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Best Basketball Shoes Under 150 Dollars in 2021 [8 Top Picks]

Welcome to another section of discussing “Budget Basketball Shoes†today!

I am going to keep my focus on discussing some of the best basketball shoes under 150.


Because I do know that basketball sneakers could go expensive. Especially, the sneakers that different professional players wear and endorse could easily cost you around 500 bucks.

In that situation, I tried to lower down the budget while finding some good basketball shoes with proper cushioning and traction qualities.

Luckily I have found the top 8 best $150 basketball shoes available in the market based on my personal experience, positive customer feedback, and expert opinions.

Note: You will find brands like Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas in here even with a budget of $150.

Take a look:

Top 3 Picks of 2021:

Being an avid user of sneakers, I have tested almost all the models reviewed in this round-up.

Based on what I have experienced, the top 3 picks go as under:

  1. Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes – As it’s the best option available in an under $150 budget.
  2. Nike Kobe Mamba Fury – if you want the best Nike basketball shoes under $150.
  3. Adidas Harden Vol. 3 – if you want to wear signature James Harden sneakers within an affordable budget.

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150 Compared in 2021

Have a quick look to the comparison of the top basketball sneakers available under 150$;

Under Armour Men's Basketball ShoesMidsole: EVA
Weight: 11.3 oz.
Under Armour Men's SC 3zer0Midsole: Micro G
Weight: 12 oz.
Nike Men's Kobe Mamba FuryMidsole: Air Zoom Unit
Weight: 18 oz.
PEAK Mens Flash Bball Sneaker Midsole: EVA
Weight: 15 oz.
Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Midsole: Bouncy
Weight: 16.5 oz.
LI-NING Wow 7 Midsole: BOUNSW+ and CLOUD
Weight: 14 oz.
Under Armour Men's NXT Midsole: Die-Cut EVA
Weight: 12.58 oz.
Nike Men's Shoes Zoom Freak 2 Midsole: Air Zoom
Weight: 12 oz.

Top 8 Best Basketball Shoes Under $150 Reviews

1. Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes – Best Overall Basketball Shoes Under $150

Under Armour Men's Basketball ShoesFirst on our list is the sneaker from Under Armour, which is getting extremely popular among the basketball community. The men’s basketball shoes feature an aesthetic shape and they will surely cost you less than $150. More than that, the sneakers could keep your feet comfy enough no matter if you play indoors or outdoors.

Getting started with some major features

Textile and Synthetic Build Enhances Durability!

The presence of these two materials not only increases sturdiness but also improves the overall balance and support to the feet.

Mid-Top Design Protects Ankles!

The mid-top design of the shoes allows it to protect the ankle muscles from sprain or twists. Apart from that, it also offers enough freedom to ankle to help the players advance in the court.

EVA Sockliner and Midsole for Cushioning!

Under Armour uses a special die-cut EVA sockliner and same midsole to offer proper underfoot cushioning. Impact and shock absorption are well up to the mark to reduce extra stress on the feet.

Molded Textile Upper Increases Breathability!

Textile material allows air to get inside and keeps the feet away from any sweat for a long time. On top of that, it also increases extra comfort and allows athletes to play their natural game.

Synthetic Outsole for Grip!

At the end of the day, the presence of a synthetic outsole with a multidirectional traction pattern could increase the friction on surface. Therefore, it could keep you away from unwanted slips or foot injuries.

  • Textile and synthetic construction.
  • Textile molded upper.
  • EVA sockliner and midsole.
  • Synthetic outsole.
  • Mid-top design.
  • Weighs 11.3 oz.
Under Armour Men’s Bball shoes ensure an aggressive yet comfortable gameplay experience. Keep them on your first priority if you’ve got to spend $150 on basketball sneakers.


