How To Hook Up With A Basketball Player [9 Genuine Ways]

If Aliza’s story on how she hooked up with a whopping seven basketball players of the same team in a single night is real, it raises hopes for many of us.

But is hooking up with a basketball player, let alone seven of them, that easy?

This guide comprehensively unravels how to hook up with a basketball player.

In short, you first need to find a court, bar, or gym where the basketball player hangs out. Next, present yourself appropriately. Finally, don’t talk too much about yourself. Focus on what they are saying instead.

It may be challenging to date athletes as they have busy schedules that reduce your time together. Besides that, hookups with athletes are like any other with their ups and challenges.

But how do you link up with these players in the first place? Let’s see.


How Do You Attract A Basketball Player?

Catching the person’s attention is the first step towards having any hopes of hooking up with a skillful basketball player.

An attractive basketball player

So if you want to attract a basketball player with a long wingspan or a sexy nose piercing, always dress well and present yourself in a like manner.

You can also use social media to help you attract a professional basketball player. For example, if you have an Instagram account, post pictures of yourself looking good. 

With your profile set and having substantial details, you can then follow and give genuine comments on your crush’s posts.

Shoot them a message and see how things go. If the basketball player likes what they see, they may want to know more, which may earn you a first date.

Other Tips To Get A Basketball Player Attracted To You

Now, check out those:

  • Ensure that you don’t pressure the athlete to go further than he wants to. Additionally, always remember to have fun. Try not to let the situation become stressful.
  • Always ask questions to learn more about the person and how you can help each other.
  • When the athlete does something nice for you, say thanks. That shows that you appreciate his kindness.
  • Be honest with the athlete. Tell them how you feel and why you like them. But, avoid lying.
  • Show interest in the person. Make sure that you pay attention to everything he says and does.
  • Gift him an expensive cigar. Most basketball players love smoking cigars or talk about their favorite headphones.

How To Get An NBA Player To Date You

Once you get the NBA player’s attention, the next step is maintaining that attraction and exploiting it to get them to hook up.

There are several ways to get these players to date you, including:

1. Supporting Them On Social Media

Many NBA players enjoy serving the public with snippets into their lives on media accounts.

Therefore, you can cozy up to them by responding to their public posts and showing that you are their fan.

A banner showing FOLLOW with Twitter logo

Private chat with them showing your admiration, and you may hook up with them.

2. Going To Training

If you know when and where they are training, consider dropping by at those times. Try to converse with your interest, and something may come out of it.

However, basketball players typically don’t like chatting during training hours. So, you may still try, but online hookup chances are better.

3. Joining A Fan Club

Fan club members often share information about upcoming events and update the latest news regarding their favorite team.

Joining the team’s official fan club gives you many opportunities to see whoever you are eyeing.

And when you get an opportunity to be one-on-one with them, shoot your shot.

4. Cheerleading

Cheering is a popular activity among NBA players but not the easiest for hookup opportunities. Why so?

Girls cheerleading

You have to compete with many women to earn a spot, and this isn’t a walk in the park. Besides, you need to have some cheerleading experience from high school and beyond.

But if you become a cheerleader, it should be much simpler to cozy up to one or two players if you have a great personality.

5. Using Dating Websites

Dating sites allow you to meet people from different backgrounds and locations. You can even meet up with a cool basketball player from overseas.

Considering basketball players don’t have a lot of free time, they may not be able to meet many people beyond the court.

So, many players opt for online dating as an easier way to get what they are after.

Provided you are using the right dating site, and you can identify them by face, you may land on a basketball player.

Remember to confirm that your hookup goals align with theirs before the meeting.

How Do You Contact A Basketball Player?

The best place to look for a basketball player is at sports clubs and bars. They usually hang out here to watch games together and socialize.

Another top place to look for basketball players is at gyms. These places are filled with athletes, and they often go there to work out.

Still, another excellent place to look for single basketball players is at basketball courts. Most of these guys play pickup games, and they often invite friends to join in.

basketball player in blue uniform throwing a basketball ball into the basket on a street basketball court in the winter

Don’t forget that their social media accounts are other excellent locations to contact these stars.

How Do You Text An NBA Player?

The most important thing when starting a conversation with an NBA star is to remain relaxed and confident. This way, you come across as friendly and approachable.

Girl texting on the smart phone in a restaurant terrace with an unfocused background

1. Say Hi

Start by greeting them using “hi” or “hello.” When you say this, you are showing your interest in talking to them.

2. Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself by saying your name and where you live. Talk about yourself by telling the person what you do for a living.

Also, tell them about any interests you may have besides basketball.

3. Talk About Yourself

Share some interesting facts about yourself by mentioning hobbies, places you’ve been, things you enjoy doing, among others.

Be yourself. Don’t overly try to be something that you’re not. Act naturally.

4. Ask Questions

You don’t want to appear selfish. Hence, you should balance between narrating about yourself and knowing about them.

Woman thinking with glasses looking up on many questions mark

Ask questions such as:

  • What motivated you to try basketball?
  • How long had you enjoyed the game before you started doing it professionally?
  • How do you relax during the off-season, and what are your interests?

Things To Avoid When Hooking Up With A Basketball Player

Be careful not to do anything that makes the situation awkward or uncomfortable.

