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9 Best Vertical Jump Programs Reviewed [September 2023]

Jumping high is kind of a big deal in basketball. While there are some who have found success without it, your career will be more fruitful the higher you can jump. Knowing this, we’ve tested some of the best vertical jump programs to see if they work and if they’re worth the money.

Quick answer: after expert testing, it became clear that the best vertical jump program of 2023 is “Elite Vertical Academy.

As far as vertical jump programs go, this one has it all and will help any level of basketball player.

To see why, read below.


The Best Vertical Jump Programs – A Comparison Table

Top choice
Elite Vertical Academy

Elite Vertical Academy

  • Best For: All levels of basketball play
  • Gym required: Yes (No, with the included bonus program)
  • Money-back-guarantee: Yes
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2nd best choice
Vert Shock

Vert Shock

  • Best For: All levels of basketball players
  • Gym required: No
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
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Popular choice
The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual

  • Best For: Advanced basketball players
  • Gym required: Optional 
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes


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  • Best For: Fitness junkies
  • Gym required: No
  • Money-back guarantee: No
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Good But Not Great
The Flight School

The Flight School

  • Best For: Active serious players
  • Gym required: No
  • Money-back guarantee: No
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Good But Not Great


  • Best For: Players who want a well-rounded but intense workout
  • Gym required: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
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Good But Not Great
The Vert Code Elite

The Vert Code Elite

  • Best For: Advanced athletes who compete in basketball and other sports
  • Gym required: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: No
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Good But Not Great
The Flight System

The Flight System

  • Best For: Off-season training
  • Gym required: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
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Good But Not Great
THP Elite Jump Training

THP Elite Jump Training

  • Best For: Anyone with a nagging injury due to the customization options
  • Gym required: Optional
  • Money-back guarantee: No
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In-Depth Reviews Of The Leading Vertical Jump Programs In 2023

Best overall
#1 Elite Vertical Academy - Best Overall Vertical Jump Program
  • Best For: All levels of basketball play
  • Gym required: Yes (No, with the included bonus program)
  • Money-back-guarantee: Yes
  • Highlight: EVA is a comprehensive blend of jumping plyometrics with the science of activation, absorption, and propulsion presented through a digestible, easy-to-understand methodology. Follow along the 12-week, 2 days on, and 1-day off program, and you’ll be able to see a measurable difference in just how high you can go. 

Of all the vertical programs I’ve encountered, both in the gym as well as in my research, none come close to the value, expertise, thorough detail, and proven results as the Elite Vertical Academy does. Featuring the perfect blend of scientific pedagogy with real, tangible results, the EVA leads the pack for the best vertical jump program in 2023. 

  • OTA real-time coach support included
  • Detailed workout videos with simple, straightforward processes
  • Includes 3 additional programs to keep you training hard regardless of where you’re at 
  • In-depth nutritional guide designed by professional athletes
  • 50-page PDF masterclass covers the must-know scientific principles of jump theory
  • Triphasic approach to training; proven training module adopted by PJF programs 
  • A larger variety of mobility routines is included when compared to other programs
  • Increase your vertical by nearly 12 inches in 4 months
  • 90 day money-back-guarantee
  • Some of the videos could use some updating
  • The information could be overwhelming

For basketball players looking to log more minutes, convert more scoring opportunities, and drive the lane with precision, accuracy, and authority, a high vertical is a must. You’ll need to jump higher to take your game up a notch: that’s where the EVA comes into play. 

eva dashboard
An insider look into my personal dashboard.

I started testing “Elite Vertical Academy” two months ago, and I’m already seeing improvement in my overall agility, strength, and conditioning. Being a professional basketball player, I was well aware of the logic behind some of the exercises shown in the program. 

However, I learned a lot about the science behind jumping higher and the most important factors that contribute most to improving your vertical leap.

eva manual
This is the 50 PDF manual.

But what the others say?

