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Best Headphones for Basketball Players in 2022

Here to find out the best headphones for basketball? Look no further as I’ve got your back.

Music and basketball work like icing on the cake. Listening to music while warming up for basketball or during practice keeps you focused and mentally relaxed.

That’s one of the reasons you see icons like Lebron James and Anthony Davis wearing those classy headphones before they enter the basketball court.

Cutting right to the chase, I’ve made a list of some top-rated basketball headphones with hours and hours of research. I also follow all NBA players closely, and it helped me choose the right gadgets for the right job.

Note; Before we start the NBA headphones review, I want to clarify that all gadgets are wireless for obvious reasons. I haven’t included any wired headphones because handling them while practising is one hell of a task.

Without wasting time, let us dig deep into the top 8 headphones for basketball in 2021:

Best Headphones For Basketball – Comparison Chart

Here is the comparison chart of the top-rated basketball headphones available on the market.

HeadphonesTypeBattery TimingPrice
Beats Studio3 (Apple)Over Ear22+ hours Check Price!
Powerbeats 3In Ear12 hours Check Price!
Bose QuietComfort 35Over Ear20 hours Check Price!
Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 Over Ear16 hours Check Price!
Beats Studio3 Over Ear22 hours
Check Price!
COWIN E7Over Ear30 hours Check Price!
Powerbeats Pro In Ear9 hours
Check Price!
Bose SoundLink Over Ear15 hours Check Price!

Best Headphones for Basketball Reviews

1. Beats Studio3 by Apple “ Best Headphones for Basketball 2021

Beast Studio by AppleBeing used frequently by the likes of James Harden and Lebron James, Beats Studio 3 tops our list for being the top-rated basketball headphones. With a blend of powerful and noise-free music, sheer comfort, and ease of use, the headphones are a favourite of NBA basketball players these days.

For starters:

The noise-cancelling technology used in the headphones is well up to the mark. Apple uses updated sound drivers to cancel out surrounding noise completely. Hence, you’ll listen to music and nothing else.

With a battery timing of more than 22 hours, the headphones offer a splendid music listening experience. This allows players like Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Jimmy Butler to enjoy their music whenever they are warming up before the game.

Although Apple has developed the headphones, the compatibility factor is universal. That said, Studio 3 offers compatibility with Android and iOS devices, therefore, ensuring versatility.

The story doesn’t end here.

Apple uses a special Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling technology in the headphones to block external noise completely. Once worn, you will get immersed in a whole new world of full HD music and beats.

Last but not the least, I for one, am a big fan of Studio 3 headphones, as I idolize Lebron James. So I gathered enough money to purchase them. So far, I haven’t had a better experience of listening to music as I’m having with the Studio 3 headphones.

  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Over the ear headphones.
  • Pure ANC technology.
  • Active noise canceling technology.
  • Matte black color.
  • Up to 22 hours battery.
Beats Studio 3 by Apple won’t disappoint you. If you love music and basketball at the same time, then I’d suggest that you give a try to these headphones at least once in your life.

  • Used by Lebron James.
  • Favorite NBA player headphones.
  • Offers an immersive music listening experience.
  • Comfy and durable at the same time.
  • Long-lasting battery timing.
  • Ensures universal compatibility.
  • Expensive. (What else could you expect from Apple?)
  • No other major issues.

2. Powerbeats 3 “ Best Cheap Earphones for Basketball

Powerbeats 3Not a big fan of using over the ear headphones? Well, don’t worry at all. Powerbeats 3 are here to enhance your music experience while you warm up or practice basketball. The earphones are wireless means you can connect them to your phone without any wire.

More than that;

Powerbeats 3 offers compatibility with iOS devices. This means you can connect them to an iPhone without facing any problem. The earphones use the Apple W1 chip for iOS connectivity.

Moreover, I don’t think the 12 hours battery timing is insufficient. Just look at the price tag Powerbeats 3 has got and compare it with the Beats Studio 3 I discussed above. You’ll get what I’m talking about for sure.

The best NBA earphones also feature updated sound drivers. The Active Noise Canceling is well up to the mark. Plus, I loved the ergonomic design of the earphones as they won’t fall no matter how intense your warmup gets.

Finally, Beats offer the Fast Fuel interface in the earphones. That is, with a 5 minute charge, the earphones offer playback of more than one hour. That’s quite awesome, especially when you frequently forget to charge your gadgets.

One problem, however, with the earphones is horrible customer service. Apple doesn’t cover the in-ear part of the earphones. So, if damaged, you won’t be able to get them repaired even with warranty coverage.

