Best Basketball Shoes for Shin Splints 2021 Reviews

Shin Splints is a severe medical condition common in basketball athletes. It involves the inflammation of muscles around the shinbone (Tibia) due to extreme stress.

One of the reasons basketball athletes suffer from this painful condition is that they are not conscious enough about their footwear choice. Hence, to tackle this problem, you must invest in the best basketball shoes for Shin Splints.

For starters:

Footwear meant to reduce this severe pain will have cushioned midsole, for extra comfort. Adding to that, the shoes must absorb most of the shock and offer enough arch support as well.

In this context, to keep you away from extra hassle, I’ve already compiled a list of top-rated Shin Splints basketball shoes. The selection was based on deep research, personal tests, extra cushioning, and feedback from expert physiotherapists.

Let us, therefore, move on to discussing the basketball shoes for Shin Splints reviews;

Best Basketball Shoes For Shin Splints Comparison Chart

Here is the comparison chart of the top-rated Basketball shoes for Shin Splints available on the market.

Adidas Men’s Dame 5
  • Midsole: Shock Absorptive
  • Upper: Suede
  • Check Price!
    Under Armour
    Men's Curry 3
  • Midsole: Charged Cushioned
  • Upper: Threadborne
  • Check Price!
    Adidas Men’s
    Marquee Boost
  • Midsole: Boost Cushioned
  • Upper: Air Mesh Textile
  • Check Price!
    Adidas Harden Vol. 2
  • Midsole: Boost Cushioned
  • Upper: Textile
  • Check Price!
    Nike Men’s Lebron 17
  • Midsole: Air Max Cushioning
  • Upper: Mesh, Textile
  • Check Price!
    Nike Women’s
    Air Force 1
  • Midsole: Air Cushioned
  • Upper: Leather and Fabric
  • Check Price!
    Nike Kyrie 5
  • Midsole: Air Zoom Turbo
  • Upper: Engineered Fabric
  • Check Price!

    Best Basketball Shoes for Shin Splints Reviews

    1. Adidas Men’s Dame 5 – Best Basketball Shoes for Shin Splints

    Best Basketball Shoes for Shin SplintsAdidas Men’s Dame 5 with the extra comfortable midsole, strong grip, and shock absorptive shape tops our list. Featuring a lightweight yet stylish body, the Adidas basketball shoes are recommended by Physiotherapists as they can reduce the Shin Splints problem quite effectively.

    Starting with some specifics:

    Men’s Dame 5, first of all, feature internal pods along with an extra supportive and cushioned midsole. Not only that but under the tongue padding is also helpful in keeping the feet as comfortable as possible.

    Thanks to the visible pores in the suede upper, there would be more than enough air circulation to keep the feet relaxed and dry at the same time.

    Mid arch support helps the ankles to remain comfortable and relieved throughout the gameplay. Therefore, preventing extra stress on Shinbone is possible.

    The reason I loved Adidas Men’s Dame 5 is that it absorbs shock perfectly. No matter how long do you jump, the shock absorptive midsole will absorb most of the landing impact thus keeping the toe, arch, and ankle area as comforted as possible.

    Last but not the least, the best basketball shoes meant for Shin Splints feature a rubber outsole with a unique grooving pattern. So, the grip and traction are quite strong, thus helping you move quickly in the court without suffering from shinbone pain.

    Key Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Suede Upper.
    • Internal Pods.
    • Visible pores.
    • Black/Grey/Metallic/Night colour variations.
    • Mid arch support.
    • Textile and synthetic construction.
    • Rubber outsole.
    Adidas Men’s Dame 5 with its versatile and comforting design helps the athletes suffering from Shin Splints to play the game properly. Better check them out if you don’t want to stress your shinbone while competing against a fierce rival.


    • Durable and reliable basketball shoes for Shin Splints.
    • Reduce the stress on the shinbone.
    • Shock absorptive properties.
    • Improved breathability.
    • Ideal for professional basketball athletes.
    • Strong traction on slippery surfaces.
    • Not suitable for wide feet.
    • Gets damaged on the outdoor surface easily.

