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Best Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop in 2022 [Reviews]

Got a spare roof at home and want to do something amazing with it? Why not install a basketball hoop there and enjoy playing with your friends and family?

The best roof mounted basketball hoop is stable and balanced enough compared with a portable basketball hoop. Besides, such hoops take less space and once you adjust them, they’d be able to help you improve your dunks and jump shots for a long time.

Now, when it comes to choosing a mounted basketball hoop, the decision isn’t easy to make. This is where you could trust me. Why?

Because I’ve been in the basketball business for so long that I know my way around it. Using personal expertise and help from my basketball partners, I’ve decided to compile the list of top-rated roof mounted basketball hoops.

The criteria for selection involved testing 10 different hoops quality-wise and under harsh weather conditions. I also considered the customer feedback and made changes to the final list accordingly.

Best Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop – Comparison Chart

Basketball ShoesPreviewDetailsPrice
Spalding Eco-Composite
Basketball Hoop
Spalding Eco Composite Basketball HoopBackboard Dimension: 40"x30"
Material: Eco-composite
Check Price!
Spalding Acrylic Wall-
Mounted Basketball
Spalding Acrylic Wall Mounted Basketball HoopBackboard Dimension: 52"x32"
Material: Acrylic
Check Price!
Silverback NXTSilverback NXTBackboard Dimension: 54"x33"
Material: Acrylic
Check Price!
Lifetime 73650Lifetime 73650Backboard Dimension: 44"x30"
Material: Polyethylene
Check Price!
Spalding Polycarbonate
Basketball Hoop
Spalding Polycarbonate Basketball HoopBackboard Dimension: 44"x30"
Material: Polycarbonate
Check Price!
Lifetime 71526Lifetime 71526Backboard Dimension: 54"x33"
Material: Makrolon Polycarbonate
Check Price!

Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop Reviews [7 Top-Picks]

Without any further ado, let us get into the best roof mounted basketball hoop reviews as follows:

1. Spalding Eco-Composite Basketball Hoop “ Best Overall

Spalding Eco Composite Basketball HoopFirst on our list is a special backboard plus rim combo from Spalding, which could get mounted to a roof, or wall, without any hassle. The special eco-composite basketball hoop does feature a unique and aesthetic backboard with vivid colors. Not only that, but the rim quality is quite durable and sturdy. Absolutely worth giving a try if you don’t want to spend money on the portable alternatives.

Talking of the backboard first,

It comes with 44’x30′ dimensions and is made up of eco-composite material. This ensures resistance to shattering and allows you to play your favorite shots with an optimum rebound.

The edges of the backboard are also covered with premium plastic to keep it away from getting damaged. That’s one of the reasons this hoop could survive harsh weather conditions without any worries.


You could not ignore the presence of a solid, durable, and flexible enough rim. The special Slam-Jam breakaway rim allows basketball enthusiasts to play their favorite shots on the hoop without injuring themselves. Not to forget that the rim also contains a nylon net for dropping the ball gradually.

Coming towards compatibility,

Spalding advertises that the basketball hoop is suitable for outdoor residential play. However, I’ve tested it inside the garage and on the wall of my backyard. It turns out that the hoop works pretty well indoors too. So, that’s the advantage you’ll have while getting this garage mounted basketball hoop.

One last thing worth mentioning about the wall mounted basketball hoop is its sophistication and longevity. It, first of all, looks beautiful no matter where you install it. Plus, the use of premium materials enhances its working life as you could use it to perfect your dunks or distanced shots for many years to come.

  • 40’x30′ backboard dimensions.
  • Eco-composite backboard construction.
  • Breakaway Slam-Jam rim with Nylon net.
  • Backed by Spalding’s official warranty.
Spalding Eco-Composite Backboard and Rim combo won’t disappoint you and that’s what I assure you. Get this roof mount basketball goal and you’ll never have to invest in anything else for many years to come.

  • Perfect for mounting on roof, garage, or wall.
  • Not too large or too small.
  • Breakaway rim is flexible enough.
  • Shatterproof backboard offers longevity.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Looks beautiful.
  • You have to purchase the universal mounting kit separately.
  • Nylon net won’t last long in outdoor conditions.

