Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running? You Asked, We Answered!

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running? You Asked, We Answered! Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of jumping, quick switches, and constant movement. If you are familiar with the sport, you would know that a basketball shoe by default is different from a running shoe.

Running shoes and basketball shoes have a different composition and use! But the question which arises in the mind is;

“Are basketball shoes good for running?”

It is not as simple as it looks because of two major aspects. Firstly, the running shoes are designed in such a way that they accommodate people in running for long distances. On the other hand, basketball shoes are designed by keeping in mind the jumping and flexibility aspects.

Cutting right to the chase, we shall discuss some aspects that will answer some of your queries regarding the usage of basketball shoes as a suitable alternative.

Basketball Shoe Vs Running Shoe – Composition Perspective

A running shoe by default is designed in a way to withstand wear and tear. On top of this, it has some specific characteristics that aid people in running longer distances. These inbuilt characteristics are its lightweight design, flexibility, and consistent durability.

On the flip side, an average basketball shoe is constructed with an idea that it will be used solely on a basketball court. It has a unique design that helps in jumping, quick switches, and cohesion with the basketball court. These shoes provide ample ankle support and also have shock absorbers.

Basketball Shoe As Your Go-To Running Shoe

Firstly, what we have to establish is that even if we opt-in favour of basketball shoes as an alternative. We will still have to run in a selective category of basketball shoes; the ones which can closely replicate the characteristics of a jogging shoe.

For this purpose, you will have to suit up in a basketball shoe that is lighter and flexible. Even a lighter basketball shoe is heavier in comparison with a running shoe. So, that is why it is essential to run in a lightweight basketball shoe if you wish to.

At this point, you might be thinking for whom are the basketball shoes convenient for running? Firstly, if you are a heavy runner you might want to kick start the journey with a basketball shoe.

The basketball shoes will be of great help in this case because of two particular reasons. The first being, that these shoes have enhanced ankle support in comparison to a track shoe. This will help your feet if you are a heavy runner.

In addition to this, they also have superior shock absorption. This characteristic will protect your feet from injuries as well. So, if you intend on running shorter miles on weekly basis and your neighbourhood has a stiff road structure. Good quality basketball shoes might prove to be beneficial after all.

On the flip side, there are certain scenarios in which basketball shoes cannot replace running shoe. We will discuss some of these scenarios in front of you below:

  1. Long Distance Running:

If you are a long-distance runner then you shouldn’t opt-in favor of basketball shoes. This is because; a basketball shoe lacks some core features in its design which are essential for long-distance running. An average pair of basketball shoes will be heavier than any running shoe.

So, in a long-distance run, you will be fatigued much earlier in basketball shoes because of the extra weight which they carry. That is why proper running shoes are always recommended for long-distance running.

  1. Running On Concrete Surfaces:

If you intend on jogging on concrete surfaces then a basketball shoe might be a bad idea. There are several reasons for this; it is not great for the well-being of your feet and knees in long term.

A particular running shoe has proper heel protection in comparison to basketball shoes. While running on concrete and similar surfaces your heel is actively involved in the impact. Hence, it is not a good idea to run on concrete surfaces in basketball shoes. You might also have to ignore using basketball shoes on snowy, uneven, and sandy surfaces.

  1. Experiencing Pain:

Let’s suppose you have started running in basketball shoes for short runs. In theory, your overall lower body shouldn’t be affected by this activity. However, practically everyone has different health and body conditioning.

So, the rule of thumb that you have to keep in mind while running in basketball shoes is simple. In this case, if you do not feel any particular pain in the knees, leg, or ankle then you are good to go. But, at any given moment if you start experiencing any acute pain in any of these areas, you should promptly stop using basketball shoes for a run. But it should be tested only on the shoes that fit you well. For instance, if you narrow feet better to grab the basketball shoes for narrow feet and then give it a try. Otherwise, the results and the decision made afterwards will be inaccurate.

An Effective Short Term Option

At the end of the day, running in basketball shoes is never an option for full-time or long-distance runners. The basketball shoes have some specific features in their design that don’t suit jogging.

But, if you are an occasional runner who runs only a few miles each week. In that case, you can use basketball shoes for jogging purposes. Keep in mind, that this is not a preferable option but a last resort.

As a short-term option, there shouldn’t be any serious consequences of using your brand new basketball shoes for jogging. However, if there is any persistent swelling or pain in your ankles, knees, or legs while jogging in basketball shoes. It is advisable to ditch them for running purposes and invest in a proper pair of running shoes.

Some of the basketball shoes that you can use for running are listed below:

These are some of the shoes which you might want to opt-in favour of if you are going to run in basketball shoes. Not only are these shoes lightweight and comfortable on the sole of the feet. They also provide the necessary flexibility and sturdiness that is essential when you are out on a run. Try them out for a running session and you will be in a better position to decide whether they are a short-term solution or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the most common queries regarding this topic.

Can you use Air Jordan’s for running?

Nike’s Air Jordan is a popular basketball shoe. They can be used as running shoes for shorter distances only apart from using them on basketball courts. If you are a full-time runner, then it is recommended that you choose a running shoe for this purpose.

Does wearing basketball shoes outside ruin them?

The major purpose of basketball shoes is to use them indoors on basketball courts. If you are using your basketball shoes outside you might end up ruining them. How so you may ask? Well, using basketball shoes outside can cause them to lose grip and colour much faster. So, that is why it is recommended to use them on basketball courts.

Which basketball shoe is good for running?

Some basketball shoes which can be used for running purposes are listed below:

  • Adidas Men’s Dame 4
  • Under Armour Curry 5
  • Adidas Originals Pro Bounce
  • Nike Kyrie Flytrap II

These are some of the lightweight basketball shoes that can be used for running. They barely weigh a lot in comparison to some other basketball shoes. In addition to this, they are flexible and provide ample support to ankles.

When can we use basketball shoes for running?

There are limited scenarios in which basketball shoes are good for running. One of these scenarios is that you have a run occasionally. In that case, you will only be running in your basketball shoes for smaller distances. For this purpose, you can use basketball shoes without any worries.

What are the advantages of running in basketball shoes?

People might be surprised to know but there are some pros of running in basketball shoes especially for people with fragile feet.

Basketball shoes offer support to the ankle in a better way than a traditional running shoe does. So if you have any persistent ankle issues, you might want to test out running in basketball shoes as long as you are running shorter distances.

To Conclude:

As apparent from our analysis, basketball shoes are not an ideal option for running. However, in certain specific circumstances, they can be used as an alternative option. What are those circumstances? Well, if you follow this rule of thumb that we have established today.

Accordingly, you can only use basketball shoes for occasional on and off jogging and not for day-to-day long-distance runs. Besides this, your basketball shoes should be lighter and flexible as well.

I hope I was able to answer the question, “Are basketball shoes good for running” thoroughly. Have you ever tried running in a basketball shoe?

Share your experience with us and we’ll update the discussion in near future for sure.

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