    2. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 – Stephen Curry Recommends

    Best Basketball Shoes for Shin Splints

    Stephen Curry is a legend of the game as the world recognizes him without a doubt. He has partnered with Under Armour to help the basketball players reduce their shin splints suffering. The brand new Curry 3 are up for grabs as they offer comfortable support along with a rugged shape and strong traction.

    Cutting right to the chase:

    The best sneakers for shin splints have got a special Meta-Wing Carbon Fiber shank. It helps to improve the stability and offers immense support when you are involved in an intense basketball game.

    Along with that, the midsole foam keeps the ankle, arch, and toe area as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Thanks to the innovation used by Under Armour, it becomes soft when you are moving slowly, but gets firm when your movements get quick enough with time.

    Under Armour basketball shoes also feature a particular Anafoam material, which gets wrapped around the foot. Therefore, it locks the feet in a natural position keeping the athletes away from shinbone pain.

    Charged Cushioning is there to keep you away from immense pain when you land after making a dunk. The extra cushioning helps absorb most of the impact so that your feet could remain as comfy as possible.

    All in all these pair of shoes is Stephen Curry’s personal recommendation. That’d be enough for you to invest in them especially if you idealize Stephen.

    Key Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Threadborne upper.
    • Rubber outsole with grooved pattern.
    • Meta-Wing Carbon Fiber shank.
    • High arch design.
    • Charged cushioning
    Under Armour Curry 3 with a unique shape, charged cushioned midsole, and a multidirectional traction pattern outsole ensures relief while playing basketball. Get them if you want to enjoy a pain-free playing experience for a long time.


    • Improved air circulation.
    • Charged cushioning for absorbing impact.
    • Durable and sturdy.
    • Recommended for reducing Shin Splints pain.
    • Midsole foam ensures ultra-comfort.
    • Anafoam material locks feet in a natural position.
    • Colour confusion.
    • Poor customer response.
    • Not recommended for outdoor use.

    3. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost – Breathable Shoes for Shin Splints

    Adidas Men’s Marquee BoostUp next, we have another footwear option from Adidas that’d suit the athletes suffering from shinbone pain. Yeah, I’m talking about the Marquee Boost that is available at an affordable rate. Besides, the basketball shoes feature a breathable shape along with a rugged body to ensure a long-lasting impact. Apart from that, the shoes are extremely comfortable and that’s one of the reasons you should get them.

    Starting with some specifics:

    The best Adidas Basketball shoes for Shin Splints feature a low-top arch design. The shaft actually measures low-top from the arch which ensures supporting the ankle area in the best way possible.

    On the contrary, the air mesh textile upper also supports and provides stability to the feet overall. It also enhances breathability to keep the feet away from excessive sweat and smell.

    Adidas uses its most responsive Boost cushioning to ensure a comfortable and relieved playing experience. That being said, Boost cushioning also plays a vital role in absorbing shock after a long jump. So, your feet and shinbone will remain pain and stress-free.

    At last, the shoes do offer strong traction on the ground. Adidas has installed a special zonal herringbone outsole made up of rubber to keep you away from getting slipped. Improved footwork is thus guaranteed with less pain suffering.

    Key Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Air mesh textile upper.
    • Rubber Zonal Herringbone outsole.
    • Boost cushioned midsole.
    • Shaft measures low-top from arch.
    • B-style design.
    • Molded ankle collar.
    Marquee Boost may prove vital in reducing the shin splints pain so that you can concentrate on your reflexes and footwork. Get these affordable basketball shoes before they are long gone.


    • Suitable for playing basketball on the hardwood.
    • Reliable and rugged shaped.
    • The B-style design allows extra comfort to the feet.
    • Helpful in reducing stress on the shinbone.
    • Strong grip and traction guarantee.
    • Shock absorptive Boost cushioning.
    • Not recommended for wide feet.
    • No other major issues.

    4. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 – Recommended by James Harden

    Adidas Harden Vol. 2Harden Volume 2 are the next pair of basketball shoes that James Harden recommends. If you want to be as quick as Harden while playing basketball, then it’s recommended that you take a look at the latest Harden Vol. 2 shoes. They feature a unique shape and are comfortable enough. Besides, the support, breathability, and stability are well up to the mark.

