Best Basketball Shoes for Tennis to Buy in 2021

Playing tennis in basketball shoes seems like an AWKWARD idea!

As far as I am concerned, I do not endorse playing tennis in basketball shoes, especially when you are playing tennis indoors.

But here is a catch:

If you prefer playing tennis outdoors, then you, my friend, would want to invest in the best basketball shoes for tennis.

Let me tell you WHY?

For starters, basketball shoes offer durability and can withstand wear and tear rather easily. Secondly, I love how grippy they feel while playing on concrete and other harsh surfaces. Shock absorption and cushioning is well up to the mark.

Keeping all these advantages in mind, I would like you to take a look at some of the basketball sneakers I deem perfect for playing tennis outdoors:

Best Basketball Shoes for Tennis in 2021

Basketball HoopsDetailsPrice
Nike Men's Lebron Witness IIIOutsole: Imported Rubber
Design: Low-Top
Check Price!
Under Armour Men's JetOutsole: Multidirectional Tread Rubber
Design: Low-Top
Check Price!
Nike Lebron Xvii LowOutsole: Deeply Grooved Rubber
Design: Low-Top
Check Price!
PUMA Mens UproarOutsole: Zigzag Tread Rubber
Design: Low-Top
Check Price!
Adidas Men's Harden Vol. 4Outsole: Herringbone Tread Rubber
Design: Low-Top
Check Price!
Adidas Men's Marquee Boost LowOutsole: Herringbone Tread Rubber
Design: Low-Top
Check Price!

How I Picked the Sneakers?

While searching out for the right pair of sneakers, I only picked the low-tops. The main reason? Such shoes offer freedom of movement that plays a crucial role in tennis.

Besides, I also considered the overall traction of the shoes and made sure that they offered superb performance, especially outdoors.

In the end, I kept my eyes on how well these sneakers could absorb shock and instant impact.

Based on that and obviously the budget range along with customer feedback, I finally made a list that contained brands like Nike, Under Armour, Puma, and Adidas.

Got my point?

Let us get back to reviewing each pair of shoes to see how well they assist in playing tennis:

  1. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III – Best Nike Tennis Shoes 2021

Nike Men's Lebron Witness IIIStarting with Lebron Witness III, the shoes with a low-top design, aesthetic shape, and lightweight body have already caught my attention. Nike has honoured the hometown of LeBron James through the shoes and they do offer a comfortable playing experience. From a tennis perspective, you could expect these sneakers to offer quick movements outdoors.

Some of the most prominent features include:

Knit Upper For Stability and Balance!

A knit upper ensures strength, stability, and balance, to the upper part of the feet while athletes are busy playing tennis. It ensures ultimate comfort during tense situations.

Air Sole Unit Cushioning with EVA Midsole!

For ultimate shock and impact absorption, we see the presence of EVA midsole encapsulated with air sole unit. Not only does it offer extra cushioning, tennis players will not feel any extra shock during jump smashes.

Outsole Made Up of Imported Rubber!

With a deeply grooved multidirectional traction pattern, athletes could expect Lebron Witness III to offer superb traction on harsh surfaces. Not only that, but the rubber outsole offers instant stopping and helps to keep athletes away from getting injured.

Immense Durability Ensured!

If there’s anything that Nike guarantees, it’s the durability of these sneakers. You could expect them to last many months without getting worn out and that’s the reason you should consider them for playing tennis.

  • Knit upper.
  • Low-top design.
  • EVA midsole.
  • Air Sole Unit cushioning.
  • Imported rubber outsole.
  • Weighs 10.5 oz.
Lebron Witness III from Nike offers durability, snug fit, lighter feel, and shock absorption. I consider them the best basketball shoes for tennis in 2021. Try them while playing tennis and you will thank me later.


  • Lightweight body helps with quick movements.
  • Imported rubber outsole offers a firm hold on harsh surfaces.
  • Extremely durable and sturdy basketball sneakers for tennis.
  • Could be used during tennis footwork workouts.
  • Snug fit.
  • Knit upper ensures strength and agility.
  • A bit too tight for athletes with wide feet.
  • Some size issues are common. (Follow chart carefully)

  1. Under Armour Men’s Jet – Best Budget Shoes for Tennis in 2021

Under Armour Men's JetUp next, we have the Men’s Jet sneakers from Under Armour that has been circulated as a “Versatile” pair of shoes. Why? Well, to get started with, I have played basketball and tennis while wearing them. On top of that, I have used these sneakers for running as well as for gym. So, the Versatility tag does fit the Men’s Jet 2019 as per my experience.

