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Best Basketball Hoop For Trampoline [An EPIC Buyer’s Guide]

Think back to when you were a kid.

Remember playing basketball with friends on the trampoline?

You know, when you weren’t worrying about all the “adult” problems you have now.

If you don’t, just take our word for it. Those times were legendary!

We have good news: you and your family can still play basketball on the trampoline – with a trampoline basketball hoop.

The only challenge is finding the best basketball hoop! That’s where we come in.

We understand it’s hard to sift through all the models in the market to decide on a size or shape. To help you make the right decision, we spent over 23 hours testing seven hoops and researching over 30 models.

We assembled this guide of seven hoops that we trust and recommend using our testing methods.

Out of all the hoops, the Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer Trampoline basketball hoop distinguished itself as the best basketball hoop for trampoline. 

Read on to find out more and find your best trampoline basketball hoop.


Best Basketball Hoop For Trampoline: A Comparison Table

Top Pick
Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer

Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer

  • Hoop diameter: Foam ball sized
  • Board size: 36" wide, 20" tall
  • Material: Mesh backboard, Alloy Steel frame
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Runner Up
PAPAJET Trampoline Basketball Hoop

PAPAJET Trampoline Basketball Hoop

  • Hoop diameter: Mini-ball size
  • Board size: 31x21.7in
  • Material: Plastic backboard, steel rim
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The Budget Choice
Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

  • Hoop diameter: 7 inches
  • Board size: Adjustable
  • Material: Mesh backboard, Foam rim
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Universal Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Universal Trampoline Basketball Hoop

  • Hoop diameter: 11 inches
  • Board size: 40" wide, 21" tall
  • Material: Plastic backboard, Alloy Steel frame
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Poncho Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Poncho Trampoline Basketball Hoop

  • Hoop diameter: 12.6 in
  • Board size: 24x16 in
  • Material: Plastic backboard, steel rim
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How We Reviewed

To unravel the best basketball hoops for trampoline among hundreds of choices, we’ve put a lot of hard work.

But it was fun.

Our expert team did intensive research and testing. That included:

  • 3 In-house tests
  • 25 hours of intensive research reading reviews and verified buyer’s feedback
  • 8 hours of testing
  • 53 trampoline basketball hoops considered
  • Comparing features such as compatibility with most popular trampoline brands, materials, durability, brand info, hoop diameter, board size, warranty, and fit, among others
  • Evaluating pros and cons – as you will see, we won’t spare you the truth. If a hoop has some flaws, we mention that in detail.

I’m a professional basketball player. And I have kids who love playing basketball on the trampoline. So, I took this writing quite seriously. 

That is why you can trust our judgement. Truth is, there are quite a lot of crappy basketball hoops for trampoline on the market. As always, we wanted to provide you with only the best choices.

The Best Basketball Hoops For Trampoline Reviewed

Top Pick
#1 Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer

Looking for a trampoline basketball hoop that distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack?

We loved that this is an upgrade from similar models in its price range. It provides better stability and construction compared to its competitors.

With over 1400 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5-star average, this hoop is verifiably the top option we discovered.

  • Reviewed positively by over 1400 people. 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty, which is rare for the industry. 
  • Wide range of compatibility, fitting top brands like Skywalker trampolines
  • Provides more stability than its competitors, making it a safe choice. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing and will not ruin your home's décor. 
  • Thick and durable, meaning it can withstand dunks without breaking.
  • Priced on the higher end
  • Some customers might prefer a solid backboard instead of something vinyl

So what’s the verdict?

The Jump Slammer Trampoline basketball hoop is the perfect choice.

the jumpslammer trampoline basketball hoop reviewed

With a wide range of compatibility, this trampoline basketball hoop is perfect for almost any style of trampoline. Just be aware that it does not fit Springfree or Exacme trampolines. And an Exacme trampoline is what I have in my backyard.

The backboard of the Slammer trampoline basketball hoop is 40″ wide, 21″ tall, and shaped in a smooth curve.

If you have an eye for aesthetics, you will be pleased to know this hoop conforms nicely to the trampoline’s structure.