    Talking about some specific features:

    The best basketball for shin splints has got an overall textile construction. Adding to that, the upper is also made up of textile, which is known for improving air circulation. As a result, you can enjoy playing indoors and outdoors without worrying about excessive sweat.

    Moreover, the boost cushioning midsole from Adidas is just phenomenal. Not only does it keeps the feet comfortable, but it also ensures maximum impact absorption. Plus, the thrust it offers to jump higher is simply exceptional.

    On the other hand, the low-top shaft measurement is quite vital to reduce the stress on the shinbone. It actually keeps the ankle area relieved and comfortable, therefore, making sure that there is no inflammation around the shinbone muscles.

    One other reason to love the Harden Vol. 2 is the strong grip they offer on uneven surfaces. Rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern ensures no slipping issues. Besides, it also keeps the feet in a natural and even position to avoid unnecessary tiredness.

    No matter how premium the basketball shoes get, you’d have to wait for at least one month to get them eventually. Many basketball players have complained about a late shipment problem. However, Adidas does not seem to pay heed to solve it.

    Key Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Textile construction.
    • Textile upper.
    • Rubber outsole.
    • Boost cushioned midsole.
    • Lace closure.
    • Multicolour variations.
    Harden Volume 2 are the basketball shoes that could help you ease your suffering quite A LOT. However, the shoes are expensive so make sure that you have enough money before you consider getting them.


    • Boost cushioned midsole keeps the feet comfortable.
    • Recommended by James Harden.
    • Reduces Shin splints pain effectively.
    • Rubber outsole with grooves offers strong traction.
    • Available in different colours.
    • Sock-like construction offers a premium fit.
    • A bit expensive. (Compared to other basketball shoes)
    • Issues in finding the right size.
    If you are struggling hard to get the most suitable shoes under the limited budget, you must explore our Guide on the basketball shoes under 50 dollars.

    5. Nike Men’s Lebron 17 – Best Nike Shoes for Shin Splints

    Nike Men’s Lebron 17Here comes the Lebron 17 that everyone was waiting for impatiently. Nike with yet another BANG in form of the Lebrons helps the athletes improve their agility. How? Well, it offers a comfy and stress-free midsole to support the feet in a perfect manner. Along with that, the traction these shoes offer is simply extravagant.

    To state some of the features:

    Lebron 17 are the Signature Lebron James basketball shoes that feature a mesh upper to ensure maximum air circulation. The overall textile and leather construction also adds to the support and flexibility.

    Apart from that, the Air Max cushioning from Nike allows these shoes to help you feel stress-free and relieved at the same time. It’s one of the reasons I adore them so much.

    With a unique design and mid-top shaft measurement, the shoes offer responsiveness, energy, boost, and thrust to jump higher while balancing the body.

    Shock absorption is also enhanced. For that purpose, the midsole and outsole are molded enough to release all the impact into the ground as soon as you land on it.

    Nike Lebrons also features one of the most flexible and durable rubber outsoles with an outstanding multi traction pattern. Hence, you can freely move inside the court and dunk that ball as soon as you get it.

    Key Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Mesh upper.
    • Textile and leather construction.
    • Flexible and durable rubber outsole.
    • Mid-top design.
    • Black and White color variations.
    Nike Lebron 17 with a comfy and durable construction are ideal for basketball players suffering from shinbone pain. Get them and you won’t regret your decision for a long time.


    • Relieves the shin splints pain easily.
    • Versatile and durable construction.
    • Air max cushioning improves comfort and support.
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor basketball players.
    • Multi traction pattern for a strong grip.
    • Expensive (Justified)
    • Original colour might differ from the advertisement.

    6. Nike Women’s Air Force 1 – Best Women’s Basketball Shoes for Shin Splints

    Nike Women’s Air Force 1Shin Splints is not specific to male basketball athletes only. It can equally damage the shinbone of female basketball players causing immense suffering. So, for female basketball players, I recommend the brand new Nike Air Force 1.


    Well, first of all, the Nike Shin Splint basketball shoes have got the special Air cushioning to keep the feet at comfort and balance for a long time.