My research showed that most participants in the Elite Vertical Academy’s training notice a welcomed improvement in their jump height, with some claiming their vertical has grown by almost 12 inches in just 4 months. 

This type of training is perfect for the off-season and to get you in shape for the games ahead and—hopefully—a long playoff run. 

The training methodology of the EVA boils down to a triphasic approach: 

  • Eccentric
  • Isometric
  • Concentric 

This style offers the proven results that PJF programs depend on. 

eva additional programs
There are four additional programs that provide valuable information.

Triphasic training is considered by professionals as the optimal approach because it allows for the development of all three phases of muscular contractions.

These are critical for maximizing athletic performance, increasing your power output during dynamic movement, as well as the added benefit of reducing the risk of injury.

Where the science comes in is through the 50-page PDF bible of jumping mechanics. I found the information there easy to assimilate and 

This manual has everything and then some of the must-know facts surrounding jump theory; the program also includes a lengthy, delicious meal plan and nutritional guide. 

Both these supplementary materials are tried-and-true tested by vetted, professional athletes: you’re only getting the best of the best. 

This is one of the few vertical jump programs that prepares you for on-court success by teaching you the science, explaining the why as well as the how; a higher vertical can’t exist independently from higher education. 

The detailed training breakdown follows a 2-day upper and 2-day lower body workout regimen. 

eva bonuses
There are four bonuses that add to the value.

On your upper body days, you’ll be training with jumping or plyometrics (the strength component); for lower body, you’ll be hitting a combined 2 bilateral with 2 unilateral focused days. 

Sounds complicated? 

Maybe, but not for EVA founder Chris Barnard, who has a proven record of helping hundreds of athletes increase their vertical leap.

Barnard’s workout videos are simple, straightforward, and incredibly detailed. The walk-throughs are enjoyable yet challenging, almost like you’re being personally coached by the founder himself! 

If that isn’t enough, you’ll have even more personal attention to make sure you’re completing your workouts with proper form and conditioning through OTA, real-time coaching support. 

coaching questions.
You get personalized coaching sessions from within the program.

What’s more, the EVA includes 3 additional programs based on experience, body weight, as well as in-season or off-season training. 

You can also expect more mobility-based workouts than other jump programs listed, an element of your vertical that’s crucial for navigating the paint amidst high-traffic areas.

Yes, you can jump higher, but getting in and around defenders with agility is the difference between a nice vertical and a successful scoring opportunity.

What I really like about that program is that it comes packed with many cool bonuses. So, check it out!

“EVA” is also included on our list of the best online basketball training programs of 2023. Feel free to check out my in-depth Elite Vertical Academy review.

2nd best choice
#2 Vert Shock - Best Overall Alternative
  • Best For: All levels of basketball players
  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Gym Required: No
  • Highlight: This program combines experience and simplicity to help you jump higher without all the confusion that other programs inadvertently have. Follow along online or print out your daily and weekly schedules, so you never miss a day.

With the perfect combination of variety, experience, and ease of use, Vert Shock ranks first to improve your vertical by the most and in the shortest time. This program was developed by pro basketball players who know precisely what it takes to jump higher, and it’s presented in an easy-to-navigate platform with descriptive videos and instructions. If you're serious about increasing your vertical leap and dunk like a total badass, Vert Shock is a no-brainer.

  • Developed by proven basketball players
  • Platform is very easy to follow along with
  • Entire schedule is planned, so there is no confusion
  • Printable schedules are available
  • Exercises are explained and demonstrated thoroughly
  • Bonus material is extensive
  • Monthly competition for more motivation
  • Some might find it too intense
  • No theoretical explanation of the exercises

When embarking on a mission such as this, you want to make sure the one you choose is worth it. There’s nothing more disappointing than devoting your time to something that doesn’t work. 

Vert Shock was developed by the ex-NCAA player Adam Folker who used it to improve his game. It’s also used by Justin “Jus fly” Darlington, who is known as one of the highest dunkers in the world and who often cites the program as the best vertical jump training one can get in 2023.

