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7 Best Basketball Shoes For Narrow Feet In 2023 [Reviewed]

Welcome back to Outdoor Basketball Hub! I hope you are doing fine, and you’re enjoying basketball as much you can!

And today we are going to discuss some of the best basketball shoes for narrow feet.

But, before we move forward, let’s clarify something straight away.

How do you get to know that you have narrow feet? Well, the basic rule of thumb is that a specific shoe will fit your feet length-wise. However, the width will be more than enough.

That is, you’ll feel excessive space while adjusting your feet. And that makes wearing your shoes quite uncomfortable. To tackle the narrow feet problem in basketball, Nike as well as some other brands have done a splendid job introducing some top-notch b-ball shoes.

That said, most of the shoes you’ll find here are thoroughly tested, and I’ve also considered the opinions of experts.

Furthermore, I’ve done my best to talk to the players with narrow feet and listen to the issues they face to make my list as problem-solving as possible.

Here they are.

Top 3 Picks

Editor's Choice
Nike KD Trey 5
  • Fabulous mid-top design 
  • Premium responsive foam cushioning 
  • Perforated foam pods for maximum ventilation and stability
Premium Choice
UA HOVR™ Havoc 3
  • Innovative UA HOVR™ cushioning
  • Ventilated molded textile and mesh upper
  • Rubber outsole with superior herringbone traction pattern
Budget Choice
Nike Air Visi Pro Vi
  • Advanced Nike Airbag cushioning technology
  • Dynamic flex grooves for quick cuts
  • Incredible traction,fit, and support at a great price

Best Basketball Shoes For Narrow Feet – Comparison Chart

Here is the comparison chart of the top-rated Narrow Feet Basketball shoes available on the market.

Editor's Choice
Nike KD Trey 5 VIII

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII

  • Foamed mid-high collar for ankle support
  • Grippy rubber outsole with a wavy tread pattern
  • Breathable, mid-top design
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Premium Choice
Uner Armoud HOVR™ Havoc 3

Uner Armoud HOVR™ Havoc 3

  • Die-cut EVA sockliner 
  • UA HOVR™ cushioning reduces impact
  • Flexible midfoot shank
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Budget Choice
Nike Air Visi Pro Vi

Nike Air Visi Pro Vi

  • Synthetic and leather fabrics
  • Nike Airbag for impact protection
  • Full-length Phylon sole
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Also great
Nike Kyrie Flytrap II

Nike Kyrie Flytrap II

  • Nike Zoom Air responsive cushioning
  • Synthetic and textile fabrics
  • Special narrow design
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For Flat Feet
Nike Kobe Mamba Focus

Nike Kobe Mamba Focus

  • Synthetic and textile fabrics 
  • TPU eyelets
  • Low-profile for quick movements
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Also affordable
Nike Kyrie Flytrap III

Nike Kyrie Flytrap III

  • Durable leather fabrics
  • Improved charged cushioning
  • Great for outdoor play
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  • Nike Air Dot Weld Strobel cushioning
  • Premium lace-up construction 
  • Multidirectional outsole tread
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How We Reviewed

To bring you the most comprehensive and helpful article, our expert team invested a solid amount of time.

We take our job pretty seriously when it comes to reviewing products. We want to help you find the best shoes for your needs in order to feel comfortable and safe when playing your favorite game.

And basketball is our favorite game too. So we create these guides with a lot of passion, fun, and assiduity.

Here’s what we did for that one:

  • total of 47 hours of intensive research and testing
  • 92 pairs of shoes considered, of which we shortlisted 20 and included 7
  • 4 in-house tests done by professional basketball player Adam Gotelli who’s our Chief Editor
  • took into consideration crucial shoe features such as width, durability, support, insole, midsole, and outsole quality, cushioning, brand reputation, and price, among others.
  • Interviewed 5 basketball players who have narrow feet
  • spent 9 hours researching online, reading verified buyers’ feedback and comparing industry standards

Are you ready?

Let’s move on.

Best Basketball Shoes For Narrow Feet Reviews

Without wasting time, let us get into the best basketball shoes for narrow feet reviews in 2023:

Editor's Choice
#1 Nike Men's KD Trey 5 - Best Basketball Shoes For Narrow Feet 2022
10/10Our Score
  • Size: 8.5-13
  • Upper Material: High-quality knit textile
  • Cushion: Soft-responsive "Renew" Foam cushioning
  • Ankle: Mid/High Top
  • Perforated Foam Pods around heels to enhance lockdown

When you think of the word "lethal," Kevin Durant is one of the first people who comes to mind. He is a fantastic scorer who can dribble and shoot with precision. The superstar is one of the most lethal scorers in the game, and his Nike shoes are designed to help him put up points in a hurry.

