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Best Leather Basketball of 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

To have the professional experience and feel with the game, the best Leather basketball is the one that you should have. They provide a better grip while boosting your control and giving a soft touch.

But picking the right leather ball from the plethora of options is not a piece of cake. You must have the knowledge that can make you differentiate a good and the bad ball.

If you don’t have, anything to worry about!

We have put an effort to handpick some of the top basketball options that you could consider, before making a purchase.

Rather than posting only the top ball list, we also have crafted their reviews, laid down their pros and cons. So, you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Can’t wait anymore to explore them, let’s dive into it.

Best Leather Basketball – Comparison Chart

Here are the top 10 hand picked leather basketballs available on the market.

Leather BasketballsDetails
Wilson Evolution
Game Ball
  • Composite Leather
  • Pebbeled texture
  • Perfect for School/College Player
Spalding NBA Zi/O
  • Composite Leather
  • Soft yet Strong grip
  • buttery feel
  • Perfect for School/College Player
Wilson NCAA Replica
Game Ball
  • Choice of professionals
  • Indoor/outdoor ball
  • Moisture-absorbing material
  • Soft Touch
Chance Premium
  • Premium Composite Leather
  • Deep Channel design
  • 3 Different Sizes
  • Soft Touch
XEDGE Leather
  • Composite Leather
  • Moisture-absorbing Material
  • Highly Durable
  • Indoor/outdoor ball
Molten Gm7 Match
  • Made up of faux leather
  • High-end performance
  • Perfect for high School boys
  • Durable
NEW Molten GG7X
  • Composite Leather Ball
  • Strong Grip
  • Controlled Bounce
  • FIBA Approved ball
Spalding TF-250
  • Composite Leather Ball
  • Pebbled Design
  • Perfect Grip
  • Long lasting
Baden Elite
Game Ball
  • Microfiber leather cover
  • Soft Cushioning
  • Perfect Grip
  • NFHS Approved ball
Spalding TF-1000
Classic Basketball
  • Composite leather material
  • Retain air perfectly
  • Durable
  • Budget Friendly

Best Leather basketball Reviews

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball – Best Leather Basketball

Wilson Evolution : Best Leather BasketballFor all the basketball lovers, this Wilson evolution game basketball is a go-to leather basketball with all the exciting features. It has royal blue color Wilson and evolution wordmark logos on it that attract all the players whether they are kids or adults.

In all around America, it is the number 1 indoor game basketball that is used to play in the courts more than any other ball. Moreover, the cushioned core carcass provides the soft feel, these balls are famous for. The popularity of Wilson Evolution Basketballs is due to its grip and durable texture, which makes it extremely desired in high school and colleges.

The pebbled texture provides a grippy and strong texture that makes this ball an ultimate choice for all NCAA tournaments and the players don’t prefer anything but Wilson Evolution.

The pricing of this best leather basketball is from medium to a little bit high. It comes in many different colors and sizes to give some extra unique aesthetic features to the gamers.

 Key Features 

  • Beautiful composite material basketball with royal blue Evolution and Wilson wordmarks
  • Pebbles texture provides a strong and easy grip
  • Cushioned core carcass provides a soft feel
  • Best for ultimate control because of laid in composite channels
  • Best leather basketball for high school and college players
  • Pebbled texture keeps the grip and strength even in the outdoor play where sweaty hands are common
  • Composite leather makes the control unparalleled while keeping the cost within budget
  • Feels soft like pure leather
  • Printed wordmarks add beauty to the design
  • Best selling ball in the world
  • High-end price ball
  • Some buyers report the finishing issues

Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor 29.5″ Basketball

Spalding NBA Zio : Best Leather basketballSpalding is an evergreen brand that has its lovers among all the world because of its unbeatable basketballs and their credibility. All the professionals, high school students, and even beginners love this ball because it can go from indoor courts to outdoor playgrounds without impairing the quality of the game.

Originally the ball is made up of composite leather that can bear all the weather conditions of indoor and outdoor use. This flexibility is due to the design that offers a pebbled surface area that withstands outdoor weather conditions without spoiling the quality of grip and bounce control you need.