Having two passionate people behind this project is what really sets it apart from the other programs, as you can tell it’s made for serious basketball players. The instructions created by Adam Folker are easy to read and navigate, so there is no wasted time figuring out your workouts for the coming days.

The side panel menu in the member’s area is the best part because of how simple it is. Packing all this information into an accessible platform must’ve been difficult, and if you look at the other programs available, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I strongly believe that the best vertical jump training should be well-structured and easy to assimilate. Vert Shock is.

The individual exercises in Vert Shock are explained and demonstrated in short videos that are all in one place, so they are easy to find each day.

You can also download and print out your weekly schedules to carefully monitor them and track your progress. After a few weeks, some of the exercises repeat, so with the printed sheets, you won’t have to access your computer as often.

I also love the amount of bonus material included. Once you have improved your vertical jump, you can move on to other parts of your game with dribbling and shooting drills. There are also more complex jump training programs included for once you master the initial program.

Last but not least, you can have your money back within 60 days if you’re not satisfied.

Popular choice
#3 The Jump Manual
  • Best For: Advanced basketball players who want a lot of residual information
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Gym Required: Highly recommended but does provide alternatives
  • Highlight: Massive amount of educational literature about how to build muscle, how to eat properly, and how to get the most out of physical exercise through this program.

This vertical jump program is designed by Jacob Hiller for those who want to know all about the science of jumping higher. The amount of technical information included in this package is astonishing, and you'll feel like you've earned a degree in kinesiology at the end. If knowledge is power, this is one of the most powerful vertical jump training programs in the world.

  • You learn to optimize your training time
  • Develop good habits based on your particular muscles
  • Platform includes videos and written descriptions
  • Very elaborate nutritional system
  • Tracking sheets are detail oriented and meant to hold you accountable
  • Lots of educational reading involved

Serious players will love the ‘no-frills’ attitude with The Jump Manual, as there is very little attention given to the appearance and overall aesthetic. And that’s the main difference with Vert Shock and Elite Vertical Academy. The focus here is on the information and ensuring you get as much of it as possible.

What makes Jump Manual better than others is that it’s more than just a physical workout plan. It explains why these exercises are chosen, unlike the Vert Shock program, which doesn’t provide any theoretical explanation.

Jump Manual goes into depth about the difference between anabolic state and catatonic state and why each is important. It also discusses weight training.

Optimizing your nutrition goes well beyond eating salads and egg whites here. Measuring your calories and knowing what your calories are made up of is a key aspect of The Jump Manual.

While you are responsible for tracking your nutritional efforts, the Jump Manual program includes a handy tracking system where you can enter your physical stats. Knowing what you worked on yesterday and how you felt plays a huge role in your recovery.

There’s also a system for tracking your best vertical jump, so you know when you’re improving and by how much.

Anyone who still has questions after going through the massive amount of reading material gets the answers they’re looking for from the coaching help desk. You can easily contact them and speak to a live coach who specializes in this program and will be able to specifically answer your inquiries.

Despite this being aimed at advanced basketball players, there is a section reserved for beginners and kids under 14. This is great to see so that the game can continue to grow and shows that Jacob Hiller is a great ambassador for the sport of basketball. And the Jump Manual training combines all his valuable experience and knowledge in one place.

Check out my complete Jump Manual review here.

#4 BoingVert - For total body improvement
  • Best For: Fitness junkies
  • Duration: 16 weeks + 11 weeks for maximum strength training
  • Gym Required: No
  • Highlight: With lots of information and extended weeks of training, lovers of working out will be drawn to this program. It also focuses on the jumping technique to prevent injury over the long run.

As the new kid on the block, it's hard to dethrone Vert Shock and The Jump Manual. BoingVert sees an opportunity here to appeal to the younger generation who want to invest in a lifestyle change and not just a one-time use program. This intense program focuses on total body improvement and has the longest duration on our list.