If you are dating a player and they want to get intimate with you, but you don’t feel comfortable, it is best to end things right away.

Moreover, avoid situations where you might have to lie about who you are or what you believe in.

Man hanging slogans of thumbs up and thumbs down

Below are some of the key mistakes people make when trying to date a basketball player.

1. Not Being Honest About Yourself

If you are going to try to date a professional athlete, you should know that he may expect more from you than a typical person.

He may expect you to be able to keep up with his schedule or be able or willing to spend money on him.

If you aren’t prepared to meet these expectations, then you shouldn’t bother trying to date an NBA star.

It is important to remember that athletes are very competitive, and some may despise those who cannot keep up with them.

2. Getting Into Relationships Too Quickly

You can fall in love with a basketball player after spending time together, but this doesn’t mean that you should rush into marriage.

Athletes often become extremely successful in life, and they may lose interest in you once they realize how much easier it is to find another partner.

Just look what happened with Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

3. Expecting Him To Change

You should never expect a basketball player to change his ways simply because you are dating him. Even if you were to break up with him, he would still continue to act like himself.

Therefore, focus on ensuring you are compatible with each other.

4. Having Unrealistic Expectations

If you are expecting a basketball player to pay all of your bills and support you financially, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Athletes are usually independent people, and they rarely ask anyone for help. They may offer to take care of you, but they won’t do it unless they truly want to.

Some people believe they deserve everything they ever wanted just because they are dating a famous person.

Unfortunately, this attitude is completely wrong. Athletes are human beings, and you need to treat them like everyone else.

5. Being Too Clingy

When dating a basketball player, allow them to go out without tagging along every time. If you hang around him constantly, you will wear them out.

Clingy sad whining girl

6. Treating Them Badly

Basketball players are used to getting whatever they want whenever they want it. Not to mention, they have many fans dying to date them.

As such, they may treat you poorly if you don’t give them what they want.

Also, do not expect to receive any royal treatment. Remember, you are probably not the first girl they are dating, and there are many waiting for you to make room.

7. Not Showing Interest

Basketball guys are used to having women throw themselves at them, so they may not understand why you show little interest in their passions.

Man and woman at restaurant table and looking at phones

If you always stay home while he goes out with friends, then you may appear uninterested in him.

8. Not Being Supportive

Some athletes may get upset when you refuse to cater to their every whim. Try to be there for them when they need you.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell them no sometimes.

9. Using Sex As A Reward

Many people use sex as a way to keep their partners happy. However, this isn’t something that you should do if you are dating a basketball star.

They will only appreciate you if you stop trying to bribe them with your body.

10. Making Them Uncomfortable

If you are dating a basketball superstar, then you should try to avoid embarrassing them or making them feel awkward.

It is important to remember that they don’t owe you anything, let alone any special treatment.

Single NBA Players Looking For Love

Even as we swoon over the many NBA players, most are dating or married. However, here are the top three most handsome single NBA players to set your eyes on:

Sterling Brown, Serge Ibaka and Blake Griffin
  • Sterling Brown – Brown keeps a super-low dating profile. While he may be rumored to have dated Lucky Lex, little is available about the two together.
  • Serge Ibaka – He has had some high-profile partners like singer Keri Hilson. Nonetheless, the father to one is likely to be single currently. 
  • Blake Griffin – He has quite a taste of beauty dating many women, including model Kendall Jenner who seems to have a thing for basketball players.

Famous NBA Groupies

It seems NBA players are not only adored by regular people but famous names as well. So, what are some famous NBA groupies?

  • Draya Michele- linked to a host of celebs from DeShawn Stevenson to the late Kevin Durant, Kenyon Martin, and even pop stars like Chris Brown, Michele is quite popular with celebs and seems to work her magic to her advantage.
  • “Candy” Andrea- rumored to have had something with Tony Ruriaf, Lance Stephenson, and Matt Barnes, she is quite the star magnet too.
  • Other mentions include:
    • Natalie Nunn
    • Deanne Marie
    • Kat Stacks
    • Brittany Dailey

How To Meet NBA Players After Game

Where do NBA players go after the game?

If you want to meet an NBA player after the game, you need to know what they love doing. Most watch movies while others hop in a favorite joint to relax.

Others get into crypto therapy chambers to relax. You can monitor an NBA player’s pattern and meet them. Let them find you where they hang out.


How do professional athletes hook up?

There are many avenues for pro athletes to hook up. These players have many admirers. In fact, some players claim to have slept with over 2,000 ladies.

Players may meet up with someone on the cheerleading team or fan club or strangers in a sports club. They may also use dating websites or pursue a love interest on social media.

How many girls do NBA players get?

“The only reason an NBA player goes to the club is to get laid,” commented Jason Rubin in a 2017 TYT Sports episode. Just watch the video below

Together with Francis Maxwell, he went on to share the many other ways NBA players hook up like Tinder and Instagram.

NBA players get so many girls, and Wilt Chamberlain is amongst the best examples.

With him claiming to sleep with over 20,000 women, it is clear that a considerable height, great game, and fat pocket are all you need to get a “small town” of die-hard groupies worshiping you.


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