His signature shoe model KD Trey 5 XIII, is designed for players who want great grip, cushioning, and control on the court. Since the "Slim Reaper" is lean, his shoes need to support narrow feet.


The KD Trey 5 XIII is one of the best basketball shoes for narrow feet out there.

  • High-quality cushioning
  • Herringbone traction is great on all surfaces
  • Phenomenal quality for the price point
  • Users report great impact protection. If you suffer from injuries, this shoe is amazing
  • Cushioning may break down over time
  • Lateral stability is not the best

I own these shoes for narrow feet, and I’ve been playing basketball in them for a year now.

nike kd trey 5 VIII narrow feet basketball shoe

First off, let’s talk about the traction.

The KD trey five nine features a modified herringbone traction pattern. Our research confirms what customers are already saying: Trey 5 XI shoe has amazing traction and can be worn on any surface.

This shoe has a strong bite on cleaner inside courts that grips the surface very well. The shoe still grips the surface on dusty courts but doesn’t have as strong of a bite. 

In terms of dust pickup, some dust and dirt can get stuck in them, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a quick wipe.

The rubber compound is also very durable so you don’t have to worry about deteriorating traction anytime soon.

This shoe’s KD Trey 5 XIII cushioning (dual-density foam setup) is top-notch. It’s responsive, mushy, and plush. All in all, it provides a unique “soft ride” court feel, yet still offers solid energy return from your foot strikes.

kd trey 8 from nike basketball shoe

It’s a full-length Renew foam that offers a lovely subtle compression and impact protection. So if you like a responsive, low-to-the-ground court feel, this could be the shoe for you. The impact protection that they deliver for me has been awesome so far.

The foam does a great job of taking away the shocks from hard impacts, so your feet will feel great after playing in these shoes for hours on end. On top of that, the foam is also very durable, and it doesn’t seem like it will wear down anytime soon.

Now, let’s move on to the materials!

Compared to the previous models, Nike decided to switch it up. The KD Trey 5 XIII’s use a high-quality knit. When you slip the puppies on your feet, you will have a snug-fitting, premium shoe experience.

In addition to the knit material towards the front of the shoe, you also have an open-aired foam-backed mesh with synthetic overlays. So it conforms to your foot very well, yet it’s still breathable and won’t overheat your feet.

The KD Trey 5 XIII also has a molded external heel counter that provides stability and lockdown support. It’s great for players who want a shoe with high-end containment and foot security. Just make sure to lace them up the right way.

The Nike KD Trey 5 nine fits true to size in terms of fit. I’d suggest going up a half size if you have a wider foot. Otherwise, you risk getting blisters.

nike kd trey 5 rubber outsole basketball shoe for narrow feet
The rubber outsole provides great traction on all surfaces.

The KD Trey 5 XIII is also relatively light. So if you’re looking for a lightweight basketball shoe with fantastic traction and cushioning, the Trey 5 XIII should be on your radar.

The KD Trey 5 XIII offers a good amount in terms of ankle containment. That is why it’s also part of our guide on the top-notch shoes for bad knees. You can read it here. I’d classify it as a “Mid to high” top shoe. It provides more support and containment than low-top shoes, but it’s not as high as a traditional high-top basketball shoe.

The final verdict:

Overall, the KD Trey 5 XIII is a fantastic shoe and one of the best basketball shoes for people with narrower feet. It has great traction, cushioning, and materials. So if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe with high-quality construction (for a great price point), the Trey 5 XIII is a great option.

This shoe is also included in our popular list on the high performing basketball shoes under $150.

#2nd best option
#2 UA HOVR™ Havoc 3 - Premium Sneakers For Narrow Feet
9.4/10Our Score
  • Size: 3.5-16
  • Upper Material: Mesh/textile with synthetic
  • Cushion: UA HOVR™ cushioning
  • Ankle: Mid-top/Low
  • Molded toe cap protects your foot from abrasions

When you step on the court in a pair of Under Armour HOVR Havoc 3 sneakers, you'll immediately feel the difference. The shoes help you dominate on the basketball court, providing you with the stability and support you need to make quick moves and take down your opponents.