  • Extensive workouts
  • Provides long term assistance
  • No gym equipment required
  • Sorted into two programs
  • Includes info on jump and landing techniques
  • No fast results
  • Some exercises repeat in both sections
  • You can ask for a refund only after you've accomplished the entire program and not gained any results.

The whole program is broken up into two sections. The first is focused on building your strength and speed, so you can jump higher. It’s called the Animal Program.

This is the meat and potatoes of the vertical jump program, and also includes information on the principles of jumping. Topics such as how to land properly and how to explode off the ground are discussed. This is great for beginners and anyone who hasn’t had formal training.

boingvert vert jump training progam for basketball

Other vertical jump programs such as Vert Shock also touch on this, but BoingVert goes in-depth on how your whole body contributes to jumping higher, not just your legs.

The secondary program, The Monster Program, is an additional 11 weeks commitment and is not required. We recommend going for it, though, as it builds on the gains made through the animal program.

You can’t do the Animal Program alone, so if you’re committed, then it’s worth the money to get the Monster Program as well. This is what makes it better than most vertical jump training programs because there’s less chance of getting bored.

Another reason we loved this vertical jump training program is that it requires no expensive equipment. You don’t need a gym membership and barely need anything at all other than a bench or chair.

It’s not the case with other vertical jump training programs. All exercises focus on reps and speed, and use your own body weight to produce the necessary resistance.

This also appeals to the younger generation, since the cost of equipment can be more expensive than the vertical jump program itself.

The two vertical jump programs have their own tracking system that is easily described within the program and is printable. If you want to work on your vertical leap ability for years to come, you can with this elaborated vertical jump program.

Good But Not Great
#5 Flight School - For Quick Results
  • Best For: Active serious players
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Gym Required: No
  • Highlight: A shorter program, but by no means easier. This intense program starts tough and ends tougher. For anyone who already plays, use this to shock your system and see results fast.

If you already train regularly and play often, then skipping ahead to the essentials is what you need and what this vertical jump program offers. The plyometric exercises implemented here are solely focused on increasing your leg and core muscles, and they are packed into a tight timeframe, so you can see results fast.

  • Shorter time requirement
  • Easy to perform exercise routines
  • Broken down into four 2-week sets
  • Produces results quickly
  • Created by one of YouTube's highest jumpers
  • Each week increases workout intensity
  • Exercises are very old school
  • No video demonstrations
  • No money-back guarantee

Created by Anthony Lugo, The Flight School is one of the best vertical jump programs because of its simplicity. It gets right down to business in an intense 8-week strength training system. This is great for anyone who already plays and has good workout habits.

Plus, it doesn’t require access to a gym.

the flight school vert jump program

The structure is broken down into four 2-week programs that are designed to break down your muscles all the way. This shock value is what gets players past any plateaus they may be experiencing.

As the program progresses, it gets harder and harder. By the last two weeks, your whole body is involved, and you will start targeting more of your core and other supporting muscles. You can continue with a weight training add-on, but it’s not as comprehensive and is pretty generic. You can find a more tailored program elsewhere if you desire weight training.

Your experience will show right away, since the exercises included don’t come with much of a description and no video tutorials.

Some sections even recommend you google the exercises to ensure you’re doing them properly. While I’m not a fan of having to do my own research, I do appreciate that this system is meant for experienced players who want to get straight down to business.

This might not be the most entertaining workout routine, but if you want fast results that you can see on the court before the end of the season, check this one out. It will put you in peak form for your playoff run. But in my opinion, it’s not the best vertical jump training out there.

Good But Not Great
#6 Bounce Kit - With Focus On The Fitness Side
  • Best For: Players who want a well-rounded but intense workout
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Gym Required: Yes
  • Highlight: Simple to understand and only focuses on the fitness side. Without wasting breath on muscle growth theory and how to count calories, you can get right down to business with this program created by an online legend in the game.

You may remember Jordan Kilganon from his breakout performance at the 2016 NBA All-Star game. He was part of the show, where he performed a couple of dunks that made even the biggest NBA stars take notice. Now this humble Canadian is giving away his system to jump higher and put down some monster dunks.