Everything fits flush and snug. Now, don’t let the netting material deceive you on that bestselling Jump Slammer trampoline basketball hoop.

It was incredibly thick and durable – an upgrade over other basketball hoops we saw. If you’ve got a young Vince Carter in your family (an aggressive dunker) you can feel safe that the hoop won’t give in to hard slam dunks.

So how about the warranty.

That’s where this trampoline basketball hoop shines bright, like Kobe’s smile.

You get a lifetime warranty for the trampoline basketball system!

That’s it! No need to worry about whether this hoop will function as you expect it to – if anything happens, Trampolines Pro covers all aspects of warranty and replacement, so you don’t have to worry.

Not all basketball hoops have warranty! Only the best trampoline basketball rings have!

So how about the assembly?

The assembly was also a breeze. The trampoline basketball hoop itself wasn’t hard to put together and soon our kids were able to jump n dunk.

It attaches to the trampoline in about an hour, but we did need to have multiple adults. It takes one person to hold the hoop/pole in place and another person to use the wrench and tighten the screws.

Runner Up
#2 PAPAJET Trampoline Basketball Hoop

You'll be the envy of your neighborhood when you start dunking with the Papajet! 

When it comes to safety, durability, size, and added bonuses the Papajet was a leader in virtually all categories. 

The only downside is that it's compatible with only straight poles.

  • The biggest and sturdiest construction
  • No rough edges, the flexible basketball hoop is designed to reduce injury when playing.
  • Padded rim, no more worrying about cuts and bruises
  • Does not fit curved or arch style poles

You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood when you start dunking with the Papajet! The Papajet trampoline basketball hoop is a great way to add some fun for your family.

Even though it’s slightly bigger than other hoops we tested, the dimensions are still small enough for use on most trampoline models.

At 31 “x 27”, this is the largest backboard on our list! 

It is comparable to the “Exacme” hoop, which we reviewed in-house but decided not to include it on our list.

This trampoline basketball hoop mounts easily onto your straight enclosure poles with a diameter between 1.1 in, 1.26 in, 1.5 in (28 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm).

It does not fit curved or arch-style poles, so please check the diameter and type of your pole before purchasing this product. For assembly, it can be done quickly in less than an hour. All tools are included with the delivery.

The flexible basketball hoop is designed to reduce injury when playing with a high-quality back panel and no rough edges. Note that not all basketball hoops are designed like that.

The rim is padded. However, it’s not a true breakaway rim. It’s lightweight but still sturdy and solid all around. I suppose that has something to do with the alloy steel composition. You can see in the pictures that it is very well-made! It doesn’t feel cheap at all!

One unique aspect of this trampoline basketball hoop is that it comes with a trampoline ladder. So can easily climb onto your trampoline and avoid dangerous falls!

The Papajet Trampoline basketball hoop does not include a warranty, which is its sole drawback. Other basketball hoops on our list do, though, so continue reading. However, it is protected by Amazon’s guarantee.

All in all, we recommend this trampoline basketball hoop for people who are looking for a large, aesthetically pleasing, and safe backboard basketball hoop.

The Budget Choice
#3 Botabee Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Looking for a safe and affordable way to jump n dunk? 

Check out the Botabee Trampoline Basketball Hoop!

Safety is a huge concern when you're adding a basketball element to your jumping experience - no one wants to risk injury when they're having fun.

We found the Botabee Trampoline Basketball Hoop to be one of the safest and most affordable options on our list.

  • The focal point is safety. There are no heavy plastics or metals
  • This is a budget-friendly option that anyone can afford
  • Easy to assemble. There are no tools required
  • Cinch chords also allow for added compatibility.
  • There is no heavy-duty construction that might impact durability
  • Your current trampoline must have enclosure poles with pole caps for proper setup

If you’re not looking to spend too much money but still want to enjoy hoops on your trampoline, this is the perfect value option and the best trampoline basketball hoop for you. The manufacturer is very clear about this – they’ve built a product to keep your kids safe while they practice their slam dunks and layups.

