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Best Jordans For Wide Feet In 2023 (8 Can’t-Miss Picks)

Finding the best Jordans for wide feet can be a daunting task if you have wide feet.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the eight best Jordans for wide feet. We’ll tell you what to look for when choosing a pair of sneakers, and we’ll give you our honest, research-driven analysis on each one.

After researching 31 pairs, we put the top 8 to extensive stress-testing. I’m a professional basketball player, and I’ve owned most of the shoes through the years and played in them extensively.

We determined that the Jordan Point Lane is the best Jordan for wide feet. It’s a versatile and affordable shoe that provides rock-solid substructure, good performance and comfort.

So, whether you’re a wide-footed basketball player or just looking for a clean and durable new pair of high quality kicks, keep reading to see our top picks for the best Jordans for wide feet.


Top 3 Picks

I personally tested and reviewed the top 3 Jordans for athletes with wide feet. I have wide feet myself, so that was easy and fun. Here they are.

Editor's Choice
Jordan Point Lane
  • Size: 7.5-16
  • Ankle: Mid-Top
  • Translucent Nike men's Air Max Unit
Premium Choice
Air Jordan Zoom '92
  • Size: 7.5-14
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Neoprene Sleeve Air Max 180
Budget Choice
Jordan Zion 2
  • Size: 7.5-15.5
  • Ankle: Mid-Top
  • Extra secure fit

Best Jordans For Wide Feet – A Comparison Table

Editor’s Choice
Jordan Point Lane

Jordan Point Lane

  • Size: 7.5-16
  • Ankle: Mid-Top
  • Translucent Nike men's Air Max Unit
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2nd best choice
Air Jordan Zoom '92

Air Jordan Zoom '92

  • Size: 7.5-14
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Neoprene Sleeve Air Max 180
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Budget Choice
Air Jordan Zion 2

Air Jordan Zion 2

  • Size: 7.5-15.5
  • Ankle: Mid-Top
  • Extra secure fit
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Jordan Luka 1

Jordan Luka 1

  • Size: 7-14
  • Ankle: Low-top
  • Rubber wrap for ankle support
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Popular choice
Air Jordan XXXVII

Air Jordan XXXVII

  • Size: 7.5-14
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Carbon fiber midfoot shank for stability
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Great arch support
Air Jordan Retro 7

Air Jordan Retro 7

  • Size: 7.5-15
  • Independent high-top ankle (but functions as lowtop)
  • Beautiful suede that changes as you pass your hand over it
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Very supportive
Air Jordan Retro 6

Air Jordan Retro 6

  • Size: 7-15
  • Ankle: High-top
  • Huarache style tongue
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Stylish retro look
Air Jordan Retro 5

Air Jordan Retro 5

  • Size: 7.5 - 15.5
  • Ankle: High-top
  • Stylish retro look
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Best Jordans For Wide Feet Reviews

Best overall
#1 Jordan Point Lane
  • Size: 7.5-16
  • Top part Material: high quality Leather
  • Cushion: Phylon midsole with Air Max 200 Unit
  • Ankle: Mid-Top
  • Distinctive feature: Nike Air Logo on the heel. Jumpman Logo on the tongue. Translucent Nike men's Air Max Unit

The Jordan Point Lane: A tribute to Michael Jordan's legacy.

It's our top-pick by a longshot!

The Jordan Point Lane is an homage to Michael Jordan's address in Chicago. It synthesizes elements from several classic Jordan models, most notably the Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan III, and Jordan V.

  • Emphasizes popular elements of different Jordans
  • The top part design pops, especially for a retro shoe
  • The Air Max 200 Unit provides fluffy-feel cushioning
  • The translucent outsole is a cool design touch
  • The heel is elevated so it kind of creates a "downslope" feeling towards the forefoot
  • Not as breathable as some other models on our list

I own a pair of these shoes and use them primarily for outdoor play. The first thing I noticed when I put them on was the snugged fit and the cloud-like cushion. What I especially like about them is the superb ankle support they provide.

At first, they feel a bit heavy but after a while, you quickly get used to them.

Overall, the Point Lane is an excellent choice for wide-footed basketball players who want a durable, stylish shoe with plenty of cushioning and substructure. 