  • Broken up into three phases to easily track success
  • Demo videos feature the creator
  • Focus is on legs
  • Program increases in difficulty over time
  • You become a member of a mastermind Facebook group
  • No jump or exercise theory provided at all
  • The exercises are difficult to understand and perform
  • Too long

While Kilganon is not a personal trainer, nor has he played in the NBA, he does know how to jump high. This vertical jump program is a direct result of what has worked for him over his career, or being known for jumping high.

This three-phase program focuses on three subsections throughout each phase; upper body & core, jumping & core, and heavy legs. Don’t let the names fool you, leg workouts are a huge part of each phase, but in the end, the focus is on strength training.

the bouncekit program

One of my favorite parts about this is that not only are there video demonstrations of each exercise, but the videos star the program’s creator, Jordan Kilganon. This leaves nothing to question and helps you get integrated with what is expected of you right from the beginning.

This simplistic mentality is carried throughout the platform as well. This is the easiest to understand and navigate. All exercises are clearly laid out and accessible. You’ll never lose your spot or have to worry about skipping anything.

If you do have any questions, they have most likely already been answered in the community chat on Facebook. This group has over 400 members, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for with the search feature, you can post your own personalized questions.

Compared to other programs such as Vert Shock, this one is quite simple and not as basketball specific as others. It’s probably expected because the creator is not a professional basketball player.

There is no mention of theory or dietary suggestions, but if those things are not important to you, this program is intense and can help those who need something intense to increase their vertical.

Good But Not Great
#7 Vert Code Elite - For Advanced Athletes
  • Best For: Advanced athletes who compete in basketball and other sports
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Gym Required: Yes, and a swimming pool (optional)
  • Highlight: It's the longest vert jump program that focuses on more than just jump height. You will improve response time, speed, and directional mobility while also learning about the mechanics and professional techniques that serious players use to jump higher.

For the most intense workouts and elaborate explanations of both exercises and jump theory, I recommend The Vert Code Elite. It's by far the longest and makes you feel like you're part of a club rather than just completing a program with a set ending. Continue your fitness education, both physically and mentally, with this vertical jump training program.

  • Multitude of exercises so it doesn't get boring
  • Constantly updating exercise library
  • Meant for high-level athletes
  • Improves all aspects of your game, not just jump height
  • Tons of bonus information
  • Lots of focus on technique and strategy
  • Monthly subscription
  • Not meant for beginners
  • No money-back guarantee

If you were looking for something that lasts longer than a few months, then how does a year sound? That’s right; this program will take you 12 months to finish completely. However, you don’t have to stick to it as strictly as some of the other programs.

As part of a community, you’ll pay a monthly subscription which grants you access to their extensive online library. The instructions and videos are clearly explained and ordered in such a way that you can progress at your own speed.

the vert colde elite jump program

Because it’s a subscription-based system, they are constantly updating the exercises, so you never get bored. This is a huge improvement over their first version of this program, which was initially released five years ago.

The most important thing to note about this vertical jump program is its intensity. It’s arguably one of the most advanced, and I only recommend it to dedicated athletes. The exercises are tough, and since there is so much theory explained about the jump technique, it will serve serious basketball players.

There are also a ton of bonus features as well that build on their first version five years ago. An explosive Nutrition Guide, Jump Mechanics Guide, Recovery Protocols, Explosive Athlete Mentality Guide, and even a Patellar Tendinitis Guide developed by our NBA Physical Therapist are all included in your monthly subscription fee.

This is made to help you jump higher, of course, but it’s one of the few systems that will improve every aspect of your game. You will be more responsive, have a faster reaction time, and be able to change direction much quicker after a few months of sticking to this vertical jump program.

Good But Not Great
#8 The Flight System - Focuses On Weight Lifting
  • Best For: Off-season training
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Gym Required: Yes
  • Highlight: If basketball isn't your only sport, then hit the weight room with this jump training program. You'll learn how to jump higher while also learning about complex muscle movements during intense sessions.