The focal point of the trampoline basketball hoop is the padded, breakaway rim that helps make dunking safer. When sufficient force is applied to the rim, it will break away from the base, preventing any injuries.

The rim is very easy to reattach – you slide & snap it back into position. Another concept that sold us on this product was their attachment method.

When you assemble a basketball hoop to the trampoline, it can be a little frustrating if they’re not designed to work together.

So what makes this trampoline basketball hoop different from others on our list?

There are no tools required for setup, unlike other basketball hoop for trampolines. For starters, which can be an absolute lifesaver if you’re not a handyman. The design uses cinch cords to ensure a tight fit to curved or vertical poles.

This convenient design also impacts its compatibility. The Botabee hoop can be installed on a huge range of trampolines from the top brands such as Skywalker trampolines. You heard about Skywalker trampolines, right?

A Skywalker trampoline is one of the most popular trampolines that most families in the USA have.

For that one, I wish I could say that it comes with a ball, but it’s not the case.

#4 Universal Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Are you looking for durability and versatility? Look no further.

The Universal Trampoline Basketball System is the perfect addition to your backyard trampoline - it's a great way to get your kids active!

The basketball hoop set comes with everything you need to play basketball. Just add your kids and a trampoline.

  • You can use this on almost any trampoline with straight, bent, or arched poles. There are only a few exceptions (see below)
  • We found this to be a sturdy and stable hoop
  • Metal rim is durable and also gives you the feel of the real thing
  • Provides hours of healthy entertainment for your kids
  • Priced on the higher end
  • Some customers reported that it needs additional netting. If you miss the basket, you will have to retrieve the ball somewhere outside the trampoline.

So what’s the verdict?

This basketball hoop for trampolines worked perfectly on every trampoline we tried it on – and that includes both round and octagonal poles!

The universal design fits most notable brands (except Vuly Trampolines or Springfree trampolines) like Skywalker trampolines.

trampoline in a yard

Boasting compatibility with straight, bent, or arched poles made from galvanized steel, your hoop will attach securely to almost any trampoline frame.

By the way, galvanized steel is one of the best possible materials for trampoline poles.

If you’re looking for versatility, you simply can’t go wrong with this selection.

The only challenge was when it comes to assembly (more on that below). Other than that, we loved everything about this basketball hoop. Your kids will love to jump n dunk on it.

Measuring 29.5 inches wide by 19.5 inches high, the backboard is large and formidable. Also, its acrylic plastic construction helps both safety and durability.

The hoop itself is only 11 inches in diameter, making it the perfect size for mini balls and (mini players).

You’ll also get one mini ball and a pump with your mini basketball hoop set.

It comes with an inflatable basketball that doesn’t fall apart as quickly as its foam counterparts.

A foam ball tends to break apart and leave sediment all over your trampoline, which can be challenging to clean.

You won’t have to worry about that. Sayonara, sediment!

To ensure the basketball hoop doesn’t topple over, it comes with mounting brackets that allow for easy installation on your trampoline’s frame. It also includes an anchor bolt for added safety.

In terms of assembly, we encountered mixed reviews. Some customers found it easy to assemble, while others reported a confusing but worthwhile process in the end.

Some users claim that this product comes with a ball, but that is not true.

#5 Poncho Trampoline Basketball Hoop

The Poncho's Trampoline Basketball Hoop is another decent option at a middle price point.

This unit is similar to the Universal Trampoline Basketball Pole hoop in some ways and different in others.

So who should consider this option? 

This hoop is best for younger kids who are just getting into the sport.

  • Looks great! It also has the look and feel of a real basketball hoop
  • Easy assembly, lightweight design make it easy to move or stow away during the off-season
  • Responsive customer service
  • Larger backboard enables alley-oops and bank shots
  • Concerns over construction and durability
  • Price is higher than some similar options

This rim is built like a real indoor basketball hoop.

It also has a broad backboard that enables bank shots or “off-the-backboard” alley-oops.

children on a trampoline

The backboard is 24×16 inches, making it the perfect size. The hoop diameter is also the largest out of all the products on our list at 12.6 inches.