  • Very responsive and low to the ground
  • Great court feel
  • It is very narrow so the structure conforms and supports your foot
  • The fuse material adds durability
  • Strong support and lateral containment
  • HOVR cushion wasn't spectacular, you could feel high impact plays
  • Not lot's of compression or bounce

In terms of traction, the Havoc 3’s did a great job gripping the court, even on outdoor surfaces. After testing these shoes out in a few different games, I found them to have a lot of bite, which helps accelerate and stop.

under armour hovr havoc 3 narrow feet bball shoe

Even after a small amount of outdoor play, I did notice some durability issues with the sole. If you’re playing indoors, this likely won’t be an issue at all, but it is worth noting.

The Havoc 3’s features UA HOVR™ cushioning, a full-length system that delivers a responsive, energy-returning ride. 

This is huge for players like me who like to make quick cuts and changes in direction. And with a sleek, stylish design, you’ll look good while you’re dominating your opponents.

Thanks to the external heel counter, the shoes also felt very stable, which prevented my foot from sliding around inside the shoe.

So if you’re looking for a pair of sneakers for narrow feet that will help you take your game to the next level, the HOVR Havoc 3’s are a solid option. They provide great traction, durability, and comfort while looking good.

These are also great for supinators. Check out some shoes for supination here.

Budget Choice
#3 Nike Men's Air Visi Pro - Budget Shoes For Narrow Feet
9.4/10Our Score
  • Size: 7.5-15
  • Upper Material: Synthetic and nubuck leather
  • Cushion: Full-length Phylon midsole with Nike airbag
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Nike Air heel unit

Are you looking for a high-performing basketball shoe that's perfect for players of all levels? Then you need to check out the Nike Air Visi Pro V.

Throughout the time I've been playing basketball, I have tried many sneakers on the market. Recently, my search for the "Holy Grail" of budget sneakers led me to the Nike Air Visi Pro VI.

  • Amazing value budget sneaker
  • Extremely durable materials
  • Strong traction on multiple surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • A full high-top might have better ankle support
  • The nubuck suede can be hard to keep clean

After playing in these shoes, I can say that the traction is impressive.

When playing outdoors, I performed quick cuts, turns, and stopping. That’s the first thing I noticed from the multi-directional herringbone traction. I never lost my balance, making this an excellent choice for quick players.

nike air pro visi 6

As with any shoe, I try to wipe the bottoms clean when I can, but even so, I would rank the traction above average.

The rubber sole also provides excellent grip and prevents slipping on the hardwood surfaces. This is a must for any player who wants to make a name for themselves for indoor play!

The Nike Air Visi Pro VI could use a bit more cushion or arch support. If you prefer a super-soft ride, the lack of cushion can be easily fixed with an aftermarket insole.

The upper material on the Nike Air Visi Pro VI is a synthetic nubuck, allowing the shoe to be lightweight and breathable. In addition, this material is also durable and can withstand wear and tear.

Overall, I would rate the upper material as above average. It is not the best material on the market, but it is durable and breathable.

Keep in mind, this is a Nike basketball shoe. If you’re not a fan of the swoosh, I suggest looking elsewhere. But if you are, then you’ll appreciate the value you’re getting with this purchase.

I was surprised that these shoes were as comfortable as they were. The inside is a textile material that makes it soft against your skin and does not cause any pinch points, blisters, or hot spots.

For fit, the Nike Air Visi Pro VI fits true to size. I suggest going with your usual sneaker size. If you’re a small forward or shooting guard like Josh Hart, then you’ll like these.

Overall, it’s a great budget basketball shoe that offers good value and performance. If you’re looking for something where you get a lot of bang for your buck, then look no further – these shoes will get the job done!

With the best traction
#4 Nike PG 5 - 100% Authentic Narrow Feet Basketball Shoes
8/10Our Score
  • Size: 7.5-15
  • Upper Material: Synthetic mesh and leather overlays
  • Cushion: Full-length Nike Air Strobel cushioning
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Nike Air Strobel Heel Unit for cushioning and responsiveness

Paul George is silky-smooth when it comes to scoring. "Playoff P's" appearance on the basketball court is almost poetic, as he seems to glide effortlessly towards the hoop. With his quick first step and superb ball-handling skills, he's able to create scoring opportunities for himself at will.

And once he's in position to shoot, George is deadly accurate, regardless of the distance. His shooting percentage improves as the game goes into crunch time.Of course, none of this would be possible without a good pair of shoes for narrow feet. And for George, that means Nike's Men's PG 5s.

