Best Jordans for Wide Feet in 2021 [Detailed Reviews]

Everyone knows that when Nike and Jordans combine, we see a chaos of “A Volcano Meeting a Tornado”.

Jordans have become the most popular sneakers in recent times. You see celebs, rappers, famous personalities or professional players wear them all the time as they offer comfort with a blend of fashion.

That said, finding a Jordan that fits wide feet is a bit of a hustle. In this aspect, I’ve got some good news for athletes with wide feet.

With the help of personal testing, positive customer feedback, and opinions from experts, I’ve found the 7 best Jordans for wide feet in 2021.

Get through them one by one, and choose the one that you love the most.

Have a look:

Our Top 3 Picks

The top 3 picks from the reviewed sneakers go as follows:

  1. Air Jordan 1 – as it’s the bestselling Jordans for wide-feet right now.
  2. Jordan Mars 270 – if you want to play the game with agility and aggressiveness.
  3. Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 – if you want to go for an affordable yet durable option.

Best Jordans for Wide Feet 2021 – A Comparison

Basketball HoopsDetailsPrice
Air Jordan 1 Weight: 13.4 oz.
Midsole: Air Zoom
Check Price!
Jordan Mars 270 Weight: 19 oz.
Midsole: Air Unit
Check Price!
Jordan Maxin 200 Weight: 16 oz.
Midsole: Foam Midsole
Check Price!
Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 Weight: 10 oz.
Midsole: Polyurethane
Check Price!
Jordan Jumpman Team 1Weight: 17 oz.
Midsole: Phylon
Check Price!
Jordan Westbrook One Take Weight: 14 oz.
Midsole: Air Zoom Unit
Check Price!
Jordan Mens Air 5 Weight: 16.5 oz.
Midsole: Black Midsole
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Best Wide Jordan Basketball Shoes Reviews

1. Air Jordan 1 – Best Selling Jordans for Wide Feet in 2021

Air Jordan 1 - Best Jordans for Wide FeetAir Jordan 1 from Nike is one of the latest releases from the manufacturer in 2021. Introduced in early May, the sneakers have got the attention of basketball players to an extent that they’ve become the bestselling footwear right away. Why is that? You might ask. Well, the shoes feature a comfy fit, a mid-top design, a stylish shape, and a solid grip. All these qualities combined make Air Jordan 1 the top choice for Bball players in 2021.

Getting to some of its features:

Durable Leather Construction with Perforated Toe Box!

Makes the feet as balanced as possible while the athlete is busy taking on other players. Perforations on toe box count for air ventilation and keep the feet away from sweat.

Nike’s Signature Air Zoom Cushioned Midsole for Comfort!

Not only that, but the midsole is capable of absorbing impact as well as shock at the same time. It also keeps the feet in a natural position, thus ensuring a comfortable playing experience.

Supportive Leather Upper!

Ensures that players can make lateral and aggressive runs on the court without any hassle. On top of that, the balance of leather upper also plays a pivotal role in improving the overall movement of a player.

Deeply Grooved Traction Pattern!

Combined with an authentic rubber outsole, it can help the players make quick runs into the court without compromising on the grip. The outsole is thick enough, which means it can hold the ground for a long time.

Versatile Jordans for Wide Feet!

The shoes do offer versatility. Players can wear them both indoors and outdoors. More than that, several fitting options being available makes it easier for players with wide feet to play while wearing them.

What I Think!

Is that the sneakers offer comfort, style, strong grip, and proper cushioning. Since their release, I’ve got a pair myself and I’ve been enjoying the drip these sneakers offer up till now.

  • Air Zoom cushioning.
  • Leather construction.
  • Leather upper.
  • Perforations on toe box.
  • Mid-top design.
  • Deeply grooved traction pattern.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Weighs 13.4 oz.
Air Jordan 1 offers comfort, relaxation, superb grip, and long-lasting performance. They fit wide feet without any hurdle. So, players with such feet can try the sneakers and see what wonders they can do on the court.


