced training modes 
  • Cone drills designed to unleash your speed with precise footwork, elevating your athletic performance
  • Great for coaches looking for more player resources
  • Some players with more experience may find the course repetitive 

The Basketball Training Skill Development & Secret To Dribbling is the perfect course for guards who are depended on for fast, precise dribbling to create scoring opportunities, or even for 3’s to 5’s looking to create space to convert. 

The Creator

Again, this is an Udemy course. It’s created by “Educational Sport & Health Solutions.” 

basketball training skill development and secret to dribbling udemy course

It’s a sports educational organization founded by Dinçer Aydın – a (Coach) SKILL DEVELOPMENT BASKETBALL TRAINER (DIP) and Anastasia who’s an IFBB Sport Trainer and certified health-life coach.

The Cones 

Through cone drills, you’ll be working on your speed, agility, and acceleration/deceleration with meticulous footwork. 

Basketball Training Skill Development & Secret To Dribbling course content

These skills are important for both offensive and defensive players, as they allow you to move quickly and effectively to get open, make a play, or defend against an opponent. With better ball control, you’ll be able to adapt to varied court conditions and stretch defense. 

You’re also building a more sustainable, cardiovascular endurance level, which will have you performing better and for longer than ever before. 

A Classic 

Cone drills have been around since, well, pretty much forever. 

While this course doesn’t necessarily revolutionize the cone system, trainees will love the program for its simple, alternate and advanced training modes as well as the wealth of included player resources to match any player’s skill level and inspire growth. 

#7 TrainForHoops - Best Free Online Basketball Training Program
  • Best For: ballers on a budget
  • Program Duration: 12 weeks 
  • Gym Membership: required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: free program 
  • Highlight: Train For Hoops is a no-frills, no-hold’s barred, old-school program that just works. With an extensive, 3-month regimen covering a wide-range of basketball drills (everything from rebounding to IQ-building), the mantra of the program is simple: if you do the program, you become a better player, and start reaching many of your goals. 

If you’re a hopper with budgetary concerns who’s still looking for a competitive, premium training program without the high price tag, Train For Hoops has got you covered. Check it out!

  • Step-by-step, 90-minute workouts designed to push you past your limit 
  • Focuses on shaping you into an adaptable offensive player (i.e. shooting, dribbling, and passing) 
  • Noticeable progress through minimizing information overload and small, approachable phases 
  • 24 workouts that build upper and lower body strength 
  • Can’t be passive; requires you to consistently put the work in
  • Some of the exercises are outdated

Given that this program is free, testing it was a no-brainer. 

And here’s my honest verdict: while it lacks the in-depth explanation and the overall quality of some paid programs such as “Built 2 Ball”, for example, “Train For Hoops” is still a worthy online basketball course. 

That’s mostly because of the plethora of different videos and articles that are easy to follow and well-structured.

The Creator

This free library of basketball training videos and documents was created decades ago by basketball aficionados Ceasor Dennis and performance director Brian McCormick.

Train For Hoops

Free 99

The free Train For Hoops course will have you training hard without draining your pockets. The course focuses on shaping you into an adaptable, two-way player through shooting, dribbling, passing, as well as blocking shots and man coverage. 

The Workouts 

Each workout follows a step-by-step, 90 minute walkthrough of each exercise. The videos are challenging but incredibly rewarding, as each is designed to push you past your limit and foster exponential growth. 

Train for hoops workouts

There are 24 workouts in all that focus on building upper and lower body strength; this is a program that requires you to consistently put the reps in (you can’t miss a day). 

Meanwhile, each workout is crafted to be straightforward and approachable through minimizing the potential “information overload” through distinct phases. 

#8 Stephen Curry’s Masterclass - With Stunning Video Quality
  • Best For: all levels of experience (teaches ball handling, shooting, and scoring)
  • Duration: 3 hours 41 minutes
  • Gym Membership: required
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Highlight: Curry’s Masterclass allows superfans, and really any hoopers looking to elevate their game, to learn from arguably one of the best to ever do it.

What’s a best online basketball course top picks list without the Curry Masterclass; with the 2-time MVP’s online course, you too can look towards uber competitive FG% numbers, or even aim as high as leading the league in scoring. 

  • Unique opportunity to learn from the 2-time MVP
  • Highly engaging, well-produced videos (17 in total) 
  • Teaches you the analytics of Curry’s game and approach
  • Clear workbook provides effective practice routines as well as detailed diagrams, tips, tricks, and techniques employed by Curry 
  • A little pricey 
  • Not so suitable for beginners

A basketball course by one of the most acclaimed NBA players of all time?

That’s something that doesn’t happen quite often, and that’s why giving Steph Curry’s course a shot is a no-brainer.

The Creator

The two-time NBA MVP and current Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry joined forces with the world-renowned online education platform to deliver arguably the most sophisticated basketball training online.

His height might not be impressive, but the guy is undoubtedly a wizard on court.

steph curry's masterclass


The Masterclass Curry course is a standout, full Hollywood production right from the start.

The quality of the 17 included videos—from the cinematography, to the editing, to that sweet sound design of the ball sinking through the nylon net—points you towards a realistic experience; like you’re right there in the gym with the Chef himself. 

Compared to other basketball courses on our list, this one has undoubtedly the best video production.

The Analytics

Speaking of analytics, what you’re really paying for with Curry’s masterclass is an insight into the approach and intangibles that have gotten the Chef to where he is in his career, moreover his superior outcome prediction and valuation processes

For many, this kind of basketball IQ takes years, if not decades, to develop. With Curry’s Masterclass, you’re practically using a cheat code to accelerate your intelligence. 

The videos are flawlessly made and Steph Curry’s meticulous approach to coaching is quite impressive. 

The best part?