To make sizable strides in your strength training and improve your overall well-being, you have to lift weights. This vertical jump program takes workouts to a new level and will have you pushing heavy weights to increase your vertical jump and your total body strength.

  • Developed by a personal weight trainer
  • Learn how to lift weights professionally
  • Intense program that will help in any sport
  • Clear and concise video demos
  • 8-week program can be completed in the off-season
  • Deals with a lot of weight lifting and non-jump-specific exercises
  • Lacks clear vision
  • Not so well-structured

Update: This program is included in the “Elite Vertical Academy” program as a bonus. The creator Chris Barnard completely revamped his program originally created in 2016, and still decided to include it as an additional free resource in the new, improved version called “EVA.”

The jump training program was created by Chris Barnard, who is a certified personal trainer and has dedicated his professional career to improving the well-being of his clients. He has a lot of experience teaching youth basketball and has taken that knowledge to teach adults how to gain inches on their vertical jump.

His expertise is evident in every demonstration video as he takes the time to go over why these exercises will help. For players who want detailed explanations of why they are doing these moves, then Chris has you covered.

the flight system program

Because this system deals with lifting weights, you will need access to a gym, and it’s recommended to only do this program in the off-season. It requires more recovery time than the other vertical jump programs.

You can use this time to not only increase your vertical jump, but also your fitness IQ. There is plenty of information on how to optimize stretching, increase your rate of force, and build specific muscles to improve jump height.

Although this is promoted as something that anyone can do, I recommend this to those who are already athletically inclined and are able to dunk already. The weight training demands are quite high, and you don’t want to hurt yourself and be out for the season.

Use the detailed videos to ensure you get each exercise down pat. The explanations will also help you understand the basics of jumping higher and how to build muscle to improve all aspects of your game.

Good But Not Great
#9 THP Elite Jump Training - With Monthly Subscription
  • Best For: Anyone with a nagging injury due to the customization options
  • Duration: Unlimited
  • Gym Required: Optional
  • Highlight: Due to its custom design, anyone with any kind of equipment-or no equipment-can increase their vertical jump with this program. Working directly with coaches from month to month lets you build on your successes at your own pace.

The combination of science and pure athletic talent is why this vertical jump program has landed on our list. The two founders have created a personalized system that focuses on your progress in an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly app.

  • Great for beginners and people with injury
  • No equipment needed, but can be incorporated if you do have
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Access to a detailed private Facebook group
  • Creators have a public podcast dedicated to basketball fitness
  • Monthly subscription
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Expensive for the quality it offers

What separates this program from the other jump programs is personalization. To get started, you first must submit a brief questionnaire stating your current physical prowess as well as your past experience with basketball and fitness training in general. Other jump programs don’t require that and I find it important.

thp elite jump training program

Once the info is received, they say that Isiah and John personally design your program. Whether that’s true is up for debate, but I do believe that whoever is designing your program will definitely read your answers and create a custom program.

To access your specific exercises, you sign in to the mobile-friendly app. I love this aspect because you can easily read it and have it with you everywhere.

Nothing is as good as printed documents, but they are wasteful and can be lost. It is much less likely you’ll lose your phone, but if you do, your progress is still tracked and can be recovered.

Having these two experts at the helm of this program is hugely advantageous to you. One is focused on the how, and the other is focused on the why, together they are focused on results.

It’s evident that they have studied all aspects of jumping techniques before producing this jump manual. They have taken notes from the long jump, high jump, and triple jump, to name a few, and mixed them all together to create a program that can accommodate any level of basketball player.

While other jump programs require you to be in good shape, this program can accommodate those who are looking to improve their fitness as well as their jump height. It’s also great for anyone who is nursing an injury. That’s the beauty of having such a customized program.

How To Find The Best Vertical Jump Program

Shopping for the best vertical jump program is not something most of us are used to. Before you pull the trigger, ensure whichever program you choose fulfills these requirements to your liking.

features to look after to find the best vert jump basketball program
Click to enlarge.

