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Best Basketball Shoes for Centers and Big Men 2023

What’s the relation between Center Position in Basketball and Big Men?

That’s the question you’ll have in your mind while looking out for the best basketball shoes for centers and big men.

Hear this out: Players who play in center position have to be perfect in terms of footwork and physique. Why? Because they have to do the offensive and defensive work at once.

Centers with a healthy body cannot only direct the play forward, but they can also defend with agility. That’s why NBA teams prefer playing players with the ripped physique in the Center position.

Now: Centers in basketball cannot perform this dual duty when they are not wearing the right pair of shoes. For such athletes, shoes with shock-absorbing cushioning, high-top design, and strong grip are recommended.

So, keeping all these qualities in mind, we have decided to review the top-rated basketball shoes for Big Men and Centers. To make it easier, the first 5 shoes our experts suggest are for Centers. Meanwhile, the last 5 pairs suit the big guys.

All in all, let us take a look at the best basketball shoes for big men and centers reviews. But before moving ahead, better to have a look at their comparison chart.

Best Basketball Shoes for Centers And Big Men – Comparison Chart

Adidas Men's Marquee BoostLow
  • Cushioning: Boost
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs
  • Check Price!
    adidas Men's Ownthegame
  • Cushioning: Cloudfoam
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Check Price!
    adidas Men's Tmac Millennium
  • Cushioning: Boost
  • Weight: 1.02lbs
  • Check Price!
    Nike Kyrie 6
  • Cushioning: Air Zoom Turbo
  • Weight: 2.0lbs
  • Check Price!
    Nike Lebron XVI
  • Cushioning: Air Zoom
  • Weight: 2.45lbs
  • Check Price!
    Nike Men's Air Shake
  • Cushioning: Air Max
  • Weight: 2.34lbs
  • Check Price!
    adidas Crazylight Boost
  • Cushioning: Boost
  • Weight: 1.0lbs
  • Check Price!
    Nike Men's Lebron 17
  • Cushioning: Air Max
  • Weight: 2.68lbs
  • Check Price!
    adidas Performance Men's D Rose
  • Cushioning: Boost
  • Weight: 0.6lbs
  • Check Price!
    Nike Lebron XIII
  • Cushioning: Air Zoom
  • Weight: 1.05lbs
  • Check Price!

    Best Basketball Shoes for Centers Reviews

    Starting with the first half of our review section. The top 5 shoes are meant for basketball athletes who want to take care of their feet while playing in the Center position.

    Have a look at them as follows:

    1. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low – Best Basketball Shoes for Centers 2023

    Marquee Boost Low from Adidas tops out the list for being called the best Centers Basketball shoes in 2021.


    It’s probably because they offer inevitable support, grip, and comfort to the players. Hence, with insurance of balanced and smooth gameplay, Centers are trusting this latest release from Adidas.

    For starters:

    Adidas basketball shoes, first of all, offer Boost cushioning technology. The midsole is quite supportive and balanced at the same time. On the other hand, shock absorption is quite exceptional.

    The shoes being made up of 100% synthetic and textile material ensures long-term durability and ruggedness. That said, athletes with wide feet can take advantage of this ruggedness and can play offensively without worrying about anything.

    I’d also want y’all to move your attention towards the air mesh and textile upper. Not only is it stable and balanced, but the mesh also plays a vital role in improving air circulation to keep the feet sweat-free.

    Padded heel collar is yet another feature installed in the shoes that helps the Centers protect their heels from immense shocks.

    Moreover, the basketball shoes for Centers feature a durable rubber outsole with Herringbone traction pattern. So, the transition from offense to defense becomes quite easy when you are wearing the Marquee Boost Low.

    The basketball shoes offer versatility to Centers so that they can move freely on the court. However, they are meant for indoor use only. I don’t suggest using them outdoors.

    Key Specifications
    • Multiple color variations.
    • 100% synthetic and textile construction.
    • Air mesh upper.
    • Boost-cushioned midsole.
    • Padded heel collar.
    • Zonal Herringbone outsole.
    Marquee Boost Low from adidas are a pioneer of stability, comfort, balance, and strong traction. These are the shoes that I keep in high regard as I often play in the Center position. Go get them before it’s too late.
    • Ideal choice for basketball Centers.
    • Supportive, balanced, and stable shoes.
    • Improve footwork in court.
    • Air mesh upper for breathability.
    • Responsive midsole absorbs instant shocks.
    • Quite affordable.
    • Meant for indoor use only.
    • Size issues might be common.
    • Not recommended for narrow feet.