2. Spalding Acrylic Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop “ Best for the Money

Spalding Acrylic Wall Mounted Basketball HoopThe Acrylic Wall Mounted basketball hoop from Spalding is not only wide enough, but it also makes sure that you play basketball whenever you’ve got some spare time to kill. Spalding’s easily the jack of all trades when it comes to introducing the best roof mounted basketball hoops. This 52′ Acrylic basketball hoop is one such example of sophistication compiled with durability and stableness.

First things first,

The backboard made up of durable Acrylic has got the dimensions of 52’x32′. It has got more area to cover compared with the hoop we mentioned above. Plus, the backboard is shatterproof and it could resist harsh weather at the same time.

Moreover, the large acrylic backboard also offers a great rebounding force. Thus, you won’t have to worry anymore about the ball getting stuck on the roof while you play some random hoops on it.

Spalding, in addition, uses the special breakaway rim that is made up of heavy-duty stainless steel making it resistant to corrosion. A nylon net is also installed just below the rim to give you premium basketball vibes.

Specifically designed for outdoor residential play, you can utilize this backboard plus rim combo to perfect your dunks, especially if you are a pro basketball athlete. Some other shots you could improve on it are angled floaters, and layups, etc.

Talking about durability, one of my close relatives has recently got this basketball hoop for their teenage boys. As per remarks of Kathy, ‘I’ve installed this hoop on the rooftop of my home and it hasn’t shown any signs of getting damaged up till now.

  • 52’x32′ dimensions.
  • Breakaway rim.
  • Nylon net.
  • Acrylic backboard.
  • Weighs 41 lbs. only.
The Acrylic wall mounted basketball hoop, in fact, offers a vibe of playing professional NBA basketball in your backyard. Get this backboard combo and you’ll enjoy improving your game to next level in coming days for sure.

  • Mountable to wall, roof, and garage.
  • Compatible with harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Thick acrylic backboard offers an aggressive rebound.
  • Arena Slam Breakaway rim offers enough flexibility.
  • Remains stable and balanced enough.
  • Suitable for perfecting jump shots.
  • You have to purchase the mounts separately.
  • Bolts and nuts aren’t included as well.

3. Silverback NXT “ Includes Wall Mount

Silverback NXTThe first two roof mounted basketball hoops we discussed required purchasing separate mounts to install them ideally. However, that’d not be the case when we take a look at the Silverback NXT garage mounted basketball hoop. It features a large durable backboard along with a flexible enough rim to help you excel in dunk and jump shots. Besides, the whole combo includes a sturdy wall mount so you won’t have to purchase it separately.

Moving along with some basics,

The backboard is made up of high-end acrylic and it has got 54’x33′ dimensions. To put that into perspective, it offers enough rigidity and rebounding force to prevent the ball from getting stuck on roof.

Besides, the sturdy breakaway rim should not be underestimated. Made up from powder coated steel, it could help you improve different shots such as layups and angle floaters along with the dunks. Nylon net is also included.

Mind you that the best roof mounted basketball hoop is height adjustable. You can increase or decrease the height adjustment from 7.5′ to 10′ respectively.

Finally, the assembly takes no more than 120 minutes. If you have a little bit idea of how to install a wall mounted basketball hoop, then you can manage to assemble it in less than 120 minutes.

Joshua, one of my basketball colleagues is using the Silverback NXT basketball since he’s purchased it. According to him, ‘It took me less than 2 hours to assemble it. Plus, the height adjustment option has really benefitted me as I focus on improving my gameplay in spare time.’

  • 54’x33′ dimensions.
  • Acrylic backboard.
  • Slam Arena Breakaway rim with Nylon net.
  • Height adjustable from 7.5′ to 10′.
  • Wall mount included.
Silverback NXT is one of the most versatile basketball hoops available in the market. Either mount it in your garage, on a solid wall, or on your roof and enjoy throwing random hoops on it with your friends and family.

  • Mountable to rigid walls, garages, and roofs.
  • Durable and sturdy acrylic backboard.
  • Offers enough rigidity and rebounding.
  • Perfect for professional basketball athletes.
  • Flexible rim design.
  • Wall mount included in the package.
  • Not compatible with brick surface.
  • Do not install it on weak surfaces.