It comes in strict NBA size 7 which is 28.5” diameter and it has a foam backing under the leather cover, which helps to keep up the softness of the touch with strong striking.

 Key Features 

  • Made up of Zi/O composite cover
  • Wound with a foam backing to provide a soft feel
  • Standard NBA size and texture
  • Originally comes in size 7-28.5” diameter
  • Comes in an inflated form with optimal air pressure
  • Zi/O leather provides extra strong texture to the surface
  • Pebbled texture help maintain the grip and strong bounce control
  • Foam backing maintains a soft buttery feel
  • As it comes in NBA strict standard size so it is a go-to basketball for high school and college students
  • Plays well in both indoor and outdoor games
  • It does not lose its optimal air pressure and retains air at hardwood and concrete floor
  • It comes inflated so it’s game ready as you receive it.
  • Although it is an outdoor basketball, some professionals complain of slippery texture when the hands get sweaty.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

Wilson NCAA replica : Best leather basketballIf you are on a budget, you can have a quality basketball that meets all the standards and let you play the best game ever. To fulfill this dream Wilson has launched its NCAA Replica Game basketball that provides you premium level grip and strong bounce control during the game.

As this Wilson basketball is designed with moisture-absorbing material, it survives under extreme weather conditions and you can play outdoor games with this ball easily.

The composite leather is meant to provide you a strong and sturdy texture to give high grip and bounce performance during the game. The super-wide channels offer extra strength and let you palm the ball firmly even if your hands are sweaty.

 Key Features 

  • It is a replica ball of the NCAA game ball
  • Made up of moisture-absorbing material/hygroscopic
  • The composite channels are formed inlaid in position
  • The composite leather provides a strong and flexible texture
  • It has a cushioned core carcass that provides a fair soft and buttery texture
  • Originally comes in the official size of 29.5”
  • Offers an inflation level of 7.9psi
  • Highly recommended and attractive for high school students
  • NCAA replica ball
  • Choice of professionals and hoopsters
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor games
  • Keeps its softness and air retention because of wide channels
  • Some hoopers reported that the ball deflates after using for a couple of hours and you need to inflate it again before the next game

Chance Premium Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Chance Premium indoor outdoor basketballFor all those players who want a best leather basketball for both indoor and outdoor games, this chance premium indoor/outdoor basketball is an ultimate solution.

It is composed of premium quality composite leather that provides a strong grip and good bounce over other basketballs. The perfect grip associated with this Chance ball is due to pebbled pattern and deep channels that don’t let the ball slip from hands.

As this ball comes deflated so the butyl bladder locks in the optimal air pressure, providing consistent bounce throughout the game. The reason why it is so famous among all the people is the versatility of sizes.

The sizes include 5 kids and youth, 6 women, and 7 men’s sizes. The details of all these sizes are given below in key features.

 Key Features 

  • Composite leather provides premium quality that suits for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Deep channels and pebbled pattern make a strong grip with a buttery texture
  • Comes in size 5 which is 27.5” basketball suitable for kids, boys, girls, and youth, size 6 is 28.5” women’s basketball and WNBA official basketball, size 7 is men’s basketball with 29.5” diameter.
  • Optimal pressure is locked in by butyl bladder
  • Available in different color schemes with cheerful aesthetics
  • Composed of high-quality composite leather
  • Famous for best grip and bounce
  • Beautiful and good looking basketballs
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts, gyms, hard floor, concrete playgrounds
  • Entertains all genders and age groups by three different sizes
  • It does not come inflated so one has to buy an air pump and inflation needles
  • Air pump and inflation needles are not included

XEDGE Basketball Size 7/29.5″ Composite Leather

XEDGE Composite BasketballXEDGE basketball is the best package for all those people who are thinking of giving a gift to a basketball player. As this basketball comes with a carry bag, air pump, and needles so it can be the best gift one can give without putting an extra amount on your budget.XEDGE is having 20 years of experience in the sports field producing the best basketballs that justify the quality at extremely affordable prices.

XEDGE Basketball is composed of a composite leather to provide a premium quality grip and bounce with a hygroscopic cover that offers extra control.