    2. Adidas Men’s Ownthegame – Good Basketball Shoes for Centers

    Adidas Men’s OwnthegameOwnthegame” by Adidas are the next pair of basketball shoes we are about to discuss. One of the reasons I love those is that they are extremely lightweight.

    Not only that, but the combination of responsive cushioning combined with dual-zoned traction would be more than enough to let you flex your skills while playing opponents.

    Cutting right to the chase:

    Adidas uses the Cloudfoam cushioning in midsole with a proper footbed. So, no matter how intense the shock or impact is, you aren’t going to feel it at all.

    Along with that, the Mesh Upper with Leather finish ensures proper support and stability throughout the game. Mesh is also there to keep the air circulation at an optimal rate.

    Furthermore, the best basketball shoes for Centers come with a long-lasting rubber outsole. In addition, the Adiwear traction pattern offers a dual-gripping interface. Hence, you can move forward or backwards without any slipping issues.

    At last, the High-Top design fused with the TPU heel cup keeps the heel and arch area as protected as possible. As a basketball athlete playing in Center position, I must say that this feature helped me avoid bruises and strains for a long time.

    Key Specifications
    • Mesh and Polyurethane Leather detailed upper.
    • Cloudfoam midsole cushioning.
    • Adiwear traction pattern.
    • Rubber outsole.
    • White/Black/ Clear Granite colors available.
    • High-Top design.
    • TPU heel cup.
    Ownthegame by adidas are the epitome of good basketball shoes for centers. Get them and you’ll never worry about playing aggressively or defensively in a basketball court for a long time.
    • Ideal for Centers with wide feet.
    • High-Top design keeps the heel area safe.
    • TPU heel cup prevents the strains.
    • Responsive cushioning for comfort and absorbing impacts.
    • Adiwear outsole helps retain the proper posture when switching.
    • Average bottom construction.
    • Not suitable for narrow feet.

    3. Adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium – Best Mid-Top Basketball Shoes for Centers

    Adidas Men’s Tmac MillenniumOne thing that I should clarify here is that on this list, you’d find the OG shoes from Adidas and Nike only.


    Because these are the brands that one can rely on specifically when we are talking about wide feet and durability. I

    n this context. Adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium stands at third position for the best basketball shoes for centers.

    To get to what it offers:

    Tmac Millennium features a mid-top design which means that the heel and arch area will remain protected throughout the gameplay.

    In addition to that, the 100% synthetic construction adds to ruggedness and durability. That’s one of the reasons I prefer them while controlling the game as a Center.

    As usual, the responsive cushioning midsole is there to support and offer comfort to the feet. Not only that, but the shoes also prevent instant shocks to keep your feet away from pain.

    Lastly, the grip is immense as the best Adidas basketball shoes for centers feature a rubber outsole with a unique grooved pattern. Instant stops and quick movements are thus possible when you are wearing Tmac Millennium.

    I, for one, am a big fan of Mid-Top basketball shoes, to be honest. However, I didn’t like the noise these shoes made while I was playing on hardwood court and it was quite disturbing.

    Highlighted Specifications
    • 100% synthetic construction.
    • Mid-Top design.
    • Multiple color variations.
    • Lace closure.
    • Responsive cushioning midsole.
    • Durable rubber outsole.
    Check out the latest Tmac Millennium basketball shoes for centers if you want to play with quick reflexes and control the gameplay from center position like Shaquille O’Neil.
    • Lightweight basketball shoes for centers.
    • Ideal for playing offensively and defensively.
    • Keeps the arch, toe, and heel area in a comfortable position.
    • Suitable for big players as well.
    • Mid-Top design prevents injuries.
    • Makes noise on hardwood court.
    • Package often arrives damaged.

    4. Nike Kyrie 6 – Best Nike Basketball Shoes For Centers

    Nike Kyrie 6 Mens BasketballKyrie 6 from Nike are specifically made for Kyrie Irving who is a versatile basketball player playing at Point Guard position.

    The shoes feature a durable and sturdy construction, which ensures longevity. Adding to that, the classical Nike midsole and outsole allow them to help you move on the basketball court quickly.

    Starting with some major features:

    The best basketball shoes for centers have got a lightweight yet supportive enough midsole. Air Zoom Unit, on the other hand, plays a vital role in absorbing all the impact and shock.