  • Suits the requirements of players with wide feet.
  • Mid-top design keeps ankle protected.
  • Strong traction counts for quick runs and improved footwork.
  • Durable leather upper with perforations to avoid sweat.
  • Extremely fashionable.
  • Soft yet impact absorptive midsole.
  • Expensive. (You won’t find cheap Jordans anywhere)
  • Limited color options. (Only Green color available right now)

2. Jordan Mars 270 – Best Wide Jordan Basketball Shoes 2021

Jordan Mars 270 - Best Jordans for Wide FeetI call Mars 270 a “Hybrid Jordan Sneaker meant for Bball players.” That’s because, the creator of these shoes, i.e. Jackson Lee has made them while combining the pieces from the likes of Air Jordan 1, 4, 5, and 6 respectively. With a hybrid mid-top design and aesthetic shape, the sneakers do offer value to the money you spend on them.

Starting with some facts about Jordan Mars 270

Nubuck Leather Construction for Longevity!

Nubuck leather being used in the sneakers make them flexible, comfortable, and quite sturdy. You can utilize the sneakers for casual use, or for playing basketball without facing any problem.

Air Heel Cushioning Unit from Nike!

Makes the footwear easy and comfy to wear. That’s one of the reasons these sneakers meet the demands of players with wide feet. Air Heel Unit midsole can also absorb shock and elevate the feet to make higher jumps.

High-Top Design for Ankle Protection:

While keeping the ankle muscles protected enough, the high-top shoes ensure proper ankle freedom for lateral movements. So, it becomes convenient for players to dodge their opponents with quick dribbles.

Perforations make the Way for Air!

Well, Jordan Mars 270 does come with a perforated design. Proper air ventilation allows the feet to remain as dry as possible while the player is busy making slam dunks or three pointers.

Rubber Outsole with Micro Tread Traction Pattern!

Ensures good grip on the ground. Along with the rubber outsole, we also get to see that the grooves can aid in supporting both indoor and outdoor surfaces. True to their Hybrid nature, you can wear Mars 270 anywhere you want.

  • Air Heel Unit Cushioning.
  • Hybrid design.
  • High-top shape.
  • Nubuck Leather constructions.
  • Perforated upper.
  • Thick Rubber outsole.
  • Micro Tread traction pattern.
  • Weighs 19 oz.
With the efforts of Jackson Lee, we get to see the Hybrid Jordans Mars 270. Suitable for athletes with wide feet, the sneakers ensure a comfortable playing experience at a justified price tag. Consider them before it’s too late.


  • Micheal Jordan’s signature Bball sneakers.
  • Hybrid working interface. (Both indoors and outdoors)
  • Durable Nubuck leather for longevity.
  • Air Heel Unit supports wide feet perfectly.
  • Offers a strong grip on shiny surfaces.
  • Flexible yet comfortable.
  • Not recommended for narrow feet.
  • Leather upper could develop stretch marks.

3. Jordan Maxin 200 – Best Nikes for Wide Feet

Jordan Maxin 200Maxin 200 has proved beneficial for athletes who’ve got wide feet and cannot get a better fit anywhere. With combined efforts of Nike, these Jordans ensure a comfy and convenient playing experience. Meanwhile, they offer durability along with longevity. The shape and design is gorgeous and eye-catchy and that’s the reason it has got hooked into the minds of Bball players.

To get started with,

Nubuck Leather Construction for Unparalleled Sturdiness!

With patented Nubuck leather, it becomes easy for the sneakers to keep on working without any wear or tear problem. The overall construction also offers minimalist balance to the feet.

Visible Air Units on Sides and Toe Box!

Makes sure that the inside remains as breathable as possible. Optimum air ventilation keeps proper blood flow into the feet muscles allowing them to remain relaxed.

Comfortably Constructed Foam Midsole!

Keeps the wide feet away from any pain or injuries. The foam midsole is soft and gets pressed easily. So, once you adjust the sneakers on your feet, it will open a whole new dimension of comfort and relaxation for you.

Leather Outsole!

Maxin 200 surprisingly uses a leather outsole with a groovy traction pattern to enhance the overall grip on indoor surfaces. You can also wear shoes for outdoor playing experience.

  • Comfortable foam midsole.
  • Patented Nubuck leather construction.
  • Visible Air Units.
  • Perforations on toe box.
  • Leather outsole with groovy traction pattern.
  • Weighs 16 oz.
Jordan Maxin 200 proves to be the best Nikes for wide feet in the market, without any doubt. Consider this pair if you want to play with style, comfort, and relief for a long time.