4. Lifetime 73650 “ Affordable Pick

Lifetime 73650You could’ve noticed that the above 3 garage mounted basketball hoops we discussed were a little bit pricey compared to what a normal hoop would cost. So, to make sure that low-budget peeps can also meet their basketball cravings, I’ve got Lifetime 73650 for them. This backboard plus rim combo is compatible with walls, garages, and rooftops. Just mount it in any suitable place and start throwing hoops in it without facing any hurdle.

First off, the ceiling mounted basketball hoop comes with a 44’x30′ backboard made up of solid polyethylene. The rebound is more than enough to prevent the ball from getting stuck.

Secondly, the breakaway rim installed is quite beneficial for professional basketball players. They could use it to practice multiple shots without facing any difficulty.

One thing I forgot to mention about the basketball hoop for garage roof is that its backboard is shatterproof. Plus, it could also bear the harsh weather conditions and remain damage-free for a long time.

Last but not the least, Lifetime basketball hoop is versatile enough. You can either mount it on a wall, a roof, a portable pole extension, or outside the garage.

  • 44’x30′ backboard dimensions.
  • Slam-it breakaway rim.
  • Nylon net installed.
  • Shatterproof backboard.
  • High Density polyethylene backboard.
Lifetime offers an affordable roof mounted basketball hoop with some exceptional qualities. Get it if you can’t afford the likes of Spalding or Silverback basketball hoops right now.

  • Adjustable wall mounted basketball hoop.
  • Durable and sturdy enough.
  • Backboard offers optimum rebounding force.
  • Perfect for backyards and garages too.
  • Versatile enough.
  • Mounting brackets sold separately.
  • A bit smaller than other hoops we’ve discussed.

5. Spalding Polycarbonate Basketball Hoop “ For Outdoor Gameplay

Spalding Polycarbonate Basketball HoopThe two Spalding basketball hoops we mentioned above were a bit fancy and expensive, of course. However, the brand has now introduced a Polycarbonate wall mounted basketball hoop with an affordable budget. To be honest, the design is bang average with poor illumination. But the backboard plus rim combo is durable enough to withstand harsh weather without any worries.

First off,

We have the 44’x30′ Polycarbonate backboard available that offers an improved rebounding force. Adding to that it’s shatterproof and resistant to rain and rust at the same time.

The rim made up of heavy-duty steel alloy supports the jump and dunk shots without causing any issue. It’s also flexible enough.

Moving along, Spalding’s best roof mounted basketball hoop is suitable for outdoor installation. However, you can also install it inside a garage or in your backyard with the right mounting kit.

I recently got this garage mount basketball hoop for one of my nephews who’s quite good at playing basketball. Recently I noticed that he was trying to use this hoop for making dunks and it seemed well-balanced and stable enough to bear his weight during each shot.

  • Polycarbonate steel backboard.
  • 44’x30′ dimensions.
  • Slam Jam breakaway rim.
  • Nylon net installed.
Spalding Polycarbonate basketball hoop offers enough rebounding force along with durability and resistance to outdoor weather. Get this roof mounted basketball hoop to enjoy playing b-ball with your friends and family.

  • Suitable for outdoor residential installation.
  • Breakaway rim helps you improve the jump shots.
  • Backboard offers an improved rebounding force.
  • Resistant to harsh weather such as rain.
  • Steel alloy rim is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Not stylish enough.
  • You have to purchase a separate mount for it.

6. Lifetime 71526 “ Built to Last Long

Lifetime 71526Finally, we have the last wall-mounted basketball hoop available on our list from Lifetime. The brand new backboard plus rim combo has got a solid and sturdy construction. Plus, I loved the vivid graphics of the backboard, which, in fact, increases its beauty. That said, you can use the basketball hoop for throwing some random shots with your friends. You can also utilize it to improve your gameplay skills accordingly.

The backboard, first of all, measures 54’x33′ and is shatterproof. The use of a Makrolon Polycarbonate with a steel alloy finish makes it protected from shatters or harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, we have the durable Slam-It breakaway rim available within the backboard. It also contains a nylon net to enhance the vibes of playing b-ball. Just install it on your backyard’s wall, on the rooftop, or garage, and you’d be able to take a 1-on-1 with your friends for a long time.