    Nike Kyrie 6 also comes with a padded collar and a heel counter lock. This feature perfectly aligns the ankle with the natural position of feet thus allowing Centers to move forward or make hard cuts easily.

    What I loved the most in these shoes is the presence of an adjustable strap over the laces. Not only it improves the size adjustment, but it also helps improve the support and stability of the upper part of the feet.

    The mesh + leather upper adds enough breathability and balance while you are moving inside the court. Adding to that, we have a rugged rubber outsole with a multi-angle blade pattern. It, therefore, ensures superior grip and helps you move into the court with ease.

    Key Specifications
    • Air Zoom Unit underfoot.
    • Lightweight midsole.
    • Padded collar and counter heel lock.
    • Strap over the laces.
    • Leather and mesh upper.
    • Rubber outsole with multi-angle blade pattern.
    Nike Kyrie 6 are indeed one of the most versatile basketball shoes suited for centers. Check them out if you’ve got a tough opponent to handle in a tournament.
    • Low-top design.
    • Ideal for Centers and Point Guards.
    • Worn by Kyrie Irving.
    • Strap over the lace adjusts the size.
    • Breathable mesh upper.
    • Leather adds more stability and support.
    • Multi-angle blade outsole grips the court from every angle.
    • A bit expensive. (Compared to shoes mentioned-above.)
    • Limited color variations.

    5. Nike Lebron XVI – Stylish Basketball Shoes for Centers

    Nike Lebron XVIEveryone knows how popular a figure like Lebron James is when it comes to basketball. His latest collab with Nike has resulted in something spectacular.

    The Low Lebrons XVI are versatile basketball shoes that offer a comfortable fit, durability, superior grip, and a lightweight design all in one package.

    Breaking it down in terms of technical aspects:

    One of the best Lebron basketball shoes has got the fusion of Max Air + Air Zoom technology. Once you put them on, there won’t be any discomfort or misbalance no matter how aggressive you are in the court.

    Along with that, I loved the hexagonal upper construction with proper articulation channels. This option allows your feet to feel relieved and sweat-free during intense gameplay.

    Lebron XVI comes with the TrueFit technology that has been quite beneficial for Centers and Big Men. Just make sure that you measure your feet accurately and order the pair accordingly.

    The thick rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern prevents slipping injuries and keep you one step above your opponent. You can dribble past two to three players at once, especially if you have exceptional footwork while wearing the Lebron XVI.

    Key Specifications
    • Vibrant color variation.
    • Max Air + Air Zoom Unit cushioning.
    • TrueFit size adjustment.
    • Durable and long-lasting rubber outsole.
    • Lace closure.
    The latest Nike Lebron XVI are getting all the spotlight from basketball community. Consider getting these shoes if you want to enjoy playing both indoors and outdoors in center position.
    • Designed specifically for Lebron James.
    • Versatile basketball shoes for centers.
    • Could be worn casually.
    • Stylish and lightweight body.
    • Unique traction pattern ensures superior grip.
    • Quite expensive. (Compared to other basketball shoes.)
    • Limited size options.

    Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes For Big Men in 2021

    With ending the basketball shoes for center reviews, we are about to discuss the footwear options for Big Guys.

    If your feet are wide and fat, then you must consider the basketball shoes I’m about to discuss one by one:

    6. Nike Men’s Air Shake – Best Basketball Shoes for Big Men 2021

    Nike Men’s Air ShakeThe first on our ongoing list are Nike Men’s Air Shake that have got a high-top and a bulky design.

    The shoes might seem weighty at first, however, they are extremely light in weight. Adding to that, the sturdiness and comfortable feel they offer is what every Big Man needs to play elegantly.

    Some of the basic features include:

    A leather upper along with visible perforation to help with stability and breathability. Moreover, the upper part also features a secured high-top collar to keep the ankles as protected as possible.

    The basketball shoes for big guys also come with a drop-in midsole that improves the overall comfort allowing players to move without any hassle.

    Not only that, but the midsole also supports the arch, toe, and heel area and keeps it away from the shocks.

    Talking of the cushioning, the best Nike basketball shoes for big men offer Air Max Unit for a responsive and energetic feel. It also improves the initial thrust time so that big men can jump better.

    A durable rubber outsole with a wavy pattern grips the hardwood surface perfectly. Moreover, the grip also works quite exceptionally outdoors. So, it’d be fair to say that you can wear the Nike Men’s Air Shake both indoors and outdoors.