Getting started with some major features:

Leather and Textile Construction for Sturdiness!

The combination of leather and textile will help the shoes remain durable in the longer run. Besides the upper being made from textile ensures extra flexibility, support, and breathability at the same time.

TPU Overlay Resists Abrasions!

Abrasion could literally hurt the feet to an extent that you won’t even feel like playing anything. To avoid this issue, Under Armour has introduced TPU overlays inside the shoes to resist abrasions at all costs.

EVA Sockliner for Extra Cushioning!

The die-cut EVA sockliner used in Men’s Jet sneakers ensures extra cushioning and a comfortable feel. Tennis athletes could thus enjoy making rebound shots or even jump shots while wearing those sneakers.

Secure Fit!

What I loved about these sneakers is that you can expect a secure fit with them. Thanks to internal bootie construction, you will enjoy a secure and locked-in fit to play tennis as much as you want.

Multidirectional Tread Pattern for Immense Grip!

Last but not the least, you could expect the shoes to ensure proper grip and traction on harsh surfaces. For that purpose, the manufacturer has used a multidirectional tread pattern in the rubber outsole to ensure a firm grip on the ground.


Men’s Jet shoes are not about playing tennis or basketball only. You could literally jog in them, perform multiple sprints, and wear them to the gym without any hassle.

  • Leather and textile construction.
  • Textile upper.
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner.
  • Internal bootie construction.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Multidirectional tread pattern.
  • Weighs 13 oz.
I think Under Armour Men’s Jet fits the demands of athletes who want an all-rounder sneaker within an affordable budget. Check it out before it’s too late.


  • Comfortable sneakers for playing tennis.
  • Could be used for running.
  • Eva sockliner maintains extra comfort to the feet.
  • Textile upper for immense support and breathability.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Not as durable as compared to Lebron Witness III.
  • White color attracts dirt easily.

  1. Nike Lebron Xvii Low – Best Low-Top Shoes for Playing Tennis

Not a big fan of the design and aesthetics of Lebron Xvii Low, the shoes can still offer sturdiness and resistance to extra wear and tear. That’s one of the reasons I think they would support the feet of tennis players who prefer playing the game outdoors.


Leather Construction for Strength and Support!

With a 100% leather construction, it will take a long time for an athlete to finally make these shoes all worn down. The upper being made up of leather adds to extra stability and strength.

Air Zoom Unit Cushioning!

Lebron Xvii Low also features an air zoom unit cushioned midsole. With the latest technology, your feet will not feel the heat of extra impact or shock for a long time.

Low-Top Design For Free Movement!

Quite crucial while playing tennis, the low-top design of the shoes ensures extra freedom and allows athletes to enhance their lateral movements at the same time.

Rubber Outsole!

The last thing that makes Lebron Xvii impressive enough is its rubber outsole along with a deeply grooved traction pattern. This outsole is one of the reasons you will not face any slippery issues, especially while playing tennis.

  • Leather construction.
  • Leather upper.
  • Air Zoom Unit cushioned midsole.
  • Low-top design.
  • Embossed Nike logo.
  • Weighs 13.6 oz.
Well, Lebron Xvii is another pair that you could consider playing tennis on harsh surfaces. Though I do not like its design, the shoes have gained my respect for offering so much durability and comfort within a justified price tag.


  • Sturdy leather construction.
  • Leather upper ensures extra stability and balance.
  • Rubber outsole offers control on harsh surfaces.
  • Helps the athletes to enhance their movements.
  • Low-top design ensures more freedom to ankle area.
  • Ugly design. (Personal opinion)
  • Seems a bit bulkier than other sneakers.

  1. PUMA Mens Uproar – Hybrid Shoes for Playing Tennis

PUMA Mens UproarThe Mens Uproar from PUMA is already getting a lot of attention from both basketball and tennis athletes. That’s because these sneakers ensure a comfortable playing experience at a reasonable rate. PUMA is not so famous when it comes to basketball or tennis, but the Mens Uproar has something charismatic that makes the manufacturer popular in Bball community.

Starting off with some major features:

100% Synthetic Construction!