Jordan Point Lane shoe for wide feet

The outsole is rugged and heavy-duty, making it great for outdoor use. At the same time, beautiful stitching and details accent the premium leather. These kicks are sure to last you for a really long time.

For this reason, the Point Lane might not be the best choice for players who want a low-key shoe, but it’s one of the coolest-looking Jordans on the market.

The midsole features a combination between phylon and Nike Air Max 200 in the heel, providing a responsive cushion.
The Jordan Point Lane is an excellent choice for wide-footed athletes who want a retro long-lasting style, well-cushioned shoe. That’s why these are among the best Jordans for wide feet!

Just make sure to learn how to tie them correctly for optimal performance.

Premium Choice
#2 Air Jordan Zoom '92
  • Size: 7.5-14
  • Upper Material: Synthetic leather, mesh, TPU
  • Cushion: Nice and fluffy midsole with respectable bounce
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Distinctive feature: Neoprene Sleeve Air Max 180, Zoom pods in the forefoot

The Air Jordan Men's Zoom 92 is a shoe that will transport you back to the '90s. The game was moving faster than ever before and players needed a shoe to lead the pack. Don't miss those out!

  • Aesthetics straight outta' the 90's!
  • Beautiful herringbone outsole with retro aesthetics
  • Injected phylon foam gives nice plush feel and compression
  • Beautiful "Ice-Cream" colorways
  • Steep heel to toe drop angle can create instability hooping
  • More of a lifestyle shoe

The shoe is a blend between the Air Jordan VII, the Nike Air Max 180, and the Air Force V. Aesthetically, the Air Jordan VII is most apparent, especially in the toe box section. 

Nike Air Jordan Zoom 92

On the other hand, the Nike Air Max 180 is most evident in the large airbag in the heel, and finally, the Air Force V is prominent in the midfoot strap.

The top part of the Nike Air Jordan Zoom 92 is made of smooth leather with mesh perforations throughout for breathability. I played outdoors wearing those during summer and my feet stayed dry for quite a long time.

The outsole features a herringbone pattern that provides a sticky grip on indoor courts for traction. In addition, the Zoom Air unit in the heel and forefoot attenuates shock and provides responsiveness which you will immediately feel when you put them on.

The Jordan Men’s Zoom 92 is a stylish shoe perfect for anyone who wants to relive the 1990s.

Budget Choice
#3 Air Jordan Zion 2
  • Size: 7.5 – 15.5
  • Material: Mesh suede and synthetics
  • Cushion: Zoom Air Unit and Air strobel in heels
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Extra secure fit

The Jordan Zion 2 is the perfect shoe for basketball players with wide feet looking to elevate their game without breaking the bank. With its lightweight design, durable materials, and responsive performance, you will feel confident and in control every time you step on the court. Seriously, check these out!

  • Lightweight design 
  • Durable materials
  • Impressive responsiveness
  • Lockdown fit
  • Excellent traction

Zion Williamson is an explosive player with a unique playing style that has earned him a “human highlight reel” reputation. Inspired by the idea of superhero armor, these are the shoes that can handle anything!

air jordan zion 2

The Zion 2 takes the already impressive Zion 1 and elevates it to new heights. The lightweight design, combined with the durable materials, make for a shoe that is not only comfortable to wear but built to last.

The responsiveness of the shoe is thanks to the unique Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel. While testing these shoes, I felt a noticeable difference in my performance, especially when making quick cuts and jumping for those high-flying dunks. Plus, they add a little height.

One of the best features of the Zion 2 is its lockdown fit, thanks to the new knit upper. It has an adjustable hook-and-loop strap and lace closure that really secure your feet.

You will feel secure and supported throughout your game, giving you the confidence to perform at your best. The new sole design provides excellent traction on the court, helping you stay stable and in control.

In addition, the innovative and highly practical Air Strobel unit in the heels that attaches the upper to the midsole provides amazing responsiveness. That’s quite helpful when you make quick moves and jumps.

When compared to the Zion 1, the Zion 2 is lighter, more comfortable and has improved traction. However, and based on my experience, the Zion 2 is not as breathable as its predecessor, which can be an issue during the summer.

Additionally, the Zion 2 runs a little smaller than expected, so keep that in mind when ordering your shoes. For more budget shoes like these, check out my article on the top basketball sneakers under $150.