    Key Specifications
    • Leather upper.
    • High-top collar.
    • Perforations for air circulation.
    • Air Max unit cushioning.
    • Drop-in midsole.
    • Rubber outsole with wavy traction pattern.
    • Side Lace closure.
    Nike Men’s Air Shake are no doubt the best basketball shoes for big men in 2021. Get them instantly and enjoy playing like a beast at center position.
    • Offers a stable, adjustable, and comfortable fit.
    • Meant for big and fat basketball players.
    • Responsive air max unit cushioning.
    • Drop-in midsole improves feel and comfort.
    • Solid leather construction to improve life span.
    • Limited color options.
    • Not suitable for narrow feet at all.
    • A bit expensive.

    7. Adidas Crazylight Boost – Best Basketball Shoes for Fat Guys

    Adidas Crazylight BoostIf you live playing basketball every day in and out, but can’t keep up with your footwear due to wide and fatty feet, then I’ve got a solution for you.

    The latest Adidas Crazylight Boost are an effective footwear option for the big guys. Featuring a lightweight shape, casual design, and impeccable sturdiness, the shoes will last longer than expected.

    Adding to that:

    First off, the overall construction is 100% textile and synthetic. Therefore, one thing is for sure that the shoes will offer immense durability and won’t tear even with rough use.

    On the other hand, BOOST cushioned midsole is there to support the heel, arch, and toe area in the best possible manner.

    It also keeps the feet charged enough to take quick steps while moving inside the court.

    The best basketball shoes for heavy players have got a continental rubber outsole, which won’t let you slip no matter how fatty you are. The unique pattern surrounds the surface and keeps a superb grip no matter if you are playing indoors or outdoors.

    At last, I’d like to highlight features like Jacquard synthetic and textile upper, molded heel collar, and a lightweight body of the shoes. All these extra peripherals suit the likes of big guys who want to play basketball with efficiency.

    Highlighted Specifications
    • 100% synthetic and textile upper.
    • Boost cushioned midsole.
    • Continental rubber outsole.
    • Lightweight body.
    • Lace closure.
    • Low-top design.
    Crazylight basketball shoes offer a comfortable and relieved environment to the feet so that heavy players could take advantage of them. Check them out if you’ve got a budget of around $100 only.
    • Perfect choice for big and tall men.
    • The low-top design supports the ankle area.
    • Jacquard upper with proper air circulation.
    • Unique rubber outsole keeps a strong grip in a wet environment.
    • Extremely durable construction.
    • White color attracts dirt.
    • No refunding option after one month.

    8. Nike Men’s Lebron 17 – Big and Tall Basketball Shoes

    Nike Men’s Lebron 17Well, Lebron 17 are quite bulky compared to the Crazylight shoes we reviewed above. However, the shoes offer superb comfort to heavy and tall players.

    That’s one of the reasons to purchase one of the most reliable basketball shoes available for heavy players in 2021.

    For starters:

    Nike Lebron 17 feature the most advanced Air Max Unit cushioning to keep the heel and toe area protected from unwanted shocks. The midsole is quite responsive and energetic at the same time.

    On the other hand, the best basketball sneakers for big men with a durable leather upper construction offer the stability players crave while playing at center position. The upper also ensures improved air circulation through perforations.

    Furthermore, Lebron 17 basketball shoes will offer you the due support, responsiveness, and more than enough energy to make quick movements on the court.

    The unique rubber outsole with groovings standout among other basketball shoes as it perfectly grips uneven or slippery surfaces. Therefore, big players could improve their movement while playing inside the court.

    Key Specifications
    • Leather upper.
    • Air Max unit cushioning.
    • Responsive midsole.
    • Rubber outsole.
    • Mid-top design.
    Lebron 17 are the choice of big players who play at center position. I also recommend them to the peeps who wanna use the same footwear for casual use as well as for playing basketball.
    • Recommended by Lebron James.
    • Ideal for tall and big players.
    • Offers maximum comfort to players with wide feet.
    • Responsive, energetic, and supportive basketball shoes.
    • Exceptional breathability.
    • Quite bulky.
    • Not suitable for narrow feet.
    • Expensive price tag.

    9. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose – Best Shoes for Big Man Under 100

    Have you got a big physique and want to play basketbaAdidas Performance Men’s D Rosell but can’t find an affordable basketball shoe?