  • Budget basketball shoes for indoor and outdoor gameplay.
  • Offers enhanced grip with a multidirectional traction pattern.
  • Durable and rugged synthetic and textile construction.
  • Keeps the feet in a natural posture.
  • EVA sockliner enhances underfoot cushioning.
  • Breathable enough.
  • No size available for big kids.
  • No other major issues.

2. Under Armour Men’s SC 3zer0 – Best $150 Sneakers for Basketball

Under Armour Men's Sc 3zer0 Iii Basketball ShoeSC 3zer0 features a rather weird shape, to be honest. However, these sneakers from Under Armour could become your next partner if you want to play the game with agility and pace. Featuring a rugged and lightweight body, the shoes can keep your feet comfy and relieved of any pain for a long time.

For starters;

Under Armour SC 3zer0 features Micro G Foam Midsole!

The midsole offers a soft and lightweight cushioning to keep the feet relieved of any pain or fatigue. Not only that, but it also comes with shock absorption properties to help athletes jump higher without any worries.

EVA sockliner ensures underfoot cushioning!

Adding to the Micro G midsole, we also see a die-cut EVA sockliner that allows underfoot cushioning, thus keeping the feet as comfortable as possible.

100% Synthetic Construction Increases Sturdiness!

Good thing is that the shoes also feature a leather overlay with perforations to enhance breathability. Thus, the upper part of your feet will remain supportive and balanced enough!

Half Bootie Construction for a Snug Fit!

In case you face any issues regarding the fit, these shoes will help you out. The half bootie construction ensures a snug fit and will keep your feet locked up while you play the game.

Thick Rubber Outsole!

A deeply grooved traction pattern allows the feet to stay intact, especially on slippery surfaces. You could thus increase your footwork and play the game with more aggressiveness.

  • 100% synthetic construction.
  • Half bootie build.
  • Leather overlay with perforations.
  • Mid-top design.
  • Micro G foam midsole.
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner.
  • Weighs 12 oz.
SC 3zer0 is a $150 basketball shoe that every athlete should consider. I will specifically recommend them to those who suffer from feet injuries more often.


  • Suitable for indoor gameplay.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Half bootie ensures a snug fit.
  • Allows athletes to play with comfort.
  • Micro G foam midsole for immense cushioning.
  • Absorbs impact perfectly.
  • Kinda weird design. (Personal opinion)
  • Not recommended for wide feet.

3. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury – Nike Basketball Shoes Under $150

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba FuryAlthough I said earlier that shoes endorsed by legends could cost you as much as $500. However, that’s not the case with Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury. Inspired by Kobe Bryant, Nike has come up with a lightweight and minimally structured basketball sneaker to enhance the way you play your game.

Getting started;

Synthetic and Leather construction adds extra support!

The combination of both these materials increases the sturdiness of these sneakers to a whole new level. Good thing is that your feet will remain supportive and balanced enough.

Air Zoom Unit Cushioning!

The trademark Air Zoom Unit cushioned midsole from Nike will keep the feet as comfy as possible. On top of that, it could easily absorb extra shock and impact.

Mid-Top Design for Added Stability!

The mid-top shaft to arch distance will keep the upper part of your feet away from any injuries. Even with that, you can easily move your ankle to increase your lateral movements.

Rubber Outsole with Special Traction Pattern!

Mamba Fury will never let you down no matter if you play on concrete or maple wood court. The thick rubber outsole with a special traction pattern will keep your feet protected from any unwanted slips.

  • Air Zoom Unit midsole.
  • Synthetic and leather construction.
  • Mid-top design.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Weighs 18 oz.
Nike Mamba Fury with an affordable price tag allows athletes to enhance their skills on the court. You should consider them if you want the perks of a signature sneaker at a reasonable rate.


  • Signature Kobe Bryant basketball shoes.
  • Mid-top design keeps the ankles protected.
  • Sturdy and rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Could be used for running and walking.
  • Special traction pattern for superb grip on slippery courts.
  • Limited size options available.
  • Seems a bit bulky.