Creator Credibility

Depending on your goals, the creator will give you insight into what kind of program you’re getting involved with. Not all creators are ex-NBA players, and some of the best vertical jump programs are created by strength training coaches or even sports scientists.

If you simply want to have a higher vertical jump, then look for programs that partner with personal trainers and coaches. They know the muscles used to jump and how to grow them.

If you want to have a well-rounded basketball game while also increasing your vertical jump, then opt for a program that works with an ex-player with proven experience. For example, such a program is Vert Shock.

Media Type

The age of printing out documents or ordering DVDs is almost completely gone. Some programs still offer printouts, but many just give you access to their online platform. While these platforms are elaborate and, in some cases, ever-changing, it may take some getting used to.

an illustration of a basketball player reading vertical jump program printouts

Having printouts tends to hold people more accountable. If procrastination is an issue with you, then choose a program with downloadable PDFs. You can hang them on your fridge or keep them on your nightstand, so it’s the first thing you see in the morning.

Ease Of Use And Accessibility

Various scientific studies have shown that it takes about 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to achieve expert-level performance in a specific domain, such as music or sports.

Another study published in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology” found that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit, which could include physical skills.

Sure enough, the easier and more accessible the program you choose, the faster results you will get given that you invest the right amount of work.

With today’s technology, all of these programs mentioned on our list are easy to use. However, some are geared toward those who prefer to read, and some toward those who learn visually.

The Jump Manual, for example, is very heavy on text. Unless you’re prepared to read walls of literature, then you may want to opt for something like THP Elite Jump Training, where everything is on a mobile app.

And here’s a table comparing the ease of use of each of the vertical jump programs I reviewed:

ProgramEase of use (1 is very easy, 3 is hard)
Elite Vertical Academy1
Vert Shock1
The Jump Manual3
Boing Vert2
The Flight School2
Bounce Kit3
Vert Code-Elite1
The Flight System3
Elite Jump Training2

Matched To Your Personal Needs

All of these programs will help you jump higher if that’s what you need. But they can also help in other ways, depending on what kind of participant you want to be.

an illustration of a basketball player jumping high

If you play in a league, then I recommend you stick to programs designed by basketball players, such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual. If you want to improve your overall game and fitness, then look to BoingVert and Bounce Kit. You can also check out “Built 2 Ball.

Another important thing to consider is your current fitness and basketball level. Some programs are designed for beginners in mind, while others are more appropriate for experienced players and athletes.

Duration And Commitment

Increasing your vertical leap requires time and a certain level of commitment. The shortest timeframe is 8 weeks, but there are a couple of programs that will continue indefinitely.

For the serious basketball player, you may want something that is ongoing, so you can continue to improve for years to come. So, if you want to jump high as the NBA players shown in the chart below, you have to put in the work.

a chart showing the top 5 NBA players with the highest vertical jump
Top NBA players with the highest vertical jump in inches.

If you want to train for something specific, then choose an 8 or 12-week program. They will give you the guidance and knowledge you need to improve relatively quickly.

Buyer Feedback

When searching for what the general masses had to say about these programs, it became clear that Vert Shock and The Jump Manual were the clear favorites. This makes sense seeing as both are very elaborate and come from a knowledgeable standpoint.

However, the reviews for the others were very positive as well. I encourage you to match your needs to the program, so your reviews will be positive as well.

The only negative reviews were when the customer did not fully understand the goals of the vertical jump programs. But looking at the overall reviews of any jump program certainly gives you an idea of its quality and what you can expect from it.

Money Back Guarantee

Any decent course or program should have a money-back guarantee. In that case, if you find that the program is not for you, you can ask for a refund within a certain timeframe. Usually that’s 30 or 60 days.

