Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 Dollars – 2021 Reviews

Playing basketball with the best footwear option is the dream of almost every athlete. However, not everyone can afford $200 Jordans to play the game and this is where you’d need the best basketball shoes under 50 Dollars.

I’m very well aware that these under budget shoes aren’t on the same level as expensive ones. But, what they offer is comfort, reliability, better support, and strong traction.

Therefore, if you are low on budget and need perfect basketball footwear, go no further. I’ve compiled a list of top 10 basketball shoes that costs no more than $50 for you so that you can start challenging your friends ASAP!

Have a look, without any further ado:

Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 Dollars – Comparison Chart

Here is the comparison chart of top-rated basketball shoes under 50 dollars available on the market these days.

Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 Dollar – Reviews

1. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 – Best $50 Shoes for Basketball 2021

adidas Men's Hoops 2.0We’d be starting our review section with the brand that everyone adores. Adidas never stops to amazes us be it the expensive footwear option or the cheaper ones. In a similar context, we are going to talk about Men’s Hoops 2.0. These basketball shoes have got a stylish design. Apart from the comfort and support they offer, you can wear them to parties, college, or any other place you want. On the other hand, the shoes are perfect for playing outdoors as well as indoor basketball. Besides, the price tag revolves around $50 only which is nothing considering the fact that how overpowered the footwear is.

Some important features regarding the best budget basketball shoes under 50 are as follows:

Key Features About Men’s Hoops 2.0:

 Synthetic/Textile Construction 

One of the many reasons I love Men’s Hoops 2.0 is that they are made from lightweight synthetic and textile material. Not only that, but the upper has visible pores that help in keeping the feet as dry as possible.

 Mid-Top Design 

A mid-top design means that the shaft measures almost mid-top from the arch. It enhances support and balance, especially in the heel and ankle area. So, both these parts will be protected while you are playing basketball.

 Comfy Midsole 

One last thing that I need to mention regarding the best basketball shoes is that it comes with a comfortable midsole. The midsole is completely cushioned and offers shock absorption properties at the same time. So, it keeps your feet protected while you try to dunk the ball into the hoop.

Men’s Hoops 2.0 from Adidas is a perfect option for basketball amateurs. They should get this pair to start practicing their game to improve their stamina and footwork for future ventures.


  • Synthetic and textile construction.
  • Breathable leather upper.
  • Stylish design.
  • Perfect for casual use.
  • The synthetic outsole offers firm traction.
  • Enhances the footwork of an athlete.
  • Ventilation is still a problem due to the use of leather.
  • No other major issues.

2. Beita High Upper – Good Cheap Basketball Shoes Under 40

Beita High Upper Basketball ShoesYou won’t be familiar with the name Beita as it ain’t a popular basketball brand. However, the shoes it has introduced in the market are pretty awesome. I mean, no matter what size you’ve got, the shoes would be there to help you achieve your goals during the game. Be it a jump smash, dunking, or quick movements within the court, Beita High won’t be disappointing you at all. Besides, one thing that has rather impressed me a lot about this footwear is that it costs less than 40 bucks. All in all, newbies and beginners should take benefit from this opportunity as soon as possible.

The features being offered by one of the cheapest basketball shoes for men are as follows:

Key Features About Beita High Basketball Shoes:


The reason I’m keeping outsole on the top of the features’ list is that it’s damping and comes with a special net pattern. Hence, it will keep you away from any probable slipping injuries for a long time.

 Lightweight and Breathable Upper 

The Adidas that we discussed above were not that breathable. But that’s not the case with Beita High shoes as it comes with a textile upper. The upper is also breathable enough to keep your feet away from the moisture at all costs.

 Durable Shoes 

The last important feature of the shoes is that they are durable enough to last for a long time. With a wear-resistant design, Beita High won’t be a disappointment for you for many years to come. Thus, you can easily do all the practice related to your game without any hassle.

The shoes introduced by Beita has everything a beginner athlete can dream of. I’d be happy if you consider getting them as these shoes are worth every penny you spend on them.


  • Textile upper.
  • Upper has multiple pores for breathability.
  • Midsole offers support to the heel and toe area.
  • Low-top design offers the freedom to the heel.
  • Extremely durable and wear-resistant.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Meant for newbies and amateurs only.
  • Pro athletes can use these shoes for practice sessions.