# 4 Air Jordan Luka 1
  • Size: 7.5 – 14
  • Materials: Synthetic leather
  • Cushion: Formula 23 foam technology
  • Ankle: Low-top
  • Rubber wrap for ankle support

The Jordan Luka I basketball shoes are a must-try for wide-footed basketball players. With its stylish design, ultra-supportive fit, and excellent cushioning, it's a shoe that will help you perform at your best on the court. So, if you're looking for a shoe that will give you the edge, the Luka Dončić signature model is definitely worth checking out!

  • Fit like a glove
  • Awesome ankle support
  • Responsive cushioning with perfect shock absorption
  • Lightweight design
  • Poor breathability

As a pro basketball player, I was excited to test out the new Jordan Luka I basketball shoes designed for wide feet.

I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed!

air jordan luka 1
I got my pair in blue and I love it.

Starting with the design, the Jordan Luka I is a sleek and stylish shoe that will turn heads on the court. The fit is also top-notch, as the shoes have a spacious toe box that accommodates wide feet comfortably.

I was able to move and pivot with ease, and I never once felt cramped or restricted. The cushioning system in the Jordan Luka I is exceptional. The Formula 23 foam technology provides excellent shock absorption, reducing impact on my joints, and allowing me to play longer and stronger.

I was also amazed by the materials. The model uses the innovative sock-liner Flight Wire upper that ensures very secure fit, thus keeping you stable no matter what moves you perform.

The outsole is also durable and provides excellent traction, making quick cuts and sharp changes of direction a breeze.

In comparison to other Air Jordan models, the Jordan Luka I stands out in its versatility. The shoe is suitable for players of all positions and playing styles, whether you’re a guard, forward or center.

Its wide fit makes it accessible to a wider range of players, and the stabilizing plate under foam is suitable for players who need extra support for their joints. The only downside I’ve found with the Jordan Luka I is their breathability.

The materials are not as ventilated as the materials on other models on our list. Plus, while the traction is great on indoor courts, I found it to be somewhat inconsistent when playing outdoors.

#5 Air Jordan XXXVII
  • Size: 7.5 – 14
  • Materials: Leano weave upper
  • Cushion: Formula 23, Zoom Air Unit, Zoom strobel unit
  • Ankle: Mid-top
  • Carbon fiber midfoot shank for stability

Are you tired of squeezing your feet into tight basketball shoes that leave you feeling uncomfortable and restricted on the court?  Look no further, because the Air Jordan XXXVII is here to save the day! Packed with premium features that only a few shoes have, these kicks are durable, lightweight, and breathable. Check them out!

  • Innovative, high-performing cushion
  • Great stability 
  • Superb shock absorption 
  • Stylish look
  • Long break-in period
  • The upper materials are cheap

As a baller with wide feet, I was beyond excited to get my hands on these sneakers and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

The design of the XXXVII is sleek and stylish, making it a shoe that not only performs well but also looks good doing it. It’s available in 5 eye-catching colors that turn heads.

nike air jordan 37

The premium Leno weave material on the upper provides excellent breathability, which I felt while playing on outdoor courts during the summer of 2022.

The spacious toe box accommodates my wide feet comfortably.

The performance is what really sets this shoe apart. These Jordans boast a carbon midfoot shank that stiffens the shoes, making them more stable and torsion resistant.

And the cushion is really incredible. When I wear them, I feel like walking on clouds. That’s due to the Formula 23 foam, a trademark of the Jordan brand, and the Zoom Air strobel unit in the heel area.

Many Jordans have these two features, but what makes the cushioning of the Air Jordan XXXVII even more sophisticated is the double-stacked Zoom units in forefoot.

That provides fantastic responsiveness and impact protection to the whole foot.

The outsole is made from a durable rubber with herringbone pattern with deep channels that provide excellent traction on both indoor and outdoor courts.

How does the Air Jordan XXXVII compare to the previous model?

The fit is more accommodating for players with wide feet, the cushioning system provides better support and responsiveness, and the shoes are far more stable, making performing quick cuts and lateral movements a breeze.  