  • Very responsive shoe that moves with your foot
  • Extremely effective traction
  • Insole is comfortable and provides good cushioning
  • Excellent lockdown with the added strap
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Some complaints about dirability
  • The upper materials can feel thin. It's not a major con, but it's certainly not the highlight

It’s not often when you get a shoe like this – this is the best traction of all time! It’s reminiscent of the Kobe 9 outsole (which set the benchmark for all shoes in terms of traction). In fact, every shoe I tested after the Kobe 9 never hit the mark. That is until I tried the PG 5’s.

The cushioning is also impressive – the PG 5 boasts a phylon midsole and dual-density insole. The heel of the midsole also adds 1-2 inches of additional height, which, I’m sure you know, is important when playing this game.

Phylon is a lightweight, durable, and responsive material used in shoes. For example, it is often used in running shoes and basketball shoes because it gives you a good bounce back. 

Combined with the zoom air unit in the heel (more on that later), this makes for a very comfortable experience when wearing these shoes. Additionally, Nike implemented an Air Strobel unit in the heel, which helps with responsiveness (also present on the last model).

All of this cushioning makes the PG 5 one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I was also impressed with the ankle support and footbed lockdown – it provided prevented my ankle from rolling inward. 

In addition, Nike gives added support on the side of the outsole to prevent your feet from slipping outside the footbed.

The upper is a mixture between textiles and mesh in terms of materials. This makes the shoe lightweight, breathable, and with minimal break-in time.

There is a very high collar on the shoe heel that hugs your foot – this gives you ultimate lockdown support and prevents any slippage. Sometimes, high heel collars concern me because they can lead to chaffing, but when I wore these shoes for one month, I didn’t experience any.

The Nike Men’s PG 5 basketball shoes fit true to size, and Paul George himself endorses them, so you know that you’re getting a quality product.

From my experience, Nike basketball shoes always have a longer lifespan than other brands. They tend to be more durable and can withstand more wear and tear.

Overall, I highly recommend the Nike Men’s PG 5 shoes. The PG 5’s allow you to make explosive moves on the court. Combine this with the incredible traction, and you have a shoe that will keep you stable during even the most strenuous plays.

Also great
#5 Nike Kyrie Flytrap II - Narrow Feet Shoes For Quick Players
8.2/10Our Score
  • Rubber outsole
  • Mesh upper
  • Zoom cushioned midsole
  • Flexible band
  • Lace-up design
  • Synthetic and textile construction

Kyrie Flytrap II is one decent basketball shoe meant for the players who got narrow feet problem. Get these shoes and enjoy your time making quick runs to rip apart your opponents on the court.

  • Ideal choice for players with narrow feet.
  • Durable basketball shoes
  • Ensures proper traction and grip on different surfaces
  • Comfortable midsole
  • Flexible band locks in the feet
  • Limited size options
  • Average cushioning

Kyrie Flytrap II from Nike is yet another option to consider if you like Nike shoes.

Be it the shape, aesthetics, durability, or cushioning, the shoes have it all. Players who have narrow feet could enjoy playing in Kyrie Flytrap II with proper comfort and stability.

I, for one, am a lover of the Nike Zoom cushioning technology. Being induced in the midsole, it ensures proper comfort, shock absorption, and impact absorption.

More than that, it keeps the narrow feet locked in for a better gameplay experience. On the other hand, one of the reasons players with narrow feet like these shoes is the presence of the flexible band.

It properly locks the feet and supports the player to make quick runs and cuts at the same time.

Moving along, the best Nike basketball shoes for narrow feet also feature a curved and flexible rubber outsole. It ensures due to traction and grip on multiple surfaces. So, you could take advantage of the shoes while playing on slippery surfaces.

Finally, breathability is well up to the mark. The Kyrie Flytrap II has a mesh upper, which ensures proper air circulation. It, therefore, prevents the extra sweat and keeps you focused on the game.

I personally play basketball often with these shoes, and they are my top choice for casual wear too.

For flat feet
#6 Nike Kobe Mamba Focus - Basketball Shoes For Narrow Flat Feet
7.9/10Our Score
  • Signature Kobe Bryant basketball shoes
  • 100% Textile and Synthetic construction
  • Air Zoom Unit Midsole
  • Embossed upper
  • TPU eyelets
  • Mamba-inspired tread pattern

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba offers the comfort a narrow foot basketball player craves. With a lightweight shape and innovative midsole, the shoes support your feet in the best possible way. Consider getting them if you are a die-hard fan of Kobe Bryant! And of comfort too.