    Well, why not get the brand new Adidas Performance D Rose as it’s one of the best budget basketball shoes for big men.

    To state some of the features it offers:

    The 5.5″ shaft to arch measurement makes D Rose a high-top basketball shoe. High-Top design, in return, is beneficial for heavy players as it supports and protects the heel and ankle area perfectly.

    Boost cushioning being offered by Adidas allows big players to move quickly without feeling any discomfort. It also absorbs the impact and shock quite well.

    Not only that, but the presence of EVA midsole with proper caging is more than enough to keep big players as balanced as possible while the game is going on.

    Last but not the least, the best adidas shoes for big men also feature a rugged and flexible non-marking outsole, which helps players improve their footwork conveniently.

    Key Specifications
    • High-Top Design
    • 100% textile and synthetic construction.
    • Non-marking outsole.
    • EVA midsole with midsole cage.
    • Boost cushioning
    D Rose basketball shoes are a cheap alternative to all other basketball footwear we’ve discussed up till now. Get them if you are extremely low on budget.
    • Best High-Top shoes for big players.
    • Stylish and lightweight body.
    • Flexible rubber outsole for a stronger grip.
    • Ideal for long-term use.
    • Ensures comfort, support, and balance.
    • Quite affordable.
    • Limited color variations.
    • Poor customer response.

    10. Nike Lebron XIII – Big Man Basketball Shoes 2021

    Nike Lebron XIIILastly, I’d be wrapping up the review session with a versatile pair of basketball shoes meant for big men.

    Talking about the latest Nike Lebron XIII, the shoes have got a high-top design. Moreover, they are not as bulky as compared to some of the big man basketball shoes we’ve mentioned above.

    For starters:

    The basketball shoes have got Zoom Air cushioning which is extremely responsive and offers perfect thrust to help big players improve their movement in the court.

    Moreover, the lightweight midsole perfectly supports the feet. It specifically targets the heel and toe area and offers immense comfort and balance at the same time.

    Talking of the outsole, it’s been made up of durable and abrasion-resistant rubber with a multidirectional traction system. That said, the shoes are quite versatile as you can use them indoors as well as outdoors.

    Finally, breathability is well up to the mark, thanks to the air mesh one-piece sleeve. It not only ensures proper air circulation but also offers a sock-like fit to help the big guys in playing the game without facing any discomfort.

    Key Specifications
    • Rubber outsole.
    • Air Zoom cushioning.
    • Hyperposite toe material.
    • Air mesh sleeve.
    • Lace-up closure.
    Nike Lebron XIII are a perfect option for big players who can spend a good amount of money getting the best basketball shoes for big men.
    • Specifically recommended for big players.
    • Offers strong grip on slippery surfaces.
    • Comfortable feel and fit.
    • Absorbs instant impact and shocks easily.
    • Expensive price tag.
    • Takes time to break.

    Choosing Basketball Shoes for Centers and Big Men in 2021?

    When it comes to choosing basketball shoes, athletes have to be as cautious as possible.


    Because with the wrong footwear, you might end up injuring yourself. Not only that but if the injury remains, you might not be able to play basketball for the rest of your life.

    Now, I’ve already said that Centers or Point Guards with big physiques have to put in a lot of effort while playing basketball.

    That’s why they should put extra effort while looking out for different footwear options in the market.

    In this context, I’m here to help the big guys playing in Center position. For that purpose, I’ve crafted a cheatcode list of some of the things that you should never ignore while purchasing footwear.

    Give it a thorough read if you don’t want to hurt your feet the next time you play basketball:

    Brand Consideration

    When it comes to Centers or big guys, one should automatically discard all other brands except adidas and Nike.

    That’s one of the reasons I’ve mentioned the footwear options from these two manufacturers only.

    Yeah, I get it that both Nike and adidas are quite expensive compared to other local basketball shoe brands.

    However, the value, comfort, support, durability, and stability these two brands offer is simply unparalleled.

    Besides, it’s better to cry one time while purchasing an expensive basketball sneaker rather than crying again and again spending money on cheap sneaker options.

    Brand consciousness will help you find an ideal fit for your feet and that’s the very first step you must take in pursuit of finding the best basketball shoes for centers and big men.

    Choosing High-Top Basketball Shoes

    The measurement of the shaft to arch in inches defines whether your shoes are low-top, mid-top, or high-top, respectively.