#6 Air Jordan Retro 7 Flint
  • Size: 7.5-15
  • Upper Material: Bonded leather + nubuck underlay
  • Cushion: Top-loaded air rubber sole unit
  • Ankle: Independent high-top ankle (but functions as lowtop)
  • Distinctive feature: Beautiful suede that changes as you pass your hand over it

A classic look with a modern feel - The Jordan Retro 7 Flint is the perfect shoe for the modern player. The bonded leather and nubuck upper create a sleek and stylish look, while the cushioning provides a comfortable and supportive fit.

  • One of the most comfortable of the early model Jordans
  • Clean colorway
  • The material's quality is top-notch
  • Color doesn't match the original 7 colorway (the grey is darker)

The Retro 7’s are a bit better than average in terms of traction. They won’t keep you as stable as some of the more hardcore basketball sneakers on the market, but they provide plenty of grip for everyday use.

jordan retro 7 Flint shoe for basketball and wide feet

The Jordan Retro 7 Flint is one of the most comfortable of the early model Jordans. The top part is bonded leather and nubuck underlay, which gives it a luxurious feel.

Like many of Tinker Hatfield’s designs, the shoe is low-top but features an independent high-top ankle, which provides more arch support than a traditional low-top.

The colorway is one of the most unique and distinctive features of this shoe, and it’s sure to turn heads when you wear it. I played 2 basketball games in these shoes, and I was stunned by the great support they offer to my ankles.

#7 Air Jordan Retro 6
  • Size: 7-15
  • Upper Material: Leather & synthetic
  • Cushion: Polyurethane, encapsulated air unit in forefoot, visible air unit in heel
  • Ankle: High-top
  • Distinctive feature: Huarache style tongue

Take your style up a notch with the Nike Air Jordan 6 IV Carmine. They're the perfect shoes for the baller who wants to look good and play better.

  • Special Carmine "Regal Red" OG Colorway
  • Beautiful silhouette
  • Embroidered Retro Nike men's Air Logo on the heel
  • The quality of the materials might not blow your mind

The inspiration for the Jordan Nike men’s 6 IV Carmine came from an iconic car. The Porsche 911. Designer Tinker Hatfield looked to the curvature of the Porsche’s hood and lines throughout the body for the AJ6IV giving the shoes a sleek look.

Jordan 6 IV Carmine


Air Jordan 6 IV Carmine is one of the most popular Air Jordans ever made and is still highly sought after by collectors today.

Besides being crazy comfortable, the most popular feature on the shoe has to be the tall “Huarache style” tongue. The extra height on the tongue gave the shoe a new look and was also functional, providing more protection for the wearer’s ankle. And that helps if you suffer from shin splints or have knee problems.

You will love those, as they are not super expensive, too.

Stylish retro look
#8 Air Jordan Retro 5
  • Size: 7.15 - 15
  • Upper material: Split-grain leather and polyurethane layer
  • Cushion: Heel & forefoot Air unit and Polyurethane midsole
  • Ankle: High-top
  • Distinctive feature: Super stylish retro look

Get ready to relive the glory days of 90s basketball with the Nike Air Jordan Retro 5! Don’t let the retro look fool you – these kicks combine excellent performance, strong durability, and comfort that will wow you. Check them out!

  • Appealing retro design
  • Great for casual wear
  • Good cushion
  • Very good breathability 
  • Awesome midfoot support
  • A bit heavy
  • Not as supportive as other shoes on our list

Starting with the design, the Air Jordan Retro 5 has a classic look that pays homage to the original. Retro is the new modern, and these kicks are sure to turn heads. The improved look is the main difference between the Retro 5 and the previous model.

air jordan retro 5

Retro-inspired shoes are usually fashion sneakers used for casual wear rather than being on-court shoes, but the Retro 5 boast great game performance.

The leather and mesh upper give the shoe a premium feel, while I found the toe box to be roomy enough for my wide feet. The materials are breathable enough, despite being somewhat heavy.

The fit runs true to size. I got the 10.5 size and the shoes fit like a glove.

The Retro 5 also feature Nike’s iconic Air-sole cushioning system in the heel and forefoot, providing a responsive and comfortable ride.

The foamy polyurethane midsole ensures above-average shock absorption. In that regard, the Air Jordan Retro 5 is very similar to the previous two models – The Jordan Retro 3 and 4.