Mind you that Lifetime offers a 5-year warranty on this wall-mounted basketball hoop. So, you can utilize the hoop without thinking of any issue or problem. In short, the peace of mind would be there while you use the best roof mounted basketball hoop.

  • 54’x33′ Polycarbonate backboard.
  • Slam-It Breakaway rim.
  • Nylon net.
  • Powder-coated steel frame finish.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.
Lifetime’s stylish yet durable roof mounted basketball hoop is something you could consider if you are aiming for a long-term investment.

  • Aesthetic backboard design.
  • Breakaway rim offers enough flexibility.
  • Takes less time to assemble.
  • Compatible with outdoor and indoor use.
  • Shatterproof backboard.
  • No wall mount included.
  • A bit expensive.

Different Types of Basketball Hoops Explained: Buying Guide

With a variety of different types of basketball hoops available in the market, it’s necessary to keep oneself acknowledged about them.

Only then, it’d be possible for you to make the right decision, i.e. whether to get a portable hoop a roof-mounted basketball hoop, or an in-ground system.

Anyways, let’s get right back to discussing the common basketball hoop types available in 2021:

  1. In-Ground Systems:

In-Ground basketball hoops are cemented from the base into the ground. They require bolts or a proper mounting kit to get adjusted accordingly.

That being said, in-ground basketball hoops are more rigid, take less space, and are more balanced compared to other systems.

However, they do require complex assembly. It’s recommended that you hire a professional to get it assembled. Such basketball systems are also relatively expensive as compared to portable or wall-mounted basketball systems.

  1. Portable Basketball Systems:

The next type, i.e. portable basketball system requires the least installation. That is, you get a full-fledged basketball system with a backboard, rim, extendable pole, and base.

The base of a portable basketball hoop also possesses wheels which enables you to transport it from one place to another.

You can fill it either with sand, water, or a mixture of both to make the system as balanced as possible.

Even with a large capacity, portable basketball hoops aren’t as balanced as the in-ground systems. You can’t even use a normal portable basketball hoop for dunking.

I’ve, however, written a detailed guide on the best dunking basketball hoops. So, check it out in case you need one.

  1. Wall-Mounted Basketball Systems:

Wall-mounted or roof mounted basketball systems are generally more balanced than portable basketball hoops.

You can install them on a wall, a rooftop, or a garage. Such hoops are sturdier, plus they take less space compared to the In-Ground or Portable Basketball Hoop systems.

However, many of them don’t come in with the mounting kit. So, before you decide to get a roof mounted basketball hoop, make sure that you have some money left to get yourself a universal mounting kit.

Why Choose Roof Mounted Basketball Hoops?

Some reasons to get yourself a garage mounted basketball hoop are as follows:

  1. They take less space as you’d install them either on a rooftop or a garage.
  2. Such basketball hoops are sturdier and long-lasting compared to other alternatives.
  3. A wall-mounted basketball hoop requires less time to get installed and assembled as compared to the other two types.

Backboard Consideration:

While choosing a wall-mounted basketball hoop, it’s extremely necessary to check the quality and size of the backboard.

First off, it depends upon the space you’ve got to install the hoop. Better take some rough measurements and then decide on whether you need a 44′, a 50′, or a 54′ backboard.

Secondly, the type of material it’s been made up of also matters. Most roof mounted hoops have either acrylic or polycarbonate backboards. Both these materials are durable enough and offer an improved rebounding action.

Choosing the Best Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop:

Well, choosing the right wall mounted basketball hoop ain’t much difficult. Just make sure that it comes with a shatterproof backboard and a breakaway rim with durable construction.

You could get the mounting kit for like 50 to 100 bucks depending upon its quality to install the hoop on a roof or in garage.

I’m done with reviewing the best roof mounted basketball hoops available in the market and now it’s your turn to make the right choice.

My suggestion, I’d pick Silverback NXT as it comes with the inclusion of a wall mount, is durable enough, and has got a justified price tag.


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