From a durability standpoint, it’s made of durable anti-weather polyester material. In addition, the vendor asserts that the Poncho Trampoline Basketball Hoop can handle any weather conditions. 

According to a few customer reviews, they weren’t too impressed with its construction. The backboard came sticky, scuffed, and stained with paint (as if it was melting).

We shared some of these concerns about durability during our testing!

From an assembly standpoint, it requires just four screws and comes with the tools required to put it up and down.

We don’t recommend any hanging or aggressive slam dunk with this model.  

You can still bounce the inflatable basketball to your heart’s content. It also comes with a pump!

So who should consider this option? This basketball hoop is best for younger kids who are just getting into the sport.

Why Buy a Basketball Hoop for your Trampoline?

Basketball hoops for trampolines are a great way to increase the fun and excitement of using your trampoline not only to jump but to jump n dunk. Having a trampoline with basketball hoop is also a great way to improve your basketball skills. Your ordinary trampoline suddenly becomes a jump n dunk trampoline.

A trampoline with a basketball ring is also a great gift for any occasion.

trampoline basketball hoop

If you’re looking for a way to have more fun with your family and friends, then a trampoline basketball hoop is the perfect solution. A trampoline with a basketball ring is also a perfect gift, don’t you think?

Nobody would deny that basketball hoops for trampolines are super fun!

Most importantly, basketball hoops for trampolines encourage kids to play to exercise and stay in shape. The act of trampoline – or rebounding – has numerous health benefits.

Kids spend about 1-2 hours on their phone per day!

According to the American Council on Exercise, your kids will burn more calories playing with a trampoline basketball hoop for 20-minutes than the average 20-minute run.

If you want to learn more about how trampolines can impact the health of your kids, watch this video:

Now are you convinced that a trampoline with basketball hoop is a logical choice?

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What makes a Great Basketball Hoop for a trampoline?

So, if the goal is to find the best trampoline basketball hoop, what should you pay attention to? Is it easy to find a hoop for your trampoline?

trampoline in a backyard

Buying a trampoline basketball hoop is fun as long as you keep an eye on the following aspects.


Buying a trampoline basketball ring starts with choosing the right size. Trampoline basketball hoops come in all sizes. Some might be too big or too small for your trampoline. You’d want to find the one that fits perfectly and delivers a good bounce.

If you have an extra-large trampoline, you might want to get a larger hoop to accommodate the size of the trampoline.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller trampoline, or don’t want it to take up too much space, then you’ll pick a small one that fits snugly into your trampoline. The point is to be able to add a basketball hoop without too much hustle.

Want a double basketball hoop? Think again, as they are much bulkier.


Most trampoline basketball hoops vary in shape. Yes, there are a few different shapes to choose from, and it’s best to go with the one that complements your trampoline.

Basketball Hoop

Although we found trampoline basketball hoops in all shapes, basketball hoops with a circular base seem to fit most trampolines. Another thing to consider is how the hoop will fit alongside the trampoline. Will it fit uniformly?


The material is an important feature to look after when buying a trampoline hoop. In terms of material, most trampoline basketball hoops are made from either steel, aluminum, or plastic. The best option depends on your needs and personal preference.

kid smiling below a basketball hoop

Plastic tends to be lightweight and does not rust, while the metal ones are sturdier but rust over time. Aluminum is a nice middle ground that does not rust or corrode easily. Galvanized steel is also known to be super durable and adds to safety.

Mesh components add safety but may sacrifice durability. Mesh components are also easier to assemble.

Safety Certified

Another important factor to consider when buying a trampoline hoop is safety. The goal of buying a basketball hoop is to ensure that it protects your family members from injuries, right?

trampoline basketball hoop

The best trampoline basketball hoops have padding on the back, so you don’t accidentally bump into hard metal at any time. They also have safety enclosure. This is a safety enclosure net, usually made of polypropylene.

Moreover, the hoop should have a safety certification issued by the country’s respective authorities. And once again, don’t underestimate the enclosure net.


Want to slam dunk on your basketball hoop attached to a trampoline?