3. Adidas Men’s Ownthegame – Cheap Basketball Shoes 2021

adidas Men's Ownthegame Basketball ShoeAdidas Men’s Ownthegame is the latest addition to our budget-friendly footwear list and it’s already impressing the public. No matter if you are a professional or a casual basketball player, these shoes would be supporting and offering comfort to your feet in the best possible manner. Although the shape of the shoes isn’t unique, but it’s still better than most of the so-called basketball shoes available in the market. One more thing that is famous about Ownthegame is that it’s going to enhance the way you move into a basketball court. How? Let us take a look at the features this beast offers as follows:

Important Features About Ownthegame:

 Fabric Construction 

You might get worried about the bulky shape of the shoes and rightly so. But, believe me! The shoes are extremely lightweight. They’ve got a fabric construction, which is indeed lighter than textile and synthetic combined.

 Cloudfoam midsole 

Well, one of the main reasons to purchase adidas basketball shoes is that it comes with a Cloudfoam midsole. It’s extremely comfortable, properly cushioned, and offers the due support to the heel and toe area at the same time. Not only that, but the shock absorption is also well up to the mark.

 Mesh Upper 

Last but not the least, the best basketball shoes under 50 have a high-quality mesh upper. It not only provides support to the feet but also keeps the inner environment as ventilated as possible.

Ownthegame remains true to its name and once you’ve chosen these shoes, you’d see a visible impact in the way you move within the basketball court. So, go get the shoes before it’s too late.


  • Cloudfoam midsole for avoiding feet injuries.
  • Extremely breathable mesh upper.
  • Mid-top design for high ankle support.
  • Offers a plush feel.
  • Rubber outsole enhances quick movements.
  • Lightweight body.
  • A bit bulkier than expected.
  • White color might get the dust easily.

4. LI-NING Speed V Series – Beginners Budget Basketball Shoes

adidas Men's Ownthegame Basketball ShoeIf you have a little knowhow of different indoor sports, you must be very well known of the brand called Li-Ning. It’s basically a Chinese manufacturer which is specialized in making comfortable footwear for different sports. Right now, the V Series we are talking about is meant for basketball beginners who want to up their game in the court. That being said, the shoes are breathable, durable, and comfortable at the same time. I mean, even if you are a beginner, these shoes will give you a premium feel. So, you’d be able to enjoy your game on the court for a long time without any hassle.

Some notable features being offered by the best basketball shoes for beginners are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

 Versatile Upper 

Talking of the upper construction first, it’s been made with a combination of textile, leather, and TPU material. So, a blend of support plus breathability is what you can expect from Li-Ning V-Series basketball shoes.

 Cloud Cushioning Technology 

Li-Ning uses the special cloud cushioning technology in the midsole of the shoes, thus allowing the athletes to keep their feet away from injuries or cramps. The midsole is extremely comfortable at the same time.

 High Top Shoe Design 

What fascinated me the most regarding the best basketball shoes under 50 is that it comes with a high-top design. It ensures a comfortable fit and protects the ankle from getting injured at the same time. So, you can practice various Basketball drills without any hassle.

Li-Ning V Series basketball shoes is the jack of all trades be it the comfort, support, or protection of the feet. The shoes are available at an affordable rate and I expect you to keep them on your priority if you want to improve your footwork skills.


  • Extremely durable and sturdy design.
  • Upper is breathable and supportive.
  • Cloud cushioning midsole.
  • Offers shock absorption perfectly.
  • Ideal for practicing dunk shots.
  • Outsole offers an improved grip on the ground.
  • Color variations are too bright.
  • Not meant for casual use.

5. AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 – Men’s basketball shoes under 50 dollars

AND 1 Men's Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball ShoeAND 1 is an infamous footwear brand that as founded in around 1993. The shoes it produces especially the expensive ones are widely used by NBA professionals to practice their routine skills. That being said, we are here to discuss Men’s Rocket 3.0 that have a really scary shape, to be honest. Well, the shoes are bulky. However, the materials used in it makes them light enough to be utilized for quick movements within an indoor court. Not only that, but a price tag of around $50 is not bad considering the fact that the shoes will keep your feet safe and protected at all costs.

Some notable features about AND 1 Men’s 3.0 are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

 Leather Upper 

The upper being made from leather although solves the problems related to the balance and stability of the feet. Besides, some pores are also included to enhance breathability options. However, the ventilation isn’t that much better as compared to the shoes we mentioned above.

 Comfortable Midsole 

Talking of the midsole, it comes with shock absorption properties. The immense cushioning along with a plush feel is what the midsole of And 1 Men’s 3.0 is all about. It will keep the heel and toe area as comfortable and supportive as possible.

