Are Basketball Hoops Allowed in the Street? What Does the Law Say!

Basketball hoops are becoming a new norm in the neighborhood these days. At least one in 5 households now has a portable hoop that children or teenagers certainly use to play the game.

The question of whether basketball hoops are allowed in the street or not varies from city to city.

Most of the states in America allow keeping a basketball goal if it’s installed within the house’s perimeters.

However, it does not mean that you can install it anywhere you want.

The detailed explanation of are basketball hoops allowed in the street or not, thus goes as follows:


Are Basketball Hoops Allowed in the Street? Discussion with the Lawyers:

Well, as far as your own home is concerned, you can install a portable basketball hoop almost anywhere you want.

Just make sure to learn how to drain the water from the hoop properly. That’s also an important step when converting your hoop to in-ground system.

It could be a driveway, a backyard, a garage, or a lawn, depending upon the type of space you’ve got.

Coming towards the streets, you have to abide by the laws of your hometown or the neighborhood you are living in.

The best thing is to consult your city’s legal guidelines. If you want more accurate details, then simply consult a lawyer who’s representing your city.

However, there’s no obligation of installing a basketball hoop in the street as far as it doesn’t become a hazard for pedestrians, walking people, or cyclers.

More than that, if you intend to install a portable goal right in the street, make sure that you move it away when you are done playing with your friends.

That’s the most detailed answer I can think of regarding basketball street law.

Anyway, let us move on with exploring some additional answers to see what the basketball hoop ordinance is up to about this problem:

Basketball Hoop Ordinance:

While exploring the Code of Ordinance for Basketball Hoops Placement, I got some interesting answers.

Cutting right to the chase;

Point (d) of Section 70-6. – Street and Sidewalk Obstructions says that “If a portable basketball hoop is placed in a public street with no end, then the city has the right to remove it. A 10-day notice will be given to the owner to remove the hoop on his own.”

Furthermore, Point (e) of the same section elaborates that, “If an owner wants to place a portable basketball goal within the end of a local street, then he must notify all the neighbors and take their recommendation first. Secondly, the owner should supervise children who want to play with the hoop. Lastly, the city will have the right to remove it if the hoop is halting any street-maintenance operation.”

Reference: Sec. 70-6. – Street and sidewalk obstructions

Are Basketball Hoops Allowed in the Street.


From the official ordinance, it’s strictly prohibited to place a hoop right in the middle of the street and the city will remove it as soon as any complaint is lodged against you.

However, the council is flexible when it comes to installing a hoop at the end of the street with the permission of neighbors and proper supervision of children.

Use Common Sense:

It’s a no-brainer that portable Bball hoops aren’t cheap. They cost between $300 to $500 if we talk about reliable brands.

That said, I think you should use common sense when it comes to installing the hoop.

Why get into trouble with the local law enforcement when you can easily place a hoop in your driveway or backyard?

If the hoop is installed within the premises of your house, no one can challenge or complain against you, and that’s a fact.

Wanna know how?

Have a look at what Gary Steven Gaffney answered to a query about neighbor’s portable hoop placement:

What can I do about my neighbors’ portable basketball hoop?

Someone asked this question while explaining the matter as follows; “We’ve recently bought a house and have shifted there. The neighbors across the street have got a portable basketball hoop installed to the side of their driveway. Many teenagers from my neighborhood use it for playing and the ball has often struck the windows of my car. On top of that, they’ve started destroying the grass of my home to an extent that it has developed multiple patches. What legal actions can I take in this regard?”

Gary Steven Gaffney answers it as follows; “There’s little you can do if the hoop comes in the perimeters of your neighbor. You can gently ask your neighbors to move it away and that’s all. Other ways are to sue the neighbors but you’ll have to do this at your own expense and it will also disturb the environment of your neighborhood. So, you should negotiate some terms with your neighbors and ask them politely to move the hoop away and see whether it helps or not.”

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  1. Where do you put a basketball hoop?

The best places to install a basketball hoop include your backyard, garage, lawn, or driveway. You can also install it within the end of the street, however, you have to take permission from your neighbors and comply with the laws of your city before installation.

Of course, if you have a trampoline, I strongly advise you to get a trampoline basketball hoop. They create so much fun!

  1. Can you put a basketball hoop in cul de sac?

Cul de sac is actually a street or a pathway with a dead end. That is, it’s closed at one end. As per the Basketball Ordinance law, you can put a basketball hoop there. But, it should not interfere with the street maintenance operations. Furthermore, you have to take permission from the neighbors along with supervising the children’s playing time before installing a hoop there.

  1. Can you leave a portable basketball hoop in the street?

I won’t recommend that nor does the law suggests leaving a hoop behind in the street. Yeah, you can place it on the street for a limited time, but at the end of the day, you’ll have to move it away from the street to get away from any legal complications.

Final Takeaways:

To put it the right way, the question “Are basketball hoops allowed in the street?” depends upon where you live.

That is, most of the cities allow keeping them in the cul de sac as far as you comply with the rules and regulations of the city council.

Besides, I personally suggest installing a hoop in a driveway or a backyard as this way, you will have peace of mind and no one will bother complaining about you.

And you will be able to score some kickass field goals.


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