  • Durable and sturdy narrow feet basketball shoes
  • Embossed upper ensures support and stability
  • Shock-absorptive midsole
  • Suitable for professional basketball players
  • Lightweight and stylish.
  • Poor breathability
  • Limited color options

Up next, I’ve got the Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba basketball shoes. Made in collaboration with the Late Kobe Bryant, the shoes offer ideal support to the players who have narrow feet.

‘Mamba’ name given to the shoes reflects the snake-like design, which adds aggression and catchiness at once.

Starting with some basics:

These gorgeous Nike basketball shoes for narrow feet feature TPU eyelets. Having said that, the eyelets reflect Mamba’s aggression and helps the players to enjoy their game with due stability and precision.

Other than that, I liked the Mamba tread grooved pattern on the rubber outsole of the basketball shoes.

The grip and traction this outsole offers is unparalleled. Therefore, you’ll feel at ease while wearing them on multiple surfaces.

Moreover, Nike has uses the special Air Zoom Unit cushioned midsole to improve overall comfort, stability, and support of narrow feet. In this aspect, the midsole not only locks the feet completely but also keeps them in a natural position.

You’ll see a positive impact on your gameplay while wearing the shoes for sure.

At last, the basketball shoes ensure immense durability and sturdiness. A friend of mine with narrow feet uses them, and he bought the shoes back in 2019. He still uses them extensively and can vouch for their extended durability. They last for long and are surely more comfy than your typical Converse.

And here are some other top-picked basketball shoes, you might like to look at:

Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Top Basketball Shoes For Big Men And Centers.

Also affordable
#7 Nike Kyrie Flytrap III - High-Top Basketball Shoes For Narrow Feet
7.7/10Our Score
  • Durable leather fabrics
  • Flexible rubber outsole.
  • High-top design.
  • Lace-up locking system
  • Charged cushion midsole

Kyrie 3 basketball shoes improve your overall balance, comfort, and support. Besides, the shoes keep your feet in a natural position to prevent instant tiredness. So, check them out before it’s too late.

  • Proven durability
  • Perfect for narrow feet basketball athletes.
  • Stylish and aesthetic design.
  • Offers firm traction on multiple surfaces.
  • A bit bulky as compared to other options on our list
  • The strap is too loose and unstraps often

Kyrie 3 is the latest addition from Nike that is specifically made to cater to the demands of players with narrow and flat feet.

That said, the best basketball shoes have got a lightweight and durable construction. Besides, Nike’s use of innovative technology combined with well-known comfort makes the shoes an ideal fit for basketball athletes.

To start with some major features, none of the other options of the best basketball sneakers for narrow feet feature a high-top design with a proper lace system. That said, the shoes protect ankles and heel part of the feet perfectly.

Apart from that, the basketball shoes have got a 100% genuine leather construction to maintain the sturdiness. Leather also resists harsh surfaces and could keep the shoes wearable for a long time.

At last, I got intrigued by the flexible rubber outsole, as it enables a player to move as quickly inside the court as possible. The traction is well up to the mark and this feature allows Nike Kyrie 3 to enhance your overall playing experience.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Basketball Shoes for Narrow Feet?

When it comes to narrow feet, you already have a lot to research about the best fit according to your physique. However, there are some crucial features that you should keep in mind while searching for narrow feet basketball shoes.

shoes for narrow feet for basketball players

Have a look at them, without any further ado.


First things first, the basketball shoes you chose have to be lightweight enough.

To keep that in perspective, lightweight shoes offer better stability, support, and comfort. Besides when your feet will feel unburdened when you choose light basketball shoes ever heavy ones.

Now, how would you find a lightweight pair in the market? The answer is simple. Either get yourself Nikes or adidas sneakers.

These two brands offer shoes with a lightweight shape and they are durable enough.

You could also consider the shoes from Under Armour.


It’s pretty straightforward, but I will mention it – the fit of your basketball shoes should be narrow and not wide.

How do you know that, when you look at a basketball shoe?

Well, most of the time it’s easy because wide shoes just look wider when you compare them to shoes that have narrower shape. Of course, that’s not enough.