Not only does it enhance overall durability, but tennis players will also enjoy the whole gameplay experience as the shoes are light in weight.

Synthetic Upper Increases Balance!

The synthetic upper increases overall balance to help the players make rebound shots with ease. Plus, it also has visible pores available to ensure proper air ventilation.

Hybrid Midsole for Extra Comfort!

Puma uses a hybrid midsole technology to maintain a natural posture of the feet. On top of that, the midsole can absorb extra impact and shock to improve overall gameplay experience.

Full Rubber Outsole!

Full rubber outsole with a zigzag tread pattern is there to ensure improved footwork along with firm control. While wearing the shoes, you will not feel like slipping away no matter how far you go.

  • Hybrid midsole.
  • Synthetic construction.
  • Full rubber outsole.
  • TPU heel piece.
  • Lace up closure.
  • Weighs 14 oz.
An option that I am sure will help players play tennis with due agility and improved footwork. Have a look at latest Puma Uproar shoes and see whether the sneakers could satisfy your needs or not.


  • For playing tennis with a comfortable experience.
  • Ensures a snug fit via lace up close.
  • TPU heel piece increases cushioning.
  • Hybrid midsole absorbs shock and impact.
  • Durable and sturdy synthetic construction.
  • Available at a reasonable rate.
  • Limited color options.
  • Limited size options.

  1. Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 4 – Affordable Adidas Tennis Shoes 2021

Adidas Men's Harden Vol. 4The Signature James Harden Vol. 4 basketball shoes have got quite a popularity among basketball athletes. On a brighter note, I consider them a perfect fit for tennis players as well. Why? For starters, adidas has made Vol. 4, extremely comfortable for the feet. Moreover, the shoes will cost you relatively less than other brands available in the market.

Exploring some of its features;

Mesh Upper Ensures Breathability!

The upper being made up of mesh material ensures superb breathability along with extra support and strength. Your feet will remain away from extra sweat while playing tennis.

Bouncy Cushioned Midsole!

Adidas has used its patented bouncy cushioned midsole in the shoes to help with shock absorption. However, this midsole is also responsible for extra elevation during a jump. In the meanwhile, the athletes’ feet will remain as comfortable as possible.

Herringbone Rubber Outsole!

The special rubber outsole along with a herringbone tread pattern allows the shoes to maintain superb traction, especially on concrete. With Harden Vol. 4, you will not experience any unwanted slips while playing tennis.

Lightweight and Durable!

adidas guarantees that the shoes will offer no extra burden or stress to the feet. In addition to that, you could expect them to last for a long time, thanks to the utilization of durable materials in its construction.

  • Mesh upper.
  • Bouncy cushioned midsole.
  • Herringbone rubber outsole.
  • Lace up closure.
  • Weighs 16 oz.
Harden Vol. 4 as recommended by James Harden are a must for tennis players who want to enjoy playing tennis without feeling any discomfort. Check them out before the shoes run out of stock.


  • Lightweight and comfortable Adidas sneakers for tennis.
  • Maintains proper air ventilation via mesh upper.
  • Herringbone tread pattern offers superb performance on harsh surfaces.
  • Offers a secured and protected fit.
  • Most affordable Adidas shoes for tennis.
  • White color attracts dirt.
  • Could wear out with frequent use.

  1. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low – Best Tennis Shoes for the Money

Finally, we are left out with one other pair of sneakers that would assist tennis players to play the game ideally. The Marquee Boost Low from Adidas has got a low-top design to improve overall freedom. On top of that, the shoes ensure extreme comfort and durability to help athletes enjoy the game for a long time.

Cutting right to the chase;

Textile and Synthetic Construction!

The use of both textile and synthetic allows the shoes to maintain flexibility and sturdiness. You could expect them to last for many months without getting worn out.

Low-Top Design!

To help tennis players enjoy extra lateral movements with agility, adidas has made Marquee Boost with a low-top shape. Hence, athletes could play with proper ankle freedom.

Bouncy Cushioned Midsole for Absorbing Impact!

The midsole with bouncy cushioning allows the feet to remain comfy and relieved of any pain. Cherry on top is that your feet will remain away from extra shock and impact while making a jump smash.

Rubber Outsole!