 Grooved Rubber Outsole 

The last important feature about the best budget basketball shoes under 50 is that it comes with a rubber outsole. A unique grooved pattern is also present on the outsole to enhance its grip, especially on an indoor court. So, there won’t be any slippery issues for a long time.

AND 1 3.0 are the basketball shoes that I don’t adore that much, to be honest. However, they are still a perfect option to practice different basketball drills without any hassle. So, check them out especially if you are low on budget.


  • Mid-top design supports the ankle area.
  • Leather upper enhances the balance.
  • Rubber outsole with grooved pattern for strong traction.
  • Wear-resistant body.
  • Suitable for newbies.
  • Sturdy.
  • Not so breathable.
  • Bulky design.

6. Under Armour Men’s Jet – Best Basketball Shoes at Low Price

Under Armour Men's JetUp next on our list is a manufacturer that I personally admire the most. That’s because Under Armour offers so much value and worth to the fellow athletes without any expensive price tags. The brand new jet basketball shoes are specifically made for basketball players who can’t manage to afford the expensive brands. What the shoe offer is extreme comfort along with a lightweight feel. In addition to that, the ground traction is also perfect. All these qualities within an under 50-dollar budget is what makes Under Armour an underdog in the race of best cheap basketball shoes 2020.

Some important features regarding Men’s Jet are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

 Leather and Mesh Upper 

First things first, the leather and mesh upper make a perfect combo. That being said, apart from proper air ventilation, leather is also there to balance the feet in the best possible manner.

 Mid-Top Design 

What I actually loved about Under Armour Men’s Jet shoes is that they’ve got a mid-top design. Thus, people who’ve got issues with their ankles can easily enjoy a better heel and arch support to give their best in the court.

 Abrasion-Resistant Inside 

The TPU overlay on the inside keeps the feet away from extreme abrasion. In this way, your feet will be protected from extreme heat due to long practice sessions.

Under Armour Men’s Jet is what I call a masterpiece within an affordable budget. Get these awesome basketball shoes to enjoy your time in the court while playing different trick shots.


  • Suitable for casual use.
  • Ideal choice for beginners.
  • Breathable mesh and leather upper.
  • Mid-top design locks the heel.
  • Comfortable and supportive midsole.
  • A bit thin cushioning.
  • Not recommended for flat feet.

7. Champion Men’s Overtime – With Non-Marking Outsole

Champion Men's OvertimeMen’s Overtime by Champion proves to be a perfect basketball footwear option for those who are really short on budget. As per my perspective, this basketball shoe offers a comfy fit and is an ideal choice for the outdoor court. I’ve mentioned outdoor because the shoes are extremely durable. No matter how harshly you use them, they won’t wear out at any cost and this is what I liked the most in the best basketball shoes under 50. Apart from other features, the thing that I didn’t like about Champion Men’s Overtime is its overall design. It won’t just click no matter what kit you are wearing. Regardless of that, the shoes are perfect to be utilized in a basketball court.

Some important features about the shoes are as follows:

Key Features You Need to Know:

 Synthetic Construction 

The overall construction of the shoes is based on synthetic material which is quite durable and lightweight at the same time. Hence, you won’t be feeling any burden while utilizing your feet in the game.

 Strong Traction 

What impressed me the most regarding the best cheap basketball shoes is that they offer strong traction. A non-marking outsole with a unique zig-zag pattern will keep you on the court without any hassle.

 Air Ventilation 

Although the upper is made up of synthetic and leather, there is a mesh lining present on it that enhances the airflow inside the shoes. Therefore, you can practice different basketball workouts without much moisture.

Men’s Overtime by Champion is another reasonable option available in the market. Newbies and especially those who are playing in basketball academies can get these shoes if they want to improve their game drastically.


  • Extremely durable body.
  • Perfect for long-term use.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Lightweight design.
  • The non-marking outsole offers strong traction.
  • Average shape.
  • Poor customer support.

8. AND1 Men’s Rocket 4.0 – With Mesh Tongue

AND1 Mens Rocket 4.0AND1 Men’s Rocket 4.0 is capable of offering you immense support and no one can deny this fact. The basketball shoes are designed in such a way that they’ll enhance the way you move into the court. I still remember wearing these in my early days and I’m thankful enough to Rocket 4.0 for improving my in-game movement like a charm. From a price perspective, the shoes are quite affordable. They will cost you around 40 to 50 bucks which is nothing considering the features it has got.

Some notable features being offered by the best basketball shoes are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

 Rubber Outsole 

Rocket 4.0 is best at offering a strong grip on the ground be it an outdoor court or an indoor one. The rubber outsole with a special grooved pattern avoids almost every slip injury at all costs.