4. PEAK Mens Flash Bball Sneaker – Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Under 150

PEAK Mens Flash Bball SneakerUsed by Louis Williams more often, PEAK Mens Flash are the shoes to trust when it comes to playing the game outdoors. The sneakers ensure a snug fit while keeping the feet away from extra fatigue and stress. Meanwhile, they have got proper cushioning and a non-slip outsole to enhance your skills on a whole new level.

For starters;

EVA Midsole Offers Extra Cushioning!

PEAK has kept its focus on making the midsole lightweight and comfortable at the same time. For that, it has used the latest EVA technology along with soft and breathable material to keep your feet away from extra burden.

Double TPU for Immense Arch Support!

The shoes also feature 3D double TPU overlays that add to extra arch support and allows the feet to move independently. Hence, you will see an improvement and quickness in your movement for sure.

Full Palm Rubber Outsole Resist Slips!

PEAK uses the full palm rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern to reduce the slips as much as possible. Good thing is that the outsole is wear-resistant, so it will not get distorted no matter how much you play the game outdoors.

Choice of Professional NBA Players!

Louis Williams has often used the PEAK Flash while featuring in multiple NBA games. Not only that, but I have also noticed that many professional athletes now prefer these sneakers while playing in NBA.

  • EVA midsole.
  • Mesh upper.
  • Full palm rubber outsole.
  • 3D TPU overlays.
  • Weighs 15 oz.
PEAK Flash offers qualities like EVA midsole, an anti-slip rubber outsole, and a breathable upper. All these qualities within an under $150 budget, make them one of the most reliable basketball sneakers available in the market.


  • Wear-resistant basketball sneakers under $150.
  • Rugged textile construction with mesh upper.
  • Palm rubber outsole reduces the slips on outdoor surfaces.
  • EVA midsole enhances underfoot cushioning.
  • Signature Louis Williams basketball sneakers.
  • Not recommended for indoor use.
  • Limited color options.

5. Adidas Harden Vol. 3 – Signature James Harden Basketball Shoes Under $150

Adidas Harden Vol. 3Adidas has paid a tribute to James Harden with the introduction of Harden Vol. 3 sneakers in the market. The best basketball shoes under 150 support quick movements of the athletes due to the presence of an exceptional traction pattern. Cherry on top is that their design and shape is simply amazing. That’s one of the reasons you could even wear them casually.

Anyways, some major features include

Mesh Overlays for Breathability!

The mesh overlays present on the shoes allow enough air ventilation on the inside. Thus, it could keep your feet away from extra sweat and wetness.

Patented Bouncy Cushioned Midsole!

The bouncy cushioned midsole from adidas is already getting famous among athletes. It elevates the feet while a player is trying to dunk to help him jump higher than expected. Shock absorption is also quite exceptional.

Herringbone Rubber Outsole!

Talking of the outsole, it comes with a flexible rubber construction. Thanks to the herringbone traction pattern, the shoes will help you change your movements at the last moment. That’s one of the reasons James Harden wore them quite often.

  • Bouncy cushioned midsole.
  • Mesh overlay.
  • Textile and synthetic construction.
  • Mid-top design.
  • Herringbone rubber outsole.
  • Weighs 16.5 oz.
Harden Vol. 3 deserves all the spotlight as the signature basketball shoes ensure comfort, quickness, and agility, at an affordable rate. Check them out before it’s too late.


  • Signature James Harden basketball sneakers.
  • Bouncy cushioned midsole helps jump higher.
  • Rugged textile and synthetic construction.
  • Mesh overlays increase breathability.
  • Recommended for casual use.
  • Suitable for indoor gameplay.
  • Not an ideal choice for outdoors.
  • Limited size problems.

6. LI-NING Wow 7 – Best Basketball Shoes Under 100

LI-NING Wow 7Another impeccable pair of basketball shoes you could get in as low as $100 budget is the Li-Ning Wow 7. The Chinese brand is famous for producing badminton products only. However, recently it has entered the Basketball scene with a sneaker like Wow 7, which is already making rounds in the States. The shoes feature a lightweight and durable body to ensure a comfortable gameplay experience at an affordable rate.