  • Stylish and comfy wide feet basketball shoes.
  • Durable Nubuck leather construction.
  • Work indoors and outdoors without any damage.
  • Perfect for long-term use.
  • Keeps wide feet comfy with a foam midsole.
  • Leather outsole increases grip on the surface.
  • Some sizes aren’t available.
  • Only one color option.

4. Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 – Best for Multi-Surface Traction

Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23Flyknit Elevation 23 are, in fact, one of the most comfortable Jordans I’ve seen up till now. The shoes comprise two different types of cushioning, i.e. Polyurethane and Air-Sole Unit. Combined with that, we get a multi-surface traction rubber outsole that works like icing on the cake. Keeping all these qualities in mind, Flyknit Elevation 23 proves to be the best Jordans for wide feet within a justified price tag.

For starters:

Fabric Construction Makes Elevation 23 Durable and Lightweight:

Compared to leather, fabric offers more elasticity and flexibility while keeping the sturdiness intact. It ensures proper support and balance as well.

Polyurethane Midsole for Sheer Comfort!

The midsole keeps the feet comfortable and maintains a natural posture of heel, arch, and toe area. Furthermore, it absorbs the impact and offers enough elevation to athletes for them to jump perfectly.

Air Sole Unit Ensures Forefoot and Heel Cushioning!

That’s what I was talking about. The presence of an air sole unit already makes things ideal for players with wide feet. It can keep heel and forefoot area cushioned enough to help the players advance with cheeky dribbles.

Rubber Outsole Inspired by Air Jordan 6!

Makes a huge difference. Combined with multi-surface traction, the sneakers do play a pivotal role in keeping a firm grip on different surfaces.

Mid-Top Design for Ankle Protection!

Keeps the ankle muscles protected from twisting or rolling. Besides the mid-top shape also ensures proper ankle freedom so that players can move anywhere they want.

  • Polyurethane midsole.
  • Fabric construction.
  • Synthetic leather overlays.
  • Multi-surface traction pattern.
  • Air Sole Unit.
  • Mid-top design.
  • Weighs 10 oz.
Flyknit Elevation 23 are indeed the most affordable Jordans for wide feet. Check the sneakers out if you aren’t a big fan of the options I’ve mentioned above.


  • Affordable Jordans for wide feet.
  • Mid-top design for ankle protection.
  • Durable and lightweight fabric construction.
  • Perfect for athletes who have wide feet.
  • Midsole and air sole unit keep the feet relieved all the time.
  • Limited size options.
  • No Jumpman logo.

5. Jordan Jumpman Team 1 – For University Basketball Players

Jordan Jumpman Team 1I call Jordan Jumpman Team 1 a perfect fit for University players. That’s because these stylish sneakers could be worn casually. Adding to that, the shoes offer a perfect game experience with extra comfort and durability at the same time. Although the overall shape seems bulkier than the sneakers I’ve discussed above, players with wide feet will surely love this footwear as Jumpman Team 1 is specifically made for them.

Some of the major features include:

A Phylon Midsole!

It increases the overall comfort of the feet immediately. Combined with that the midsole also absorbs shock and impact quite well.

Multidirectional Traction Pattern!

With a thick rubber outsole and a multidirectional traction pattern, it’s easy for university players to get past their opponents in a blink of an eye. Players could also improve their footwork skills using the Jumpman team logo.

Nike Air Units Enhance Cushioning!

With the introduction of Air Units, the forefoot and heel get extra cushioning, thus there is no burden on these areas. In return, athletes could play with more confidence and will take less stress about getting injured.

Nubuck Leather Upper for Balance and Support!

Well, leather also enhances the sturdiness of these sneakers as you could enjoy having quick lateral movements without any hassle.

  • Phylon foam midsole.
  • Thick rubber outsole.
  • Nubuck leather upper.
  • Visible perforations.
  • Air Unit for forefoot and heel.
  • Imported basketball sneakers.
  • Weighs 17 oz.
Jumpman Team 1 for Jordon meets the demands of university players who’ve got wide feet. Investing in them would be a wise decision considering how much comfort they offer along with proper support and strong grip.


  • Suitable for university players with wide feet.
  • Durable and long-lasting Nubuck leather construction.
  • Multidirectional traction enhances the grip on different surfaces.
  • Stylish and aesthetic shape.
  • Phylon foam midsole offers support and comfort to feet.
  • Seems a bit bulky.
  • White color attracts the dust.