Fully imported rubber outsole makes Marquee Boost Low stand out among other best basketball shoes for tennis and rightly so. With a deeply grooved pattern, you can expect the sneakers to offer premium traction and grip, especially on slippery surfaces.

  • Textile and synthetic build.
  • Mesh overlay.
  • Herringbone rubber outsole.
  • Bouncy cushioned midsole.
  • Weighs 11 oz.
The Adidas Marquee Boost Low could become an ideal tennis playing partner for you in the long run. See whether they could fulfill your requirements as a tennis athlete or not.


  • Low-top design helps with extra movement.
  • Rugged rubber outsole ensures firm traction on ground.
  • Bouncy cushioned midsole for comfort and convenience.
  • Helps tennis players reach opponents’ shots with ease.
  • Perfect for long-term use.
  • Only few sizes available.
  • Get the shoes ASAP!

What to Consider Before Shopping for the Best Basketball Shoes for Tennis

If you have made your mind to get basketball shoe that could assist you in playing tennis, then keep following things in mind before making the last decision:

  1. Lightweight Design:

The less bulky the shoe, the better it would become for tennis players to move sideways.

Besides, a lightweight sneaker could also increase your footwork speed and you will reach a rebounding shot easily.

Hence, never compromise on this factor before you decide on a shoe.

  1. Durability:

The sole reason you’d want to invest in a basketball shoe for tennis is to get prolonged durability.

For that purpose, you need to make sure that the sneaker is either made up of leather, textile, synthetic, or a combo of these materials.

It will allow you to use a specific shoe for a long time.

Want my suggestion? Simply hover above and go through each review one by one. Decide in the end accordingly.

  1. Extra Cushioning:

Extra cushioning will remove the pain of impact and shock, especially when you’d want to make a jump shot.

In that aspect, you will need a Bball shoe with an extra cushioned midsole.

Go either with Nike’s Air Zoom cushioning technology, or adidas’s bouncy cushioned midsole to enjoy playing tennis with extreme comfort and convenience.

  1. Traction:

Strong grip matters a lot in a sport like tennis and that’s something you should never ignore, especially if you want to avoid painful injuries.

Go with the shoes that offer an imported rubber outsole along with a deeply grooved traction pattern.

To make it more simple, either choose shoes with a herringbone or with a multidirectional tread pattern to enjoy extra control on harsh surfaces.

  1. Budget:

Basketball shoes, especially ones from Nike and adidas will cost you a good amount of money.

With at least $100 budget, you can expect to land yourself a pair from Under Armour or even Puma.

To get Nike or adidas, keep around $200 to $250 in your pocket and you will land a good footwear option that would work for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are basketball shoes good for tennis?

Tennis shoes are good for tennis and it’s as simple as that. But, that does not mean we should completely discard the role of basketball shoes. Just like tennis sneakers, Bball shoes could offer extra support, extra cushioning, and firm traction on the ground. Therefore, if you play tennis outdoors, I will suggest considering basketball shoes for that purpose.

  1. What’s the difference between basketball and tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes relatively come in a low-top design, which means more freedom to move the ankle. Basketball sneakers, on the other hand, come either in a low-top, mid-top, or high-top design. According to official NBA stats, “Almost 70% basketball players prefer wearing high-tops as such sneakers offer maximum ankle support”. Apart from this basic difference, one could argue that a tennis shoe is lighter than a Bball shoe (which seems a bit bulky).

  1. Can I wear running shoes for tennis?

Running shoes are supposed to offer lightweight cushioning and they usually allow an athlete to move forward. Compared to that, tennis requires more lateral movements with proper footwork, plus extra cushioning is a factor one cannot ignore while playing the game. So, using running shoes for tennis is a bad idea. The only thing close to replacing the common tennis shoes are basketball sneakers that you can wear for ultimate comfort and grip.

Final Takeaways: What are the Best Basketball Shoes for Tennis in 2021?

If you are so adamant about choosing a basketball shoe for playing tennis, then there is nothing better than the Nike Lebron Witness III.

For starters, these shoes have got a low-top design to ensure maximum ankle freedom. Durability and support go side by side with the utilization of a knit upper.

Along with that, the shoes feature an air sole unit for cushioning along with EVA midsole for a plush feel.

All these qualities combined with a lightweight body make Nike Lebron Witness III the best option in 2021.

That’s not the end, however!

You can also explore other options that I have already discussed above to make your decision accordingly.

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