2 Jump Programs To Avoid At Any Cost

Jumpsoles Jump & Speed Training System

With minimal direction and a pair of funny-looking shoes, I, as a professional basketball player, couldn’t see much merit in this system. It focuses too much on the small muscles and getting immediate results instead of committing to a proven regime. Pure waste of time.

Air Alert

While Air Alert has its benefits, it’s not very jump or basketball-specific.

The moves are generic and quite outdated. This training is better than no training, but when compared to the science and research that has gone into the other programs, this one can be avoided altogether. It doesn’t include any kind of plyometric exercises, which I consider important.


Is Vertshock Worth The Money?

Yes, Vert Shock is absolutely worth the money and can help improve your vertical jump if you follow it correctly. It has all the information any basketball player would need to not only jump higher, but improve their overall fitness and athletic ability.

What Is The Best App To Increase Vertical Jump?

As of 2023, the best app to increase vertical jump is the one available through the “Elite Vertical Academy” program.

Can Anyone Get A 30-inch Vertical?

While it is possible for anyone to improve their vertical leap, not everyone may be able to achieve a 30-inch vertical leap. A person’s genetics, body composition, and training regimen can all play a role in their ability to jump higher. However, with the right training program and consistent effort, it is possible for many athletes to significantly improve their vertical leap.

How To Increase Vertical Jump From 9 To 15 Inches?

Increasing your vertical jump height from 9 to 15 inches is a significant improvement and will require a dedicated training program. Some effective exercises that can help you achieve this goal include squats, lunges, plyometric jumps, and calf raises. It’s also important to focus on building explosive power in your legs through exercises like box jumps, depth jumps, and weighted jumps.

Is An 18-inch Vertical Bad

An 18-inch vertical jump height is below average for most athletes. However, what is considered a “good” or “bad” vertical jump height can depend on a variety of factors, including age, gender, sport, and position. For example, a 16-20 inch vertical jump is considered average for men, while it is around 12–16 inches for women.

How Do I Train To Increase My Vertical Jump?

To train to increase your vertical jump, you must implement a plan that suits your current physical status as well as your goals. Increasing your vertical jump will be different for someone that plays in a league versus someone who just wants to be better in their driveway. Choose a program that caters to your specific needs.

Is A 25 In Vertical Good?

Yes, a 25 in. vertical is good. In fact, it’s very good. The average NBA player jumps at 28 in., which means many players do not even jump 25 in. high. While you may have seen stats saying other players reaching heights of 40+ in. these may be true, but these are the highest jumpers in the world.

What Is The Fastest Way To Increase Your Vertical?

The fastest way to increase your vertical is to get help from a professional program that has proven results. It also helps speed up the learning curve if the program you choose is developed by ex-players and current strength training coaches. The combination of fitness and basketball knowledge will ensure you’re learning at the fastest speed possible.

How High Can An Average Person Jump?

The average person can jump at a height of just over a foot. Average heights range from 14 to 20 in., and that is presumably without any training of any kind.

How To Measure Vertical Jump?

To measure vertical jump, you must start with a flat surface that is next to a flat wall. Have the player reach up the wall with one hand as high as they can while keeping their feet flat on the floor. Once they jump, measure the point their hand touches the wall and compare that to the starting point.

How Fast Can I Increase My Vertical Jump?

You can increase your vertical jump in as fast as 8 weeks. While this may not be your maximum vertical jump, it will give you ample time to see results.

What Is The Most Effective Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump?

The most effective exercise to increase vertical jump combines strength, power, and plyometric training. Key exercises include squats for foundational strength, power cleans for explosive power, and plyometric drills like box jumps for reactivity and explosiveness. Consistent training, proper technique, and recovery are essential for noticeable improvements.

How Can I Increase My Vertical Jump By 2 Inches?

To increase your vertical jump by 2 inches, focus on strength training exercises like squats and deadlifts, incorporate plyometric drills like box jumps and depth jumps, and ensure proper technique and consistent practice. Regular stretching and mobility work can also enhance jump mechanics. Recovery and nutrition play a crucial role in supporting muscle growth and performance.


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