What’s best is to measure your foot size professionally. In that way, you will know just how narrow your feet are exactly and choose a shoe from there. Here’s a cool video that describes how to do that easily:

Luckily, all shoes on our list are perfectly suitable for any type of narrow feet.

Another great option to improve the fit of your shoes if you have narrow feet is the use of special insoles for narrow feet. A reputable brand that offer such insoles is “Form Premium Insoles”.

Lace-Up Design

No matter what happens, if you have narrow feet, then never choose a shoe that doesn’t come with a lace-up system.

This specific system makes sure that your feet are locked and properly adjusted. As a result, the feet remain comfortable and non-slippery within the shoe for a long time.

So, a basketball shoe with a lace-up design is a must when you have a narrow feet issue.

Proper Support

Due to the nature of our favorite sport, having a proper heel and ankle support on your basketball shoes is a must.

shoes for narrow feet and ankle support
These are my old Nike shoes for narrow feet and great ankle support.

Look for kicks that have solid arch and ankle support. Otherwise, you risk getting various unpleasant injuries that can seriously affect your gameplay.

Shock Absorptive Midsole

Last but not least, a shock absorptive midsole means injury-free feet. Midsole with such properties absorbs most of the impact and keeps the arch, heel, and toe area as comfortable as possible.

That’s especially important when you jump and land.

As a result, you play basketball without feeling any pain or cramp in the foot muscles. All in all, the shoe with a well-cushioned, shock absorptive midsole will solve all of your sufferings without any issue.

Wanna know where you could find basketball shoes with the above-mentioned qualities?

Well, just check out the list of best narrow feet basketball shoes I’ve mentioned above. I assure you that you’ll not regret your decision after choosing any of the sneaker pairs from the list.

Grippy Outsole

No matter if you have narrow feet or wide feet, having a grippy outsole that doesn’t allow you to slip on all terrains is a must. Most quality basketball shoes come with rubber outsole that have patterns and threads that allow for a firm grip on the ground.

basketball narrow feet shoe outsole

Nike’s basketball shoes almost always have a multidirectional pattern on the outsole that works quite well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for narrow feet?

“Nike KD Trey 5 VIII” are the best shoes for narrow feet. More specifically, if you love playing basketball with immense comfort and balance, then there’s nothing better than these Kevin Durant signature shoes.

The shoes offer responsive cushioning and have got a multidirectional traction pattern. So, it would be the best choice for your narrow feet if you ask me.

Are Nike shoes good for narrow feet?

Obviously. Nike’s probably the only brand that is focusing on producing narrow feet basketball shoes for athletes. The shoes possess all capabilities such as a breathable upper, durable construction, and a shock-absorptive midsole, all combined with an ergonomic narrow design.

Besides, they offer a locked-in foot adjustment, and that’s the reason I’ve reviewed almost 6 out of 7 basketball shoes from Nike.

What is the most comfortable basketball shoe?

Take a look into Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba if you keep comfort a priority. The shoes have got a lightweight shape. More than that, the midsole comes with thick cushioning and prevents any shock to reach the arch, heel, or toe area. So, choose them if you want the most comfortable basketball shoes for narrow feet.

Final Verdict

Playing with narrow feet becomes a headache when you wear normal basketball shoes during the game. That said, if you feel that the shoe doesn’t fit width-wise, then it means that you need to get yourself a perfect narrow feet basketball sneaker.

For that purpose, I’ve already mentioned the top 7 basketball shoes in 2023. So, give them a thorough read and choose your shoe accordingly.

Again, the best basketball shoes for narrow feet are Nike KD Trey 5 VIII below.

Editor's Choice
#1 Nike Men's KD Trey 5
10/10Our Score
  • Size: 8.5-13
  • Upper Material: High-quality knit textile
  • Cushion: Soft-responsive "Renew" Foam cushioning
  • Ankle: Mid/High Top
  • Perforated Foam Pods around heels to enhance lockdown

When you think of the word "lethal," Kevin Durant is one of the first people who comes to mind. He is a fantastic scorer who can dribble and shoot with precision. The superstar is one of the most lethal scorers in the game, and his Nike shoes are designed to help him put up points in a hurry.

His signature shoe model KD Trey 5 XIII, is designed for players who want great grip, cushioning, and control on the court. Since the "Slim Reaper" is lean, his shoes need to support narrow feet.


The KD Trey 5 XIII is one of the best basketball shoes for narrow feet out there.

What are your favorite basketball shoes for narrow feet? Leave a comment below!


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