The ball comes in its official size of 29.5” and can be used for both indoor and outdoor games.

Moreover, you can’t ignore this basketball because it is designed to give you maximum bounce control, exact spinning, durability, grip, and long air storage.

As this basketball comes with an air pump and its inflation needles, you don’t need to worry about buying these things, and as you receive your ball, you are ready to go.

 Key Features 

  • The ball is made up of composite leather that offers maximum grip, control, and bounce during the game
  • Featured with a hygroscopic cover, that absorbs the moisture from the environment or the hands of the player, optimizing the grip
  • Custom made butyl bladder holds the optimum air pressure and storage
  • Includes a carry bag, air pump, and inflation needles
  • Comes in official size 7 which is 29.5” diameter basketball
  • It offers the best bounce control and grip because of specially designed cover and leather
  • Butyl nylon bladder locks in the air to keep optimal air pressure and air storage.
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor games
  • It is made up of nylon windings that maintain the elasticity and durability.
  • Non-deformed structure helps to maintain stability when the basketball is shot
  • The package includes inflation needles and an air pump so it is a cost-saving product
  • The ball does not come inflated.

Molten Gm7 Indoor/Outdoor Playing Match Basketball Ball

Molten GM7 Indoor basketballMolten is one of the best brands when it comes to quality and budget in one place. It offers premium quality basketballs that are famous for their grip and bounce control. Likewise, this Gm7 basketball is not only suitable for indoor courts, but it also offers the same performance even in outside playgrounds and concrete courts. You can easily go to your gym to play with it as it can withstand your sweaty hands without getting slippery. The material of this basketball is faux leather that performs well in any weather conditions, offering you a strong grip, air retention with optimum air pressure.

The quality of faux leather makes this ball scuff resistant, and this basketball works great on concrete and hardwood floors. If you use this indoor, it becomes convenient and pleasurable as you go on playing the game.

 Key Features 

  • Made up of faux leather
  • Highly recommended synthetic leather standards
  • Comes in size 7
  • Approved by FIBA because of high-end performance
  • Deep pebbles and channels
  • The cover is resistant to scuffing.
  • Highly recommended for high school boys
  • FIBA approved
  • Shows high resistance to scuffing
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Becomes deflated after some hours of play

NEW Molten GG7X Basketball (BGG7X) Composite Leather FIBA Approved Indoor Outdoor

NEW Molten GG7X BallThe series of these Molten basketballs was introduced back in 2016. This X series was optimized to provide a more consistent and focused pebbled design to provide maximum handling and grip of the basketballs.

Molten GG7X basketball really improved its grip and bounce in sweaty conditions and turned up to be the best basketball for outdoor games.

Originally the ball is made up of composite leather and a foam backing that offers a strong grip, bounce control, and a soft feel.

It comes in an adult size which is 7, 29.5” diameter and is best for both men and youth.

As FIBA has approved this ball as good for indoor as for outdoor games, many players even used this ball in wheelchair basketball tournaments and found it to be best.

 Key Features 

  • Composite leather basketball with a strong grip and bounce control
  • FIBA approved product
  • Comes in adults size 7
  • Consistent and focused pebbles with deep channels
  • Shipped inflated
  • Improved quality
  • Soft feel, pleasing for hands
  • Works best even for sweaty hands
  • Can be used indoor as well as outdoor
  • Retains air pressure for long hours
  • Some players complain that the ball does not retain its air pressure after some hours of play and it needs inflation again.

Spalding TF-250 Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

Spalding TF-250 Indoor-Outdoor ballSpalding has always cherished players with its wonderful and economical basketballs that hoopsters love to play with. So the list cannot be complete if we don’t discuss Spalding TF-250 indoor-outdoor Basketball. It has all the distinctive features one can imagine at such an economical price. It is all covered with a composite leather and provides superior quality performance including grip, bounce control, and air retention.

Originally it comes in NBA official size 7, so it is one of the favorite balls of high school students and youth. The high quality of these basketballs is promised because of a butyl bladder that locks in the air to maintain the air pressure of the ball. This feature does not let the ball deflate after several hours of play. Moreover, the practice of this basketball makes it more fluent with your hands and it goes with you for longer times.