    Other than that, the sneakers are versatile. I mean, you can wear them to parties, college, or concerts apart from playing basketball.

    The leather and fabric upper, on the other hand, also ensures maximum stability and balance. It’s therefore easy for female basketball athletes to make quick movements inside the box.

    The non-slip rubber, at last, improves the traction and keeps the feet balanced enough. You can thus improve your footwork skills and avoid slippery injuries while playing basketball against your opponent.

    Key Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Vintage AF1 designed shoes.
    • Leather and fabric upper.
    • Air-cushioned midsole.
    • Non-slip rubber outsole.
    The new innovative Air Force 1 are a perfect choice for women who have to forcefully play basketball with immense pain. Female basketball athletes should check this shoe out before it’s long gone from the stock.


    • Suitable for female feet.
    • Supports, comfort, and provides balance.
    • The air-cushioned midsole absorbs the impact perfectly.
    • Relieves the shin splints pain.
    • Iconic AF1 aesthetic design.
    • Not recommended for men.
    • White colour attracts dust easily.

    7. Nike Kyrie 5 – Best Sneakers For Shin Splints

    Nike Kyrie 5 Kids or teenagers who are suffering from the shin splints issue should consider the Signature Nike Kyrie 5 basketball shoes. That’s because the shoes offer immense balance and stability to keep the feet in a natural position. Therefore, the stress on shinbone gets reduced resulting in instant comfort and relief.

    Starting with some basic features:

    The best kid basketball shoes for shin splints have got the Air Zoom Turbo cushioning to improve the thrust for making a long jump. The cushioned midsole also absorbs extra impact thus avoiding stress on the shinbone.

    Other than that, the upper being made up of engineered fabric combined with a fly-trap overlay and Flywire cables ensure flexibility and balance in the upper area. Breathability isn’t compromised as well.

    The special curved traction and rubber outsole combo allows the kids to make quick runs inside the court without facing any injuries.

    Key Specifications
    Key Specifications
    • Engineered fabric upper.
    • Air zoom turbo cushioned midsole.
    • Multi-colour design.
    • Durable rubber outsole with curved traction pattern.
    The kid’s shin splints basketball shoes from Nike is a must-have if you want your children to remain on the safe side while playing against the opponents.


    • Recommended for big kids suffering from shin splints.
    • Improves the movements inside the court.
    • Breathable enough upper.
    • Stylish shape.
    • Not suitable for adults.
    • Size issues might be common.

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

    1. Which shoes are best for shin splints?

    As I already told above, shoes that have flexible and durable soles along with a comfortable and cushioned midsole are perfect for shin splints. In this context, I’d recommend you to take a look at Adidas Men’s Dame 5 as this basketball footwear would help you relieve the shin splints pain without any hassle.

    2. What is the main cause of Shin Splints?

    Following are the four major reasons, which causes the shin splints pain i.e.

    • Muscle Strain: Weak muscles and tissues surrounding the tibia bone gets inflamed or strained.
    • Stress Fractures: This happens when the muscles surrounding the shinbone are extremely tired and cannot absorb further stress.
    • Exertional Compartment Syndrome: Natural and rare. Happens only when you have a natural foot medical condition in which the shinbone gets strained with exercise.
    • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome: It happens as a result of extra stress on the shinbone resulting in bone and muscle injury.

    3. How to prevent shin splints pain while playing basketball?

    You can start by investing in the basketball shoes meant for reducing the shin splints pain. Apart from that, don’t rush into playing the game. A pregame warmup of legs and feet is necessary. Apart from that, don’t play forcefully, i.e., when the pain is unbearable. When it gets out of control, consult your Orthopedic doctor as soon as possible.

    Some Last Words:

    That would be all about the best basketball shoes for Shin Splints from my side. That being said, don’t take this medical condition lightly and be cautious enough. I’m saying this because I’ve seen many friends quitting basketball just because they didn’t care about the shin splints issue at the start.

    So, be on the safe side, invest in the shoes I’ve mentioned above, and always do the basic leg and feet stretch before playing basketball.

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