The outsole is made from durable rubber compound with deep herringbone pattern that provides great traction on indoor courts. That’s not the case for outdoor courts, however. I played with them on a concrete court and found that the traction was inconsistent.

Despite some flaws, the Air Jordan Retro 5 is a great looking basketball shoe with more than satisfying on-court performance.

What makes a Jordan basketball shoe good for wide feet?

Did you know that over 62% of people are wearing shoes of the wrong width?

That’s crazy.

Luckily, Jordans are roomy enough to provide a comfortable fit. They are also flexible, which helps when pushing off or running. The extra room in the toe box also helps prevent blisters.

Jordan 11 Low concord
A fellow teammate has narrower feet than mine and wears the Jordan 11 Concord.

Additionally, wide basketball shoes provide more comfort, durability and stability for the wearer. Jordans are a popular brand of wide shoes, as they provide good ankle support and are roomy enough to accommodate a broad range of foot sizes. Even though it might be difficult to find, there are some Jordans for narrow feet as well.


The material should be durable and able to withstand wear and tear, while also being comfortable and breathable. Stretchy material is also ideal for jordans for wide feet, as a comfortable and secure fit.

Some of the best materials for basketball shoes designed for large feet include leather (will stretch over time), suede, and mesh.

Outsole quality and traction

The exterior part of the sole is the thick rubber or plastic part of the shoe that makes contact with the ground. This area must be durable and provide good traction because it will help you stay stable when making quick movements on the basketball court.


The weight of the shoes is also an important consideration, especially if you plan to wear them for long periods or do a lot of walking. Therefore, we looked for lightweight Jordans and did not feel bulky or cumbersome.


You want to make sure that the shoes will last through multiple wears and can withstand being in different environments. We looked for jordans for wide feet that are made with high-quality materials and construction to ensure style and durability.

jordan max aura 3 for wide feet
I still wear my old Jordan Max Aura 3, because they are super durable.

Some of the materials that we found the most durable include leather material, suede, and canvas.


We analyzed the cushion in three areas: heel, forefoot, and overall. The basketball shoes that scored the highest in our tests had consistent covering from heel to toe, and they provided a lot of impact protection.

Cushioning helps protect your feet from impact and makes your workouts more comfortable. Cushioning can also play a role in court feel and how much energy return you get with each footstrike.


When shoes for wide feet fit well, they provide stability and support, which are crucial for basketball players. Conversely, poor-fitting shoes can cause ankle injuries, blisters, and other foot problems.

poor fitting shoes quote

First, players should make sure that the shoes fit snugly around the midfoot and heel. Second, they should ensure that the toe box is broad enough to accommodate their foot.


Support is key for athletes with large feet as it is proven to reduce injuries.

Specifically, support does many things for athletes with wide feet – it keeps their feet from moving around too much inside the shoe, provides stability and balance, and enhances the overall lockdown.


Style is paramount on and off the court. Aesthetics are important for basketball players because it helps them feel good about themselves and their game. It also gives them a boost of confidence if they’re wearing their shoes casually.

Check out the history of the Air Jordan shoes in the cool infographic below:

The History of Air Jordans

From Visually.

There are a lot of different factors that go into what makes cool-looking sneakers. The color, the design, and the style are all playing a part in making a shoe that looks fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear Jordans With Wide Feet?

Yes, you can – Jordans fit true to size. If you have very wide feet, it’s usually best to choose a slightly larger size than your regular shoe size, as this will allow for more room in the toe area. Materials such as mesh are more breathable and provide more space for wider feet.

Do Jordan 1s Look Good On Wide Feet?

Yes, they look good on wide feet because the construction specifically accommodates wide feet. So they’ll fit you like a glove! In addition, the wider toe box and higher tongue and collar give you a more streamlined and flattering look.

Do Jordans Look Good On Big Feet?

Yes, Jordans look great on big feet! Michael Jordan’s shoe size is a perfect example – he wears a 13. The clean and classic look of a Jordan is unmatched. Plus, Jordans have that extra bit of style that makes them stand out from the rest. Trust me, big feet need Jordans just as much as anyone else!

How Do You Make Jordan 1s Wider?