 Key Features 

  • It comes in official NBA size 7 which 29.5” diameter
  • Made up of composite leather to provide a strong grip
  • The butyl bladder locks in air for premium air retention
  • Shipped inflated
  • Pabbled design with deep channels
  • Super strong grip and bounce control
  • Deep channels and pebbles provide easy grip even when the hands are sweaty
  • It offers premium level air pressure because of butyl bladder
  • As it comes inflated so it is game ready as you receive it
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Needs inflation every time you play outdoor

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

Spalding TF-250 Indoor Outdoor ballBaden has a small family of lovers and users if we compare this ball with Wilson or Spalding but still, it is worth buying. Those who have a strong affiliation for Baden basketballs believe that the grip and touch it offers is different from other basketballs of the same price. Originally it does not have pebbles on its surface but it is made up of a few shallow channels that neutralize the grip and let you palm the ball strongly. Moreover, Baden features this basketball as their top of the line product because of customer satisfaction and increasing demand in high school students.

 Key Features 

  • It is made up of a microfiber leather cover that provides a strong grip and bounces control
  • Featured with cushion control technology that provides a soft cushion under the cover, giving a wonderful bounce to the ball
  • Originally comes in size 7, suitable for men, boys, youth, and adults
  • Has a recessed stealth valve, that does not appear anywhere on the surface
  • The design, size, and material is approved by NFHS.
  • Microfibre cover is best suitable for grip and bounce control
  • The cushion of the ball gives a soft and techy texture, that helps to maintain softness with a wonderful bounce
  • The stealth valve is hidden under the cover so it does not impair the quality of the surface
  • It cannot be used for outdoor play as it is designed for indoor play only.

Spalding TF-1000 Classic ZK Indoor Game Basketball

Spalding TF 1000 Classic ballSpalding TF-1000 has become the ultimate choice for basketball lovers because of its molding capabilities with the game. The more you play the game with this ball, the more it becomes handy, strong in grip, and offers premium bounce control. Its custom made design is best for hardwood floors and it is highly recommended for indoor courts.

The texture is so amazing and soft because of composite leather material and the microfibre cover helps to palm the ball even in sweaty conditions.

As it has wide channels with pebbled design, it offers super easy handling with a strong grip, maximizing the chances of winning the game.

Originally it comes in an intermediate size of 6 which is 28.5” diameter and is approved as high school basketball by NFHS (National Federation of state high school association).

The best part of this basketball is it comes inflated with a recommended 8 PSI so there is no need to worry about air retention and pressure.

 Key Features 

  • Comes in brown color
  • Composite leather material provides grip, good bounce control
  • Microfiber composite cover for a buttery soft texture
  • Nylon winding helps to maintain air retention, maintains the air pressure, and keeps the ball non deformed while shooting
  • High school approved, intermediate size 6
  • It comes in the inflated form so you don’t need to worry about its optimal pressure
  • it has a microfiber cover with composite leather fabrication.
  • Durable, reliable, and long-lasting design
  • Lightweight basketball with 0.22 pounds weight
  • Butyl bladder retains air pressure
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly recommended indoor ball
  • Can’t be used for outdoor game and playgrounds

Before you Buy a basketball

Before you buy a basketball you must know there are many pros and cons of buying a ball. A basketball is not only a ball, it decides the fate of your health, fitness, mindset, and your victory too. Buying an expensive ball is not a solution to all of your problems until you know your own requirements. A basketball can be your lifetime friend that goes with you through thick and thin if chosen wisely.

We have discussed some important factors in the section below that can help you buy the best basketball of your gaming career.

Characteristics of a high-quality basketball


A basketball is the game of grip. If you can’t palm a ball, you cannot really win the game. A high-quality basketball offers a strong grip even in sweaty hands. The more you play with a ball, the more it gets handy and eventually, it goes with you easily giving a strong grip leading towards a pro-level game.