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with basketball, or you play at pro level, you will learn a ton about dribbling, ball handling and shooting from one of the greatest players in the NBA.

What’s more, the masterclass comes with a workbook which provides detailed diagrams, tips, tricks, and visual guides, making for effective practice and adding another learning tool to an already impressive course. 

Finding The Right Online Basketball Training Program For You

With so much online basketball courses, it could be difficult to find one that best suits your needs and goals. Plus, there are quite a lot of shady programs out there created by so-called coaches with questionable experience and expertise. 

factors to look for in a basketball training program infographic

So how do you recognize a legit basketball course?

Here are some important features to look after.

Creator Credibility

Take into account just who’s behind the course; it’s important to note the creator of your program in order to weigh their qualifications and the application to your game style. 


Just like you wouldn’t trust a skinny chef, you shouldn’t trust a coach without a reputable track record. 

Curry’s Masterclass is probably the most sought after course when it comes to name and brand recognition, though it is on the higher end when it comes to price.

Other coaches like Cliff Ellis or Jordan Whittenburg are widely respected at the NCAA and youth level. Chris Barnard, the founder of OTA athletics and the course director of B2B and Elite Vertical Academy, is a renowned sports trainer at every level of professional play. 

Media Type

Consider which media type works best for you: are you a visual learner? Do you need smartphone and TV compatibility? Do you prefer to write things out by hand and follow along in a workbook or written guide? 

learning illustration

Having the self-awareness in knowing what your preferred learning style is and how you extract and recall the most information is going to be crucial to forecasting your success within your chosen course. 

Most reputable courses contain resources available in various media formats – video, text, images, diagrams, etc.

Ease Of Use

What kind of challenge are you looking for? Are you looking to dig deep and go beyond your limits? Are you aiming to maintain already made progress? Or are you starting from 1’s? 

Ease of use is going to be dependent on your skill level and prior experience on the court. Keep in mind, many courses offer varied training modes from beginner to advanced. 

Refer to the table below to find out which of the basketball training programs on our list would suit you best based on your experience level.

Experience LevelRecommended Course
BeginnerBasketball For Beginners | Udemy 
Basketball Skills & Drills Vol. 1
Built 2 Ball 
Elite Vertical Academy
IntermediateThe Fearless Shooter Training 
Basketball Training Skill Development & Secret To Dribbling
Train For Hoops
AdvancedSteph Curry’s Masterclass


Online buyer testimonials provide: 

  1. Feedback from hoopers who have taken the course before you. Their experience can give you an idea of the course’s quality and whether it’s worth your time and money.
  1. Insight into the instructor’s coaching style, personality, and expertise. This can help you determine if the instructor is a good fit for your learning style and goals.
  1. Objectivity, as testimonials are typically from people who have no vested interest in promoting the course.
  1. Information about the course’s content, structure, and delivery. This can help you decide if the course is comprehensive enough and covers the ball-mechanics you want to learn

Program Duration

A course like “Built 2 Ball”, with a 14-week schedule, is designed to include more complex exercises and progressions that build upon each other over time, and the program’s focus is on making incremental gains and improvements over the long term.


Which begs the question: will you be able to go the distance and stay consistent for 3 straight months? 

Inversely, a course like “Basketball Skills & Drills Vol. 1”, with only an hour and 15 minutes in duration, is catered towards exposing you to the workouts, then, leaving you to craft your own practice regimen.


For accessibility, questions to ask yourself are: 

  • Is the course well-structured? 
  • Is the course easily accessible? 
  • Is the course well organized and well-explained? 
  • Can the course be accessed on multiple devices? 
  • Can the course be downloaded and streamed offline? 

One course that ticks all these boxes is the “Built 2 Ball” course by OTA.  

Content Quality

Are we talking HD, 1080P or more of a grainy, squint-your-eyes, 240? Content quality is everything in making a course inviting, exciting, and has you coming back for more. 

Meanwhile, does the course offer a workbook or nutritional guide?

Besides video content, check the quality of the supplementary materials that many basketball players find invaluable for tracking progress and holding themselves accountable. 


A good online basketball training course should provide interactive features such as quizzes, assignments, and feedback. It should also offer opportunities for interaction with the instructor and other participants through forums or live chat sessions.


How much is too much? Know your price and evaluate the courses within that bracket accordingly. 

What’s more, consider whether the cost is worth the value provided and whether there are any additional costs such as equipment or subscription fees.

Often that can significantly increase the final price.


Can You Learn Basketball Online? 

Yes, you can learn basketball online; you can sign up for online coaching programs like the 8 featured in our top picks list. You can also learn by reading articles or guides online concerning skill development and strategy, practice drills or exercises; it’s important to connect with other players through online forums and communities to share ideas and keep each other motivated. 

What Is The Best Training Method For Basketball?

The best training method for basketball boils down to the needs of the individual player and the areas in their game they’re lacking where they wish to improve and see growth. That said, basketball requires a healthy dose of speed and agility, power, and strength training in order to compete hard and stay competitive, whether that’s at the pro-level or down at your local LA Fitness. 

Is There An App To Improve Dribbling?

There is an app to improve dribbling: Elete. Elete is available in the App Store and is compatible with both your iPhone and iPad. The app was designed to make dribbling and skill-building exercises engaging and a dynamic experience; through the use of AI and Augmented Reality, players develop their dribbling handles through a videogame-like experience.

Can You Train Basketball At Home? 

Yes, you can train basketball at home. You can practice dribbling, shooting, and passing by using an at-home basketball and hoop. I recommend roof-mounted hoops as they are the most stable. You can also do strength and conditioning exercises to improve your agility, speed, and endurance, which are essential for basketball. Additionally, you can watch instructional videos and seek the advice of your peers to learn new techniques/drills to incorporate into your home training routine.


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