Yet another important aspect to keep in mind when buying a trampoline hoop. The basketball hoop should be built to last. If you’re thinking of buying one, make sure it’s made from high-quality materials, like steel (the most long-lasting metal) or aluminum (which doesn’t rust).

Basketball hoop

You don’t want your kids playing on a flimsy hoop that wears out in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you add a basketball hoop to a trampoline?

Yes, you can attach a basketball hoop to the side of your trampoline. Adding a basketball hoop to your trampoline is a great way to have some fun and get some exercise.

basketball hoop for a trampoline

There are several ways to add a basketball hoop to your trampoline. You can use bolts or screws, or you can use zip ties or rope. Whichever method you choose, make sure the hoop is securely anchored to the trampoline frame. It shouldn’t move or come loose at all.

Are trampoline basketball hoops safe?

Such basketball hoops are generally safe—however, trampoline activities present risk.

trampoline with a hoop for basketball

There are many things you can do to make sure your trampoline basketball hoop is as safe as possible.

  1. Make sure the hoop is securely attached to the trampoline frame and the safety net is utilized.
  2. Pad the rim to prevent injury.
  3. Ensure there is plenty of space around the trampoline for people to jump safely around the enclosure net and the enclosure poles.
  4. Never allow more than one person on the trampoline at a time.
  5. Always supervise kids when they are using the trampoline.
  6. Keep all sharp objects away from the trampoline. 
  7. Check for damage to the trampoline before each use.

So, a trampoline with basketball hoop is safe and usually easy to install. Installing a hoop on a trampoline shouldn’t be a complicated task anyway.

Which basketball hoop will fit my trampoline?

Having a trampoline with basketball hoop is a great idea, right?

However, not all basketball hoops are created equal, and not all basketball hoops will fit on every trampoline. In order to ensure you buy the right one, it’s important to measure both your trampoline, its enclosure, and the basketball hoop before making a purchase.

Basketball hoops for trampolines

Most hoops are designed to fit on most trampolines, but there are a few things you need to check before making a purchase. To be sure, we recommend you browse the comment sections or inquire directly with the vendor before making a purchase.

Consider the size of your trampoline frame and netting – make sure the hoop you choose will properly fit! The second is compatibility – make sure the hoop is made to be used with your particular brand of trampoline and enclosure structure.

You can also pick a hoop that doesn’t have any clamps or screws that might create misalignment.

The Botabee hoop is compatible with most trampolines with enclosure. Our trampoline basketball hoop attachment fits securely over the pole caps of your trampoline with enclosure, so the only requirement is pole caps.

Does any basketball hoop fit on my Springfree trampoline?

No, not any basketball hoop will fit on a Springfree trampoline. If you buy an incompatible hoop, you won’t be able to attach the hoop to a trampoline that’s not suited for it. When judging for compatibility, it’s important to look at the specific enclosure structure. 

What shape are your trampoline poles? Are they arch-shaped, curved poles, or straight? This will give you the best indication of whether your hoop will fit on your trampoline.

What kind of trampoline is required to install a basketball hoop?

In order to install a basketball hoop on a trampoline, you need a trampoline with a sufficiently large surface area. The hoop needs to be able to fit onto the trampoline without any part of it extending over the edge.

You also need to make sure that the pole of the hoop is firmly attached to the trampoline frame, so it doesn’t move around when you’re playing..

There is usually a basketball hoop made for each trampoline, although that’s going to depend upon what type of enclosure you have. Most hoops are built for a specific pole type: straight, arched, etc. You should also take note of the diameter of your poles.

Final Verdict

The Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer (Top Pick) was simply the top trampoline basketball hoop on the market. It’s sturdy, looks great, and is easy to install. This hoop was definitely designed with durability in mind.

Top Pick
#1 Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Looking for a hoop that distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack?

We loved that this is an upgrade from similar models in its price range. It provides better stability and construction compared to its competitors.

With over 1400 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5-star average, this hoop is verifiably the top option we discovered.

We would recommend this best trampoline basketball hoop to anyone looking for a reliable product that will last for several years.

The lifetime warranty was another key factor that led to the selection of the Jump Slammer Trampoline basketball hoop as our top pick.


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