  • In-ear type.
  • Defiant Black color.
  • Active Noise Cancelation.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • 12 hours running time.
Powerbeats 3 ensure comfort, full HD sound, less fatigue, and an improved workout interface at an affordable rate. Get these cheap basketball earphones before they run out of stock.

  • Ergonomic earphones.
  • Get adjusted into ears properly.
  • Soft buds keep the ears comfortable enough.
  • Ensures music with deep bass and clarity.
  • Active noise canceling cuts you from the surroundings.
  • Affordable compared to Studio 3 headphones.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Connectivity issues with Android phones.

3. Bose QuietComfort 35 “ Best Wireless Headphones for Basketball

Bose QuietComfort 35QuietComfort 35 with a sleek and stylish design offers an enhanced music experience. The over ear headphones won’t make any sweat no matter how harsh your basketball workout routine is. Basketball legends such as Luka DonÄić and Klay Thompson often use these headphones during their warmup sessions.

What’s so interesting about these headphones?

For starters, Bose QuietComfort 35 offers a three-level noise canceling interface. Therefore, these headphones completely ignore the background noise to keep you focused on the beats.

Other than that, the NBA headphone pair comes with the Alexa Voice Control feature. You can use different voice commands to control the volume, change song, or turn off the headphones as per your will and wish.

Bose has tried the AR (augmented reality) technology with the headphones and so far it’s working perfectly. Once you put on the headphones, you’ll not be aware of the surroundings anymore and that’s what the Bose AR is all about.

The best headphones for basketball offer a 20 hour continuous playback time. Plus, the Bluetooth connectivity allows it to pair to Android and iOS devices easily. You should also check out the Bose Connect App, which helps you create custom headphone settings depending upon your mood.

Extra peripherals include a carrying case, an audio cable (to listen to music without battery power) a charging cable, and a user manual.

  • Three-level active noise cancelation.
  • Over the ear headphones.
  • Alexa Voice Control interface.
  • Bose AR technology.
  • 20 hours playback time.
  • Carrying case and charging cable included.
  • Black Color.
Choose Bose QuietComfort headphones and you’ll never have to worry about external noise or poor sound quality. The basketball headphones come with a plethora of features and that’s one of the reasons NBA players use them.

  • Used by Klay Thompson.
  • Causes less fatigue and sweat.
  • Ideal choice for NBA basketball players.
  • Immersive music listening experience.
  • Universal compatibility.
  • Maintains focus on practicing basketball.
  • Expensive. (Same price tag as Beats Studio 3)
  • Issues in firmware. (Don’t update it)

4. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 “ Best Headphones for Basketball Under 100

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500Plantronics isn’t as famous as compared to the likes of Beats or Bose. However, the brand is producing some innovative and powerful headphones since 2018. In this aspect, I’ve got to review the BackBeat FIT 500. First impressions: Headphones look sleek and stylish enough.

Starting with some basic features:

Plantronics basketball headphones have got updated 40mm sound drivers. That said, you’ll surely enjoy deep, bass-rich, and clear music during the basketball drills.

On top of that, the headphones are extremely comfortable. Use of memory foam padding ensures fatigue-free ears. Moreover, the sweat-resistant design keeps the wetness away even with harsh exercise routine.

I’ve tested these basketball headphones in different circumstances and up till now, the performance is satisfactory. Bluetooth connectivity is also well up to the mark. The latest 5.1 Bluetooth update ensures connectivity to two different devices at once. More importantly, the headphones also get paired to 8 devices without any problem.

Although the best cheap basketball headphones offer a 16-hour playback time. You could use the 3.5mm cable to connect them directly to your phone. Do this only when the battery dies after continuous listening.

It’s a no-brainer that the headphones are affordable. Hence, you’ll have to compromise on some of the aspects such as longevity. The headphones could worn out within 3 to 4 months. So, use them with due care and precautions.

  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.
  • 40mm sound drivers.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Pairs to 8 devices at once.
  • 3.5mm audio cable included.
  • 16-hour playback time.
  • Nano-coating technology.
Low on budget and still want the best over ear headphones for basketball? Choose Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 with closed eyes. You’ll thank me later for sure.

  • Comfortable, lightweight, and sleek.
  • Sound drivers ensure deep and rich bass music.
  • Filters out distortion easily.
  • Prevents external noise.
  • Gets connected to two devices at once.
  • Sweat-resistant body.
  • Not durable enough.
  • Random disconnectivity problem.

5. Beats Studio3 – Lebron James Headphones 2021

Beats Studio3No, I’m not reviewing the above-mentioned Beats Studio 3 again. These headphones are the vintage model being used by the likes of Lebron James a lot. That said, the classic Defiant Black color with a sleek and ergonomic finish makes Studio 3 the number 1 priority for basketball players.

