Basketball Shoes Vs Running Shoes

Especially powerful footwear is manufactured to give you the sufficient comfort you require, protection and to enrich your performance at a specific sport. For this reason, it is preferable to purchase shoes that are made for that particular sport you are a part of. Buying decent footwear helps in the prevention of injuries while playing sports and they help you in better performance on the path or in court.

Though there is not a lot of running in basketball, still there are many other motions in this energetic game and for this reason, it requires the players to wear particularly manufactured basketball shoes.

Basketball Shoes Vs Running Shoes

Basketball Shoes Vs Running Shoes

While the Running shoes were being made, the forwarding movements were kept in mind, so we would recommend the runners if they want to be comfortable then they should hold on to specialized footwear manufactured for running. Running shoes give you sufficient support and protection while running.

There are two main types of running shoes, road running shoes, and trail running shoes. You can choose according to your needs when selecting the best pair of shoes for yourself. Road running shoes are soft, light, and satisfactory. They are primarily made for surviving the long distances, they are not for small running spurts and all the abrupt changes of paths which is a major component of the basketball game.

Road running shoes provide shock immersion and softness which is desired to keep you protected and comfortable while you run on the hard surface. They are manufactured to keep you safe and eased even during the longest runs comprising of abundant repetitive steps and forward movements.

Trail running shoes are created for runners who like to run off-road. They have thick soles with additional adhesion which helps in preventing injuries and other accidents that can happen on wet or muddy trails. They are extra heavy-duty than the ancestral road running shoes, but still, they are lighter than the shoes which we use for basketball.

In contrast, basketball shoes are specially designed to fulfill the necessities of this intense and exhaustive game. Because of the certainty that basketball players keep on changing directions every two-three seconds and they have to run for nearly 105 short runs (average) per game, also because basketball involves a lot of jumping, stopping, and sudden beginning, basketball shoes are designed to provide vitality to your ankles and sufficient shock absorption, still they can be flexible and allow sidewards movements. They are relatively heavier and vaster than normal running shoes.

Basketball shoes might inflict an increase in exhaustion while running and can make running extensively tougher because of the heaviness and additional weight. Wearing basketball shoes for both short and long-distance running is not a nice idea. Inversely, if you are a basketball player and you select to wear running shoes while playing, you might be at an increased risk of hurting yourself due to the poorer grip of running shoes.

Most ankle injuries occur when basketball players attempt to stop suddenly and switch directions every miscellaneous second when they are wearing running shoes rather than basketball shoes.


Yes, there is no doubt in the fact that you can play basketball wearing running shoes and you can run wearing basketball shoes, but are running shoes good for playing basketball and are basketball shoes really good for running? Confusing questions right? Don’t worry we are here to help you find an answer to your questions.

While making a choice of shoes for playing basketball you should decide wisely that your simple choice of shoes does not influence your performance in the basketball playground, and also that it does not inhibit your comfort and protection while playing the game. 

If you are not willing to purchase basketball shoes and running shoes individually for both the sports you play, then you can go for a pair of comfortable cross trainers which can be used for both purposes.

As Running shoes are lighter and designed with thinner equipment, some of the recent models make you feel barefoot. Basketball requires shoes that have to cushion and running shoes do have it, but altogether wearing running shoes is not safe for playing basketball. Because Running shoes are light and thin, they can direct you to get injuries when you make an effort to stop, begin, switch directions and jump while playing basketball. Moreover, wearing improper shoes, in the long run, can lead you to get your leg, hip, or ankle hurt and lower back problems can also occur.

For your satisfaction, if you grab one running shoe in one and one basketball shoe on the other hand you will notice the evident differences in both shoes right away. Running shoes are small in size and light in weight, while basketball shoes are harder, larger, and heftier. The soles of basketball shoes are designed to be thicker and stiffer with high ankles which helps you in stopping, beginning, and switching directions while playing the game without injuring your ankles.

Statistics confirm that just 10% of Basketball players choose the low style basketball shoes whereas the others depend on high style basketball shoes. The low-style basketball shoes have a resemblance with the running shoes, but originally they are made with hard and sturdy soles and sides, particularly for the certain motions made while playing a basketball game.

Similarly, if you are thinking to buy basketball shoes for running then you need to keep in mind that no doubt you surely run through in the court wearing basketball shoes, but the game begins and ends, you do not spend an ample amount of time running forth. This is why the basketball shoes would not be able to provide you with the softness, comfort, and vitality for a constant run which only running shoes can provide.

The exterior soles of basketball shoes are formulated for ideal grip on wooden floors. The taller cut of basketball shoes might cause hindrance in your running aspect, and the harder quality of the shoe might help you in slowing down.

Since the basketball shoes give you vitality in abrupt motions, but they are still not as flexible as the running shoes are, which may also influence your pace. If you have a certain pace issue, like pronation or supination, basketball shoes may not rectify this and this can lead you to injury.


After all the research we have done and the above-mentioned details, we concluded that both the shoes should be used for specifically their main purposes for which they are designed for. Still, if you want to save money and go for one option then decide according to your needs after reading the article we have provided you with for your help.

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