 Synthetic and Leather Upper 

The combination of synthetic and leather improves the overall balance of the feet, thus you can enjoy yourself moving freely in the court. Not only that, but the tongue of the shoes is made up of mesh to enhance the breathability options perfectly.

 Shock Absorptive Cushioning 

Finally, the most-balancing and supportive midsole being included in the Men’s Rocket 4.0 ensures comfort all the time. Not only that, but the shock absorption is also up to the mark. No matter how high you jump in the court, the landing would be without any pain or injury.

AND1 never fails to impress especially when it comes to producing most affordable basketball shoes in the market. The brand new Rocket 4.0 must be a priority for you if you want to enjoy fatiguing basketball drills without any problem.


  • Mid-top design improves ankle support.
  • Lightweight and breathable shoes.
  • Rubber outsole for strong grip.
  • Shock absorptive cushioning.
  • Midsole offers support to heel and toe area.
  • White color gets dirty easily.
  • No other major issues.

9. Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 – Best Basketball Shoes for Casual Players

adidas Men's Harden B/E 3 Basketball ShoeWell, Nike never comes close to Adidas when it is all about affordable footwear shopping. I mean, the brand new Men’s Harden shoes are aesthetically so much cool. You can use them casually, for playing basketball, or for going to the gym and they won’t wear out at all. The comfort and support is well up to the mark. Besides, your feet will feel extremely easy in this footwear and no I’m not exaggerating anything at all. At last, the price tag ain’t that much. It’d barely cost you $50 and I’m telling you already that this is the best opportunity to purchase them. Wait a little bit more and you’d never be seeing these shoes in the stock again.

Some important features being offered by the best basketball shoes under 50 are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

 Mesh/Synthetic Combo 

The combination of mesh and synthetic in the overall construction of the shoes is what makes them extremely lightweight. You won’t even feel that you are wearing shoes while playing the game.

 Worn by James Harden 

The shoes are introduced from Adidas to honor the childhood days of James Harden (a basketball legend). He has worn them and has trained in them which pretty much shows the importance of how overpowered they are.

 Groovy Outsole 

Last but not the least, the rubber outsole with a groovy pattern ensures strong traction no matter if you are playing outdoors or indoors. There won’t be any slipping issues as far as Hardens are concerned.

Men’s Harden by Adidas is one of its greatest inventions in the budget category. Better get them before it’s too late.


  • Worn by James Harden.
  • Mesh and synthetic construction.
  • Offers a lightweight feel.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Midsole ensures extra cushioning.
  • Stylish design.
  • Not recommended for wide feet.
  • Return the shoes if they are used.

10. Under Armour Lockdown 3 – For College Basketball

Under Armour Grade School UA Lockdown 3Finally, the review section is about to be wrapped with the addition of one last footwear from Under Armour. Lockdown 3 basketball shoes are specifically designed to help you get over your opponents perfectly. They’ve got a unique design. That said, the yellow and blue combo looks pretty dope. On the other hand, there are no compromises on the durability and comfort of the shoes. This is what makes Under Armour a really underrated footwear manufacturer in 2020.

The notable qualities offered by Lockdown 3 shoes are as follows:

Key Features You Need to Know:

 Breathable Upper 

The upper of the shoes is extremely breathable. That said, it has got a mesh and synthetic overlay which ensures proper support and air ventilation at the same time.

 Enhanced Cushioning 

What Lockdown 3 is perfect at is providing extra cushioning to the heel, arch, and toe area. The midsole is comfortable and offers a proper balance to ensure no injury to the feet while you are involved in the game.


A non-marking outsole with a zig-zag pattern holds you on the court like a charm. Not only that, but it also improves your footwork and makes you quick to move in the court.

Before you choose Under Armour Lockdown 3 to be your basketball buddy, make sure that you select the right size to enjoy a comfortable fit while playing the game.


  • Perfect for playing college basketball.
  • Synthetic and mesh overlay increases breathability.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Extra cushioning with shock absorptive properties.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Not meant for casual use.
  • Wrong size table.

Top 3 Picks:

Based on what I’ve used, expert opinion, and what the customers say, the top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 as these are the best budget basketball shoes rated for 2020.
  2. Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 if you need to up your game with quick and agile movements.
  3. Beita High Upper Basketball shoes as it’s the cheapest option available in the market.

Are Cheap Basketball Shoes Worth It? A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Being a professional basketball player, I know the premium feel of playing in Nikes or Adidas or Jordans. These shoes are exemplary, but there is one problem with them and that is expensiveness.