A hardball can make your hand tired during the game. If a basketball is soft and tacky, it makes the hands more easy and comfortable to go with the game. A little cushioning technology under the leather cover improves that softness and gives a rise to the bounce of the basketball. A little tacky ball is far better than a non-tacky ball. Tacky balls are a bit sticky and they don’t slip from the hands.


A good quality basketball is meant to have a good bounce. The bounce of the ball decides the quality of the game. A ball that has good pebbles, deep channels, and cushioning inside the cover, offers the bounce that is required for a good play. Moreover many basketballs come with nylon winding that also provides good cushioning leading towards a superior bounce.

How to Buy a basketball

As a kid or teenager, you must have encountered a slippery basketball that deflates after every shot and you might have been worrying how it was. But now that time is gone and being a grown-up you must know certain things before buying a basketball.

There are a few factors that you must consider in order to get a good professional basketball even within your budget.

To meet this purpose, we have penned down all these factors in the following section so that you can have a better idea before buying a quality basketball.


As everyone knows basketball is the easiest game to start with, even if you are a kid or a teenager. You only need to have a basketball hoop, anywhere indoor or outdoor and you are all set to start your game.

But if you are a kid or you want your kid to start a basketball game, try to know about the sizes of basketballs.
A 7” basketball is used to train a kid for basketball play. Athletes and adults also use this ball for skill training.
Apart from minim basketballs, the standard basketballs come in three sizes as usual.

  • Size 5: Size 5 ball has a circumference of 27.5” and is the smallest size which is used for children under age 9.
  • Size 6: This ball is usually used by women leagues, youth leagues, and children of ages 9-12 years. The circumference of this ball is 28.5”.
  • Size 7: Men’s leagues and adults use size 7, which is 29.5” circumference basketballs.


If you play competitively, the league chooses the material most of the time and it is an important factor too.

There are three types of materials used in the manufacturing of basketballs-leather, synthetic or composite, rubber-every material has its own benefits, pros, and cons.

● Leather

Professional players and the leagues use leather material. This is soft and tacky and it gives a strong grip to the players. These balls help to maintain a sound grip even if your hands are sweaty. Moreover, they don’t damage the expensive wooden floors of indoor courts.

Leather basketballs are only recommended for indoor play as leather gets damaged if played on concrete. A break-in period is necessary to use leather basketballs every time you start a new game.

● Synthetic/Composite

composite/synthetic basketballs are extremely successful in terms of middle ground performance, control, and bounce. These balls are highly used in high school basketball teams, in youth leagues, and by NBA leagues too. Composite basketballs can be used for both indoor and outdoor courts. They provide a high level of grip, bounce control, and durability. If you see your basketball scuffs up, just buff them with elbow grease and they are game ready.

● Rubber

Rubber balls are usually known as outdoor basketballs and they play best when used outdoor. These basketballs are famous for their good grip and bounce. If you are just a beginner and want to have an economical basketball for you, rubber basketball is best for you.


Basketballs are generally made in burnt orange color. Most of the leagues require this color as their standard ball. There are other colors available too. These colors include green, blue, black, and some customized options. To play a competitive game, follow the instructions of your team or league.

For more information we have written top ten reviews of best-selling leather basketballs, to choose the best among them.


1. Is composite leather basketball good?

Ideally, the basketballs are made up of original leather to provide the best performance, grip, and bounce control. But original leather is far more expensive than composite leather. A composite leather basketball is made to meet all the optimum requirements of quality at a much lower price. But composite leather basketballs show wear and tear quite quickly for outdoor courts.

2. What is the best material for basketball?

Genuine leather basketballs are considered to be the best leather basketballs out there. All the professional leagues use original leather basketballs and they withstand the games for a longer period of time with superior air retention. As the leather ages, it becomes more soft and seasoned to provide a wonderful game experience. Being expensive, these basketballs are recommended for indoor courts to have long life spans.

3. Are NBA basketballs made of leather?

NBA standard balls have switched from genuine leather to composite leather many times. Nowadays the NBA is using composite leather balls and they almost provide the same quality as the genuine leather balls

4. Are rubber basketballs good?

For practice purposes or play outdoor these balls are best. If you are playing competitively you must go for leather or synthetic basketball.


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