To get started;

Nylon Mesh with Leather Upper Construction!

Nylon mesh used as a primary construction material enhances the flexibility of the sneakers while keeping them rugged enough. Leather upper also increases the overall support and strength.

BOUNSW+ and Li-Ning Cloud Cushioning!

Not to forget, the manufacturer uses two different cushioning technologies in the midsole. BOUNSW+ offers a high rebound, meanwhile, CLOUD technology ensures lightweight comfort to the feet.

Flexible and Anti-Slip Outsole

The flexible rubber outsole with anti-skid lines will keep your feet away from any slips or injuries. Wear them and bring out your A-game to stun your opponents accordingly.

  • Nylon mesh construction.
  • Leather upper.
  • Wade concept designed shoes.
  • Flexible rubber outsole.
  • BOUNSW+ and Cloud cushioned midsole.
  • Weighs 14 oz.
Li-Ning Wow 7 have got to be the best basketball shoes under 100 and rightly so. The qualities these shoes possess could help an athlete excel while playing with dominant opponents.


  • Made for professional basketball athletes.
  • Leather upper increases strength and support.
  • BOUNSW+ technology offers immense rebound.
  • CLOUD technology keeps the feet comfortable.
  • Anti-skid lines on outsole for strong grip and traction.
  • WADE design concept with attractive colors.
  • Would take some time to arrive.
  • Average customer support.

7. Under Armour Men’s NXT – Features Breathable Mesh Tongue

Under Armour Men’s NXTAnother Under Armour sneaker that you can consider within a $150 budget is none other than the Men’s NXT. The shoes have got an aesthetic shape and they are light in weight. Besides, you could expect them to keep your feet sweat-free as they feature a mesh overlay on the upper.

Some of the major features include;

100% Textile and Synthetic Construction!

Allows the shoes to maintain sturdiness and help athletes play the game for a long time. It also helps in extra support and balance.

Breathable Mesh Tongue!

The mesh tongue overlay helps the inside remain ventilated with fresh enough. Thus, it could remove extra sweat from your feet and ensure a comfortable playing experience.

Die-Cut EVA Sockliner for Underfoot Cushioning!

Using the EVA sockliner is one of the trademarks of Under Armour that would allow the heel, arch, and toe of the feet to remain relieved from any extra stress or burden.

Rubber outsole for Extra Grip!

Last but not the least, the rubber outsole with an enhanced traction pattern is there to offer a solid group on the ground. Plus, it could also help athletes improve their footwork skills while playing the game.

  • Mesh Tongue
  • Textile and Synthetic construction.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner.
  • Speed Lacing system.
  • Weighs 12.58 oz.
Under Armour Men’s NXT ensures a snug fit and could keep the feet relaxed plus away from extra sweat. Check them out before they run out of stock.


  • Recommended for outdoor gameplay.
  • Versatile basketball shoes.
  • Could be worn casually.
  • Ensures extra grip via flexible rubber outsole.
  • Speed lacing system for a locked in fit.
  • Average shoelace quality.
  • Size might not fit properly.

8. Nike Men’s Shoes Zoom Freak 2 – With Air Zoom Cushioning

Nike Men’s Shoes Zoom Freak 2Last sneaker left on our list is from Nike that will cost you no more than $150. The latest Zoom Freak 2 features a unique shape, a properly cushioned midsole, and a flexible outsole to improve the way you play basketball. Good thing about the shoe is that it offers a snug and locked in fit, thus keeping your feet relaxed and relieved of any pain.

To get started;

Textile and Mesh construction counts for added stability!

Apart from that, the sturdiness and ruggedness of the shoes could not be ignored. Proper air ventilation is also offered along with a stable upper.