Imagine being a 17 y/o guy and spending $200 just on the basketball footwear. Is it worth it? Absolutely not.

As a beginner, you should always look out for more ways to practice your techniques and this is where cheap basketball shoes will help you out.

You purchase a $50 shoe, your mind would be at peace and thus you’d be able to play your natural game and impress your friends.

This is the reason I always endorse newbies to look out for affordable basketball shoes. You can get the expensive ones later when your technique is good enough.

How To Choose the Best Basketball Shoes Under $50?

I know $50 is not the amount where you have so many choices available. But, there are some important aspects that you should look into a basketball shoe even if it’s affordable.

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

  1. Sturdiness Matters the Most:

I still remember practising so much off the court trying different basketball trick shots that I had to change my shoes every two months.

Why was that? Because I was dumb enough not to pick the shoes that were durable enough within an affordable budget.

Don’t be a Dumbo like me and always go for the longevity for the shoes. Durable Basketball shoes can make you play in them for a long time without any hassle.

The list I’ve mentioned above consists of shoes that have a wear-resistant body no matter how harshly you use them. You can check it out for a better understanding.

  1. Breathability is a MUST

I get extremely frustrated while playing with wet feet in the court and I had this habit of choosing the most breathable shoes to keep my feet as moisture-free as possible.

This is what you should do. Never go for shoes that aren’t breathable enough no matter how cheap they are. What you should do instead is to purchase shoes that offer better air ventilation on the inside.

Believe me, even with long basketball practice sessions, you’d feel extremely relieved because your feet will be sweat-free.

  1. Importance of a Supportive and Comfortable Midsole:

No matter what kind of shoes you buy, the only thing you are thinking at that time is the comfort of your feet.

A basketball shoe with an upgraded midsole is capable of keeping your foot posture naturally. By doing so, your feet will take a lot of time to get tired.

So, never ever compromise on the support and comfort of the midsole no matter if you are spending $50 or $100 on a basketball shoe.

  1. Choose Shoes with a Casual Look:

I know that you are getting the basketball shoes for playing purposes only. But, wouldn’t it be better if you could also utilize them while going to a gym or college or to a party?

Yeah, you got me now. A basketball shoe with a casual look would not only save you a lot of money, but it will ensure an all-rounder performance at the same time.

That’s what I suggest you, to pick. However, if you already have casual sneakers at your disposal, I’d recommend you to ignore this suggestion.

  1. Strong Traction:

Last but not the least, strong traction matters the most. Basketball is a quick game and it requires pacy movements. If you are not positioned rightly, you might lose the chance to score points for your team.

Footwork in basketball is improved in two ways, i.e. to practice and to choose shoes that offer a strong grip on the ground.

Always go for the shoes that produce noise once you start moving while putting them on. The outsole must be made of rubber and should have a groovy pattern at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best cheap basketball shoes?

There are many options available on the list I’ve mentioned above. However, if it’s up to me, I’d definitely go with Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3. The shoes are comfortable, breathable, and offers a strong grip at the same time. So, this is what I’d recommend to all the beginners.

  1. What are the best lightweight basketball shoes?

Under Armour Men’s Jet are the basketball shoes that have a lightweight shape and design. No one can beat the class of Under Armour especially when it comes to offering lightweight and durable shoes. So, Men’s Jet is what you should consider getting if you are way too low on budget.

  1. Are low top basketball shoes dangerous?

No, they are not at all. Low-top basketball shoes won’t cause any injury to your feet. It’s just that the ankle support is a little bit lower than that of mid-top or high-top shoes. This shoe type is meant for the likes of people who want the freedom to move to the basketball court.

  1. Do basketball shoes help you jump high?

Well, that’s what basketball shoes are meant for. The extra cushioning midsole ensures an upthrust whenever a basketball athlete tries to jump. As a result, the height is enhanced as compared to typical shoes. You can easily try this at home by jumping in casual shoes and then in basketball shoes.

  1. Do people wear basketball shoes casually?

Yeah, if the footwear comes with not so bright colors, then one could easily utilize basketball shoes for casual use. This is what I recommended in the buying guide as well. Make sure that you avoid red, blue, and yellow colors before purchasing a basketball shoe for casual use.

Summarizing Things Up

Basketball shoes that cost less than or equal to $50 mist not be underestimated. That said, I’d recommend every newbie to start with a cheap footwear option so that he can play his natural game rather than worrying about the expensive basketball shoes.

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