6. Jordan Westbrook One Take – For Ultimate Stability:

Jordan Westbrook One TakeWestbrook One Take won’t disappoint those who have got wide feet as the sneakers offer a snug fit along with proper cushioning. As the brand claims, these Jordans are capable of offering ultimate performance, ultimate support, and ultimate stability. All these abilities make them one of the most reliable basketball sneakers in the market.

Getting started:

Westbrook One Take features a Mesh Upper!

Along with proper support and flexibility, the upper ensures air ventilation, so as to keep the feet as sweat-free as possible.

Air Zoom Unit from Nike Makes a Big Difference!

It secures the forefoot area with immense cushioning and allows the feet to stay comfortable even if you are playing a high-intensity game.

Midfoot Cage for Stability:

The special midfoot cage design locks the feet in a natural posture, thus ensuring ultimate stability and performance. This option helps players with wide feet quite a lot as it can keep their feet relieved of any pain or injury.

Rubber Outsole with Zig Zag Traction Pattern!

Makes a versatile grip on different surfaces, thus allowing the player to move or stop whenever they want without facing any injury.

  • Air Zoom Unit cushioning.
  • Midfoot cage.
  • Mesh upper.
  • Thick rubber outsole.
  • Weighs 14 oz.
Westbrook Take One is all about comfort, stability, support, and superior performance. Keep it on your priority list, especially if you don’t want to compromise on the fashion aspect.


  • Offers impeccable stability and performance.
  • Zig-Zag traction counts for powerful grip.
  • Comfortable midsole cushioning keeps wide feet relaxed.
  • Long-lasting and durable construction.
  • Aesthetic shape.
  • Only one color option available.
  • No other major issues.

7. Jordan Mens Air 5 – Best Retro Jordans for Wide Feet

Jordan Mens Air 5Retro Air Jordan 5 are the last sneaker option available on our list. Imitating the Retro style of Jordans, Air 5 ensures that fashion and comfort go side by side. It features a stylish shape, a comfortable midsole, and a grippy outsole. With these qualities, Air 5 have become the sneakers that many players with wide feet love.

Some of the features include;

Nubuck leather Construction!

It ensures durability and has a long-lasting effect along with ultimate support and balance.

Black Midsole with Shark Tooth Details!

Keeps a natural posture of the feet and makes them relieved of any pain or injury at the same time.

Icy Translucent Rubber Outsole!

Allows the shoes to offer superior performance on indoor and outdoor courts. The multidirectional traction pattern plays a major role in keeping the athletes away from slipping injuries.

  • Black midsole.
  • Thick rubber outsole.
  • Leather construction.
  • Perforations on toe box.
  • Weighs 16.5 oz.
The Air Jordan 5 from Nike should be considered if you want to keep the aesthetics intact while maintaining a supportive playing performance. Go check them out before they run out of stock.


  • Another good option for wide feet.
  • Keeps the feet comfy and relaxed enough.
  • Offers improved traction.
  • A bit pricey.
  • No other major issues.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  1. What are the best Jordans for wide feet?

I recommend getting Air Jordan 1. The shoes have got an aesthetic shape and a comfortable midsole. Not only that, but Nike Air Unit is also present to offer extra cushioning. The grip works perfectly indoors and outdoors. These are some of the reasons to trust Air Jordan 1.

  1. Do Air Jordans fit wide feet?

Most of them do. We’ve got the likes of Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 5 on our list and both of them provide extra cushioning, thanks to their midsole and Air Unit Heel. So, it’s fine to say that Air Jordans can support wide feet without causing any problem.

  1. How to choose reliable Jordans for wide feet?

Make sure that the upper comes with a breathable structure, i.e. it must include perforations. Prefer shoes that offer double cushioning, i.e. for forefoot and the heel part. Next, you need to look out for the outsole to see whether it can support different surfaces or not. After checking out these qualities, make a decision according to your preferences and budget.

Summing it Up:

Getting the best Jordans for wide feet is no piece of cake. You have to actually research the market for hours and hours as these kinda sneakers are already scarce.

Thanks to my research team and my own passion, I was able to cram out the best from the best in this guide.

Skim through the pros and cons of each pair, lock in your favorite pair and simply get them to enjoy unparalleled comfort with fashion and style.

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