Air Zoom Cushioning!

Air zoom cushioning keeps the forefoot away from any injuries or sprains. Besides, the extra foamy midsole could keep the arch and heel area protected from stress and fatigue.

Signature Giannis Antetokounmpo Basketball Shoes!

Giannis Antetokounmpo who plays for Milwaukee Bucks has used these shoes and has performed up to the expectations even though he is a Greek National.

Rubber Outsole!

Last but not the least, the rubber outsole along with a micro tread traction pattern could ensure a strong grip on multiple surfaces. You could thus bring out your finest game against the opponents without getting slipped.

  • Textile and mesh construction.
  • Air Zoom cushioned midsole.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Signature Giannis Antetokounmpo sneakers.
  • Weighs 12 oz.
Zoom Freak 2 is, in fact, one of the best basketball sneakers under $150 available in the market. Consider getting them if you want to excel both indoors and outdoors without any hassle.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor gameplay.
  • Mid-top design protects ankles.
  • Perfect for long-term use.
  • Offers a strong grip on the ground.
  • White color attracts dirt easily.
  • No other major issues.

Basketball Shoes Under $150 – What to Consider?

Before I start the review section, there are a few important things to keep in mind before you start looking for a $150 Bball shoe.

Have a look at them:

  • Breathability:

A breathable basketball sneaker could keep the inside environment cool enough.

In other words, you will not have to deal with extra sweat while playing against your opponents.

So, keep this factor in mind and try to get shoes with a mesh overlay to enjoy extra breathability.

  • Cushioning:

No matter if you get a $40 basketball shoe, a $50 basketball sneaker, or a $150 shoe, the comfort and relaxation of your feet should always be the main priority.

In this aspect, you should consider the sneakers that offer proper cushioning along with an extra foamy midsole.

It will not only offer you extra comfort, but you will also be able to enjoy quick movements on the court.

  • Versatility:

Although getting a basketball shoe that works both indoors and outdoors might seem a bit struggling, you should not worry about it.

All the shoes I have discussed below offer a perfect gameplay experience both indoors and outdoors.

Thus, you will enjoy extra leverage while spending no more than $150.

  • Grip:

Last but not the least, strong traction of the shoes will help you not feel embarrassed on the court.

With a solid grip, you will make your opponent eat stones with your quick reflexes and footwork skills.

Hence, it’s necessary to keep this feature in mind before you start shopping for a $150 basketball shoe.

Enough with that!

Let’s now get back to the best basketball shoes under $150 reviews as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What basketball shoes should I get in 2021?

If you have a confined budget of around $150 only, then I will suggest you get the latest Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes. They could perform well on rough surfaces, plus the cushioning level of these sneakers is well up to the market. For athletes with a $100 budget only, I will suggest getting LI-NING Wow 7 as they offer a solid grip along with soft and lightweight cushioning.

  1. Which brand is best for basketball shoes?

Nike tops all other brands as an ultimate brand of basketball shoes. On the second number, we have got the likes of Adidas as it is producing some top-notch basketball sneakers. Next, brands like Under Armour and Puma are also getting the spotlight recently. PEAK is awarded as an emerging basketball shoe brand for 2021.

  1. Can you get a basketball sneaker for indoor and outdoor gameplay?

Although I do not endorse using the same sneaker both indoors and outdoors, you can take a look at the list above to find versatile Bball shoes. The standouts include Under Armour SC zer0 Iii along with the likes of Adidas Harden Vol. 3. You can also use Nike Zoom Freak 2 to play the game effectively both indoors and outdoors.

Final Takeaways:

Having a $150 budget does not mean that you will end up with crappy basketball shoes.

All it requires is research and your preferences to make the best choice.

The list I have mentioned above includes hours of research, experiments, testing, and going through thousands of customer reviews.

So, if you cannot do the hard job, then just go through the top 8 best basketball shoes under 150 reviews and you will get what you were looking for.



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