Getting along with some major features:

Beats Studio 3 features Active Noise Cancelation technology, which offers an immersive music listening experience. You’ll literally feel the beats to the core while playing basketball.

The best headphones for basketball also come with the Real-time Audio Calibration feature. It ensures a full HD sound quality and keeps everything in balance be it the bass, jazz, or contrast controls.

The 22 hours battery timing allows you to listen to your favorite electronic tracks all day long without any hassle. Mind you that the headphones don’t connect with a 3.5mm audio cable. You can connect them via Bluetooth only.

Finally, the Fast Fuel technology makes sure that you enjoy more in less time. In this regard, the headphones give a 1 hour playback time when you charge them hardly for 10 minutes.

  • Bluetooth and Apple W1 chip connectivity.
  • Defiant Black Color.
  • Real-Time Audio Calibration.
  • Active Noise Canceling.
  • 22 hours battery timing.
  • Fast Fuel technology.
Lebron James has used the Beats Studio3 in past and you should try this model if you love a blend of sophistication, comfort, style, and premium sound quality.

  • Lebron James headphones for basketball. (Circa 2018)
  • Ensures an indulged music listening experience.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Cushioned earcups.
  • Sweat-resistant headphones for basketball.
  • No 3.5mm cable connectivity.
  • Expensive as usual.

6. COWIN E7 “ Deep Bass Basketball Headphones

COWIN E7Another affordable headphone option you can consider is to get the COWIN E7. These basketball headphones are specifically designed to keep you away from external noise. That said, the active-noise cancellation option helps the headphones to ensure music with deep and rich bass, and with full clarity at the same time.

First things first;

COWIN E7 offers universal compatibility. Thanks to the upgraded Bluetooth technology, the headphones can easily get connected to the likes of iPhones or Samsung Galaxy smartphones without any hassle.

Adding to that, 45mm wide aperture sound drivers will keep your brain focused on the basketball workouts you perform. Just put those on your ears and you’ll feel goosebumps all over your body while listening to motivational music.

Protein Earpad design along with the 90° swiveling earcups ensures ergonomics, comfort, and ease of use respectively. The protein earpads will keep your ears safe from extra fatigue and tiredness.

Wanna know the playback time of these cheap basketball headphones? 30 hours on one full charge. Is mouth wide open? Well, I was also surprised after discovering these hell of basketball headphones. 750 mAh battery being installed in it takes care of all your power shortage issues to keep you focused on your drills.

I, personally, loved the professional customer service of COWIN as it’s way better than Apple. The 18-month warranty coverage ensures peace of mind while you enjoy the lo-fi beats during intense practice sessions.

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 90° earcups.
  • Protein earpads.
  • 750 mAh battery.
  • 30 hours of playback time.
  • 18-month warranty.
COWIN E7 must be a priority for players who want to keep their focus on warming up before the game without spending a lot of money. Check them out if you’ve got a budget of around $50 only.

  • Ideal for basketball players.
  • Improved battery timing.
  • Extremely affordable headphones for basketball.
  • Durable and comfortable enough.
  • Padded earcups.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Non-foldable design.
  • Distortion issues.

7. Powerbeats Pro “ Best NBA Earbuds in 2021

Powerbeats ProThe earphones we discussed above were connected through a wire. Well, it wasn’t a problem but some people still had issues with such a design. To tackle this problem. Beats introduced the Powerbeats Pro as the latest wireless earbuds option for basketball players.

First off;

The best NBA earbuds offer a versatile music listening experience. Updated sound drivers being used in them ensure a deep and rich sound quality with a crystal clear voice.

On the other hand, the earbuds are completely resistant to water and sweat. Thanks to the premium quality materials used in it, you could expect them to last longer.

The 9 hour playback time is more than enough for basketball players who have to perform intense exercise sessions. Improved battery charging means that you could get better playback time with less charge.

The ear hooks installed above help to adjust the position of the earphones. Not only that but it also ensures stability and keeps the earbuds away from falling too often.

Powerbeats Pro uses the latest Apple H1 chip and Bluetooth Class 1 technology for long-lasting connectivity. You can connect them to your Apple Watch, iPhone, iMac, iPad, and Macbook easily.

Finally, the presence of four extra eartips ensures convenience and handiness at the same time. You can replace the eartips every once in a while to prevent them from slipping.

  • 9 hours playback time.
  • Fast fuel technology.
  • Ear hooks.
  • Apple H1 Chip and Class 1 Bluetooth technology.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
Invest in Powerbeats Pro if your ears cannot bear the weight and sweat of over the ear headphones during the basketball workouts.

  • Sweat and water resistant earbuds.
  • Suitable for basketball players.
  • Offers a noiseless music listening experience.
  • Durable and sturdy enough.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Lacks midrange music balance.