The best way to make Jordan 1s wider is to use a shoe stretcher. A shoe stretcher is a wood or metal product that stretches the width of a shoe. The wood stretcher is often carved in the shape of a foot, while the metal stretcher is a simple bar that goes into the shoe. It works by inserting the stretcher into the shoe and then expanding it until the desired width is reached. 

Are Jordan 6’s Good For Wide Feet?

Jordan 6’s are a versatile sneaker that people with wide feet can wear. The shoe has a big toe box, which allows the toes to spread out and move comfortably. The shoe’s heel is also wider than average, which provides support, stability, and performance for people with wider feet. This sneaker is a good choice if you are looking for the best Jordan for wide feet.

Are Jordan 12 Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, Jordan 12s are good example of Jordans for wide feet. From its full-length Nike Zoom Air unit to its carbon fiber shank plate, the Jordan 12 provides ample support for those with wide feet.

How Much Wider Is a Wide or Extra-Wide Shoe?

A wide (2E) or extra-wide (4E) shoe can provide an extra 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch of space on each side of your foot, which can make a big difference in terms of comfort. Many people find that a wide or extra-wide shoe is much more comfortable than standard shoes. Typically, width is measured from the widest part of the shoe, which is usually the ball of the foot. If you are unsure of your shoe size, you can measure the width of your foot to find out if you need a wide or extra-wide shoe. To do this, use a ruler to measure the width of your foot at the widest part.

Is There a Difference Between Jordans and Nike?

Jordan brand is a subsidiary of Nike, which produces sneakers and apparel for basketball and other sports. The company is named after its signature athlete, basketball player Michael Jordan.
On the other hand, Nike brand is a multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a variety of sports, including basketball, running, and tennis. Nike and Jordan brands are both leaders in the sneaker industry. Nike brand is a larger company and offers a wider range of products.

Jordan Shoes: Do They Fit True To Size (Or Should You Buy One Size Up)?

Most Jordan pair of shoes fit true to size. As a benchmark, the sizing is comparable to Nike shoes. However, there are some models where you might want to buy a size up, especially if you have large feet.

How Long Do Jordan Shoes Last?

Casual wear can typically last for about 12-24 months before the pair of shoes starts to show visible signs of wear and tear. On the other hand, Athletic wear can last for 3-8 months, depending upon usage. 
If the Jordan shoes are not used at all, they can last upwards of 7 years. Someone who regularly plays in their Jordans can expect to get about half the life out of them that a casual wearer would.
The main reason why Jordans tend to last longer for casual wearers than for athletes is that athletes put more stress on their pair of shoes. When someone wears Jordans casually, they generally just walk around in them. 
When someone is playing basketball in their Jordans, they are running, jumping, and landing on the shoes, which puts significantly more stress on them.
The breakdown of the Jordan shoes typically happens gradually over time. First, the fabric and stitching will start to come undone and the thick rubber sole will begin to wear thin. Eventually, the Jordan shoes will fall apart and need replacing.

Best Jordans For Flat Feet?

When it comes to finding the best Jordans for flat feet, the Jordan 36 model is a great option. This sneaker features a full-length Zoom Air unit and a Strobel board that helps to stabilize and support the foot. 
Additionally, the cushion in the rubber sole provides comfort and absorbs shock. This makes the Jordan 36 suitable for wide, flat feet who want a stylish and lightweight sneaker.

Are Jordan 11 Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, Jordan 11’s are good for wide feet because they have a large toes box. 
This allows your toes to spread out and move more naturally, important for comfort and support. Additionally, the cushion in the shoe’s rubber sole will help absorb shock and protect your feet from pain.
Like most Air Jordans, they fit true to size. Keep in mind that the patent leather requires more time to break-in, after the break-in period, you should be golden.

Are Jordan 4 Good For Wide Feet?

Jordan 4’s are perfect for those with wide feet – they’re comfortable and provide plenty of room for your feet to move around. I have never had a problem with them fitting me, and they always look great. If you’re looking for a pair of Jordan shoes that will fit well and make you look good, Jordan 4’s are the perfect wide feet shoes.
The Jordan 4 has a wider, “boxier” construction than other models, which makes it one of the best Jordans for wide feet. This pair of shoes feature a cushioned insole and plenty of room in the toe box, so your feet will be comfortable all day long.


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