    All three categories are suitable for basketball players. But, when it comes to centers, they should opt for high-top sneakers.

    The main reason is that high-top basketball shoes offer extra security and protection to the heel and ankle area.

    Not only that, but such type of shoes will also protect you from bruises that are common when you are playing at the Center Position.

    Players will tend to get a ball from you aggressively and in doing so they could step on your feet. When this happens, only a high-top basketball shoe will save you from the imminent injury.

    So, the next thing after deciding on brand would be to narrow down your choice to getting high-top basketball shoes only.


    Being an athlete who plays at center position and is weighty enough, it doesn’t get easier to make quick movements when transitioning from attack to defense.

    That being said, if you play at center position, you could’ve realized that there is much more pressure on your joints while making the runs.

    To avoid this issue, big men who play at center positions must choose a basketball shoe with responsive cushioning.

    Shoes that offer soft and responsive cushioning ensure less pressure on the surface, therefore, keeping your joints away from unnecessary pain.

    Not only that, but the thrust offered by properly cushioned basketball shoes is much better for the big guys to take steps instantly.

    So, responsive cushioning is a must when it comes to choosing the best basketball shoes for centers and big men. Talking of that, the Air Max and Air Zoom Unit cushioning from Nike whereas the BOOST cushioning from Adidas are suited for big players playing at center position.


    The reason I asked you to be brand conscious was that cheap manufactures don’t offer durability and you cannot rely on the shoes produced by them.

    You need to understand that as a big player, your feet are wide and they need a durable pair of shoes to remain comfortable for a long time.

    In this aspect, most of the basketball sneakers from Nike and Adidas are quite durable and offer long-lasting comfort.

    Besides, I’d suggest getting Nike Lebrons, especially if you have enough money. The ruggedness and longevity Lebrons offer is quite exceptional and amazing.

    All in all, what I want to imply here is that you should never compromise on the durability of the basketball shoes you are about to purchase.

    Proper Support And Stability

    Big players often face issues stabilizing themselves and in doing so they cannot focus on the game properly.

    Same goes for the Centers as without proper support, they cannot handle the gameplay easily.

    Hence, basketball shoes with proper support and stability are the exact need of players who are big and play at center position.

    For that reason, you need to look into the midsole and upper construction of the sneaker. If the upper is made up of leather or synthetic, then it would be supportive enough.

    On the other hand, the midsole must be comfortable and should offer proper support to the heel, arch, and toe area to keep big players relieved enough.

    Strong Traction And Grip:

    At last, strong grip and traction is required when you have to move the play from defense to attack and vice versa.

    Centers who wear basketball shoes with a strong grip tend to keep the game flowing and help their team towards the victory easily.

    In this aspect, try to get shoes with a durable and flexible rubber outsole. The traction pattern must also be deep and unique enough to avoid unnecessary slipping injuries.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Check out the answers to some popular on-topic questions that people usually ask

    What are the best basketball shoes for Centers?

    Adidas Men’s Ownthegame is the best basketball shoes for centers without a doubt. Featuring a lightweight high-top design with a responsive cushioning and soft midsole, the shoes offer immense support and stability.

    Enough breathability along with a strong grip also ensure a perfect gameplay experience while playing at center position.

    What are the best basketball shoes for big men?

    For big men, I suggest getting the latest Nike Men’s Air Shake as these basketball shoes feature a wide size adjustment option. Moreover, Air Shake are quite durable and can resist shocks and instant impacts at the same time. So, they should be the ultimate choice for big men in 2021.

    Are Nike Lebrons suitable for Centers?

    There’s nothing better than getting a Lebron, especially when you play at center position. However, keep in mind that they are quite expensive and could cost you a fortune.

    The list I’ve mentioned above contains 2 to 4 Nike Lebrons available at a discounted rate. So, you could take help from there in case you need them.


    With the buying guide and FAQS section, it’s now your time to decide on getting the best basketball shoes for centers and big men.

    I’ve tried my best to review basketball shoes as per expert opinions and customer feedback. So, take help from there and choose an ideal fit for your feet if you want to play the game with agility and quick reflexes.

    However, if you still need my recommendation, then I’d suggest getting:

    • Adidas Men’s Ownthegame if you are playing basketball at Center position.
    • Nike Men’s Air Shake if you are weighty enough.
    • Nike Lebron XVI  if you are interested in purchasing the best Lebrons out there in 2021.


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