8. Bose SoundLink “ Sweat Proof Headphones for Basketball

Bose SoundLinkThe best headphones for the basketball review section ends with Bose SoundLink headphones. Famous for their durability, comfort, and enriched music listening experience, SoundLink headphones will keep you focused on achieving your goals.


The latest Bluetooth technology that Bose SoundLink uses ensures easy connectivity. It also keeps the headphones away from random disconnecting issues.

Adding to that, the premium quality construction improves the lifespan and keeps the headphones safe from sweat. That’s one of the reasons I call them the best sweatproof headphones for basketball.

Last but not the least, the wireless range of about 30 feet along with a 15 hours battery timing improves the music listening experience drastically. You can wear headphones to listen to music while enjoying basketball workout drills.

So if you want to hook up with a basketball player, get him these headphones. He’s gonna love those!

  • Sweatproof headphones.
  • 30 feet wireless range.
  • Latest Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Black color.
Bose SoundLink is one of the alternatives that you can have a look at if you want to enjoy premium music without any external disturbance.

  • Ideal for professional basketball players.
  • Ensures a rich bass music listening experience.
  • Sturdy enough.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Poor earcups cushioning.
  • A bit pricey.

Choosing the Best Headphones for Basketball in 2021: What You Need to Know?

Making the right choice when it comes to basketball headphones is not easy.

Inflation has caused a price hike, which means that you have a bigger chance of wasting your money on an uncomfortable and unworthy headphone pair.

In such circumstances, I need to guide you properly about what to look for in a basketball headphone pair.

Follow me up:

Features to Consider Before Purchasing Basketball Headphones:

  1. Comfort Comes First:

Do you know the main reason why NBA players choose those expensive headphones?

Let me tell you why;

Expensive brands such as Apple (Beats) and Bose keep comfort, their top priority.

The headphones these brands offer are light in weight, properly cushioned, and don’t burden the ears at all.

That said, comfort should be the priority for you. I’m not forcing you to purchase expensive basketball headphones.

However, you can check out the construction of earcups and see whether they are properly padded or not.

Moreover, don’t forget to adjust the size of the headphones and make sure that they fit perfectly.

This way, you’ll not only enjoy music but also keep your focus on performing different basketball drills without facing any problem.

  1. Sound Quality Matters:

The sole reason for purchasing high-quality basketball headphones is that they offer a deep and rich music experience.

Mind you, sound quality matters a lot when you are looking out for the best headphones for basketball.

The headphones must have updated sound drivers. More than that, they must offer full HD sound quality with a rich and deep bass feeling at the same time.

That’s why most of the headphones I’ve reviewed are from Bose or Beats. These two brands prioritize sound quality a lot and that’s one of the reasons many professional basketball players use them.

  1. Connectivity:

There’s no point of investing in wired basketball headphones. The tangling cord will get stuck anywhere and will either rip apart the headphone or disconnect it from the device.

I always recommend going for wireless headphones no matter what sports you play. You hit a gym, you play basketball, or any other sport, you choose only wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones remove the hassle of tangling wires and ensures convenience. So, once you connect them to your smartphone, you could then focus on your workout completely while listening to music.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What headphones do NBA players use?

The likes of Lebron James, James Harden, Anthony Davis, and Jimmy Butler use the Beats ‘Studio 3 by Apple’. On the other hand, Luka DonÄić along with Klay Thompson uses ‘Bose QuietComfort 35’. Both headphone brands are reliable and offer top-notch sound quality with comfort and a long-lasting battery.

  1. Are earbuds good for basketball?

Of course. Earbuds are the latest wireless earphones that offer a deep and rich music experience without any surrounding noise. You should try the brand new Powerbeats Pro from Beats as they offer a versatile music listening experience and are quite ergonomic respectively.

  1. What headphones do athletes use?

Most basketball athletes prefer using Powerbeats 3 as they offer portability and compactness without compromising on sound quality. However, many players now use the AirPods mostly because they are the most portable music listening devices available in 2021.

To Conclude:

That would be all about the best headphones for basketball from my side.

I’ve tried my best to keep you guys updated about the latest headphones that most NBA players use.

More precisely, I’ve shed light on some important aspects of choosing a basketball headphone.

So, make up your mind, check out the list of top-rated headphones and make your choice accordingly.

OR, if there’s still confusion, then simply get the latest Beats Studio 3 by Apple wireless headphones. Believe me, you won’t regret your decision even after two to three years.

Sure the headphones are expensive, but think of them as a one-time investment only and just go for them with closed eyes.

One more thing! Ask me relevant questions about the main topic so that I can